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Spawn timers

Postby Rob » Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:50 am

For the umpteen millionth time since DAOC began nearly twenty years ago, somebody said today in alliance chat that a certain number of minutes or hours must pass after a mob dies before it can respawn.

Except for a few specially scripted mobs, this isn't true. It has never been true. The game doesn't work this way. It has never worked this way.

Except for those few mobs, there is no connection between the time when a mob dies and the time when it repops. That's not how the game works.

When people talk about how long it takes for a mob to repop after it dies, they are talking nonsense. That's not how the game works. The way the game really works is that it measures time from one spawn to the next. It counts not from death to rebirth, but from birth to rebirth. The time of death doesn't affect spawn times, except, of course, that the mob must be dead in order to repop.

This is why we occasionally see mobs repop a few seconds after they die. It's not a bug. It's the inevitable consequence of the fact that spawn times are unrelated to death times. Since death times and spawn times are unrelated, the interval between them is random. It's the interval between spawns that is fixed.

The purpose of this post is to link to two articles on the subject, to make them easier for people to find in Google. The first one, by me, was, I think, the first long article on this subject (probably the only long one) ever published. I probably wrote it in 2003. The second is by Sanya Thomas who worked at Mythic Entertainment during the game's early years.

Spawn Times by robbie1687

Spawn Times by Sanya Thomas

Since Sanya's article can now be found only on, which doesn't get indexed by Google, I'll quote it here:

Sanya Thomas wrote:Q: How often does the Night Terror mob spawn for The Gem Of Lost Memories, and is there a way to get Night Terror to spawn?

A: The (extremely rare) Night Terror has a chance to spawn each night cycle, and there is no way for a player to trigger the spawn. A brief refresher on how spawns work in DAOC:

Each monster/NPC is set with a percentage chance to spawn and a number of minutes. Most common monsters in outdoor areas meant for level one players have a 100%, one minute timer. This means that the server checks to see how many grass snakes there are, and if there are fewer snakes than the limit, it will definitely spawn a grass snake each minute until the limit is reached.

Higher level, special monsters might have a 10%, one hour timer (just an example). That means that every sixty minutes the server will roll the dice. The odds are that once out of every ten tries, the server will spawn the rare monster.

That does not mean the monster will spawn once an hour. It means that once an hour there’s a CHANCE the monster will spawn. And, as you math majors know, the odds do not change, no matter how many times the monster did or didn’t spawn before.

The Night Terror has a small chance to spawn, a long timer, and only spawns at night – so he is rare, indeed.
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Re: Spawn timers

Postby KristoHasRisen » Thu Jan 23, 2020 6:40 pm

Zones without players also pause or 'go into stasis' to save server cpu time. I do not know if the spawn check timer pauses with it, but this may be one of the reasons for rapid respawns when you first enter an area that hasn't been visited in awhile.

(I know this because last night on stream, I was killed by the scorp boss in Muire's tomb, and when I came back 10 or so minutes later she hadn't yet returned to her spawn point... She was till where the tombstone would have been, heh)
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