How to take screenshots with Mojo

Can you figure out where these screenshots were taken and take one of your own in the same place?

How to take screenshots with Mojo

Postby Rob » Thu Jan 17, 2013 4:15 pm

Many people have trouble taking screenshots with DAOC, so I added a few features to Mojo to make it easier.

Advantages of taking screenshots with Mojo:

1. Mojo saves every screenshot in two sizes, full-size and 800 pixels wide. The second size is perfect for this forum.

2. Mojo lets you choose the folder that it puts screenshots in.

3. You can open your screenshot folder by clicking an item in Mojo's menu, so screenshots are easy to find.

4. Mojo lets you right-click DAOC's title bar to display a menu that includes "Take Screenshot."

5. Mojo lets you set any key combination as the hotkey for screenshots.

In case you don't know, Mojo is a program for DAOC players. Mojo has dozens of features that make DAOC easier including launching toons with a click directly into the game world, lightening DAOC, putting spellcraft gems automatically on hotbars, hotkeys for toggling back and forth between multiple DAOC windows, and many more. It's used by several hundred players mostly on Ywain.

Start by installing Mojo. Go to this page and click. After you enter some of your toons in Mojo, it will look like this:


Launch DAOC with Mojo. Mojo will add a menu to DAOC (picture below) with new items on it. Right click DAOC's title bar to display this menu. One of the items is Take Screenshot. You can also open this menu by shift-right-clicking DAOC's taskbar button.


If you prefer to use a hotkey instead of the menu, you can make one on Mojo's hotkey tab (picture below):


To find your screenshots easily, go to Mojo's main menu and select Folders > Show Screenshots (picture below):

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