My Intro. ^^

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My Intro. ^^

Postby Nytro » Thu May 16, 2013 7:01 am

Well I decided to sign up here, I figured it would be useful for future purposes. So I have got my group to 50 and just need a little time gearing up, for the guys who have played with me already... You guys know I will be fairly active in getting the guild together, and I have hopes to accomplish a lot. I have had a lot of fun since I re-opened my accounts, and I have only logged into Ywain once (on the first day of re-activating.) I think I have found a place of enjoyment within Gaheris and like to thank you for the invitation to the guild.

If you guys ever need anything or request some assistance of some kind, don't hesitate to ask.

Peace out, Martin.
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