A modern day (2012) leveling guide for soloers from 1-50

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A modern day (2012) leveling guide for soloers from 1-50

Postby Pentegarn » Sat May 26, 2012 10:18 am

This guide is designed to point new players (and returning players) through the new trip from 1-50.

The Basic Idea

Levels 1 - 10: Tutorial
Levels 10 - 34: New User Journey (hub quests)
Levels 35 - 40: Repeatable Quests

General info

-all hub quests will be given by NPCs with a celtic knot with 3 dots outside of the knot, as opposed to old quests that are just the celtic knot. Avoid the older quests, as they are not usually worth the time they waste for the meager rewards they give (any exceptions will be noted in the things of note section of each zone)
-these quests are realm specific, a mid cannot do alb and hib hub quests for example

If You /Level

There's a /level command on Gaheris that lets you rise instantly to 20. You must already have a 50 on the account to do this.
If you choose to /level, skip down to the 20-24 section. However you might want to gain just 10 of those levels, then get the Saving Zarees quest, then get the rest of your levels and finish the quest, because that hat is worth having pre-48, trust me.

Level 1-10: Tutorial

Albion: Constantine's Sound
Hibernia: Lamfhota's Sound
Midgard: Grenlock's Sound

things of note:

-This is the first zone of the game, and you will learn things like basic combat and how certain NPCs that offer services work, and that the new weapon rewards are from merchants that give you as many free weapons as you want. You can skip some of these quests (they are marked with a non celtic knot symbol, kind of looks like a sort of gold book), as they give no xp. But they do give some coin, which is always handy.
-If you port to Cottswold/Mularn/Mag Mell, you can go through the portal to Shrouded Isles and talk to the porter there (porters have blue circles under their feet). They will have the location of the starter zone available on the list or choices until you out level the zone

Level 10-14: New User Journey

Albion: Cottswold
Hibernia: Mag Mell
Midgard: Mularn

things of note:

-As soon as you get into this zone, hunt down an NPC named Tym. He gives you a quest called Saving Zarees. It is a quick quest that gives you a hat that transports you to your Shrouded Isles main city when you put it on, it has no cooldown but will not work if you are in combat.
-Your fist epic encounter is here. You will not be able to solo it unless you are heavily over leveled. It is not a terrible idea though to ask someone in your guild to help you beat the encounter because you can get a mythrean. Epic encounters are the only way to get mythreans before level 45
-You will also get your first mount here. Make sure you grab this quest
-A nice surprise is some of the optional quests give potions that regen power/hits/endo. They are nice and are % based, not bad to get and save for later
-Some quests give out the expensive merchant dyes, you can sell these for 15g each. Not a bad start if you plan to pick up crafting.

Level 15-19: New User Journey

Albion: Predwyn Keep
Hibernia: Tin na mBeo
Midgard: Fort Veldon

things of note:

-going off memory here, but I think I recall there are not quite enough quests in the Midgard section of this hub to get you to the next appropriate level to open the next set of quests. Just grind a few creatures though and you will get the next few quests opened.
-another epic encounter. Again, you will want to get help, though if you want to skip this one and get the next hubs instead it should be fine, the mythreans stay kind of the same mostly and only change every 10 levels or so.
-quartermasters: You may have skipped a previous hub reward or it may just not have given you that second ring or second bracer. Not an issue, every hub section has a quartermaster that sells the previous hubs quest reward gear for a modest price.

Level 20-24: New User Journey

Albion: Caer Ulfwich
Hibernia: Ardagh
Midgard: Audliten

things of note:

-if you went the /level route, this is where you need to be. Hit the quartermaster there first so you can gear up your toon with some working gear
-really just more of the same

Level 25-29: New User Journey

Albion: Campencoretin Station
Hibernia: Howeth
Midgard: Huginfel

things of note:

-by now you should have yourself familiarized with various travel methods, where your trainers are, and the like. At this point you might want to /bind yourself to your hubs as you arrive, then you can use your hearth bind to port back easily when you choose to use your foil hat to visit Shrouded Isles (You did get that foil hat like I said earlier right?)

Level 30-34(35 really): New User Journey

Albion: Adribard Retreat
Hibernia: Connla
Midgard: Fort Atla

things of note:

-there is a nice quest here where you have to make a Sophie's Choice for someone. The choice itself doesn't change anything other than a couple NPC reactions, so don't sweat the choice itself. The reward is a merchant summoning stone (score!) so keep an eye out for that.
-this hub's epic encounter is a must do, bribe, beg, borrow, steal and do whatever it takes to get that quest done, you want that 35th mythrean

NOTE: If you want to skip this, you can do the 35-45 part starting at 30th. Also you can have a relatively easy stroll to 45 if you look to the added paragraph therein

Level 35-45: Repeatable Quests

From here on, it is all the same regardless of realm. You want to find a porter and port to 'Oceanus'. You will find yourself in Oceanus Hesperos where you will get your first taste of Glass Repeatable Quests. These quests give you xp, decent coin, and best of all atlantean glass which you can use to buy Master Levels. You are looking for 2 NPCs; Astoissi (location 11650, 12103 in Oceanus Hesperos) and Wicoessa (location 8175, 16270 in Oceanus Hesperos). They each give 2 quests apiece. All of them are simple quests. 3 of them require you to kill 7 mobs that are yellow/orange to 35th level, while the 4th one is a gather 5 treasure chests quest that is pretty easy. This is a slower grind than the hub quests (partially due to the scaled up xp requirements as you get to higher levels.) Once you think you can handle killing Perdias (location 10000, 29000 you have to kill him 3 times in a row as he changes forms), you will want to do so and get the Orion's Belt encounter. You may also want to kill Night Terror to get the Gem of Lost Memories too, as it is a pretty good gem to level to 50 with (location 5000, 34000 he splits into 2 weaker forms after you kill him, and those split into 2 weaker forms when you kill them, you must kill all of them to get the Gem of Lost Memories encounter done) You should in the course of doing these repeatables get all the scrolls you need to activate the 2 artifacts.

things of note:
-at level 40, you can go to the hall of heroes and talk to the glass merchants. Do so, so you can use some of these skills the master levels grant on your way to 50 (most of the master level skills are useless in pve, but some like Summoning Mastery and a selection of perfector and sojourner skills are great)
-at 45th level, you might want to think about your 50th template needs, especially the artifacts. Get any artifacts your 50th template needs using the glass you have gained from all those repeatables you have been doing, equip them and your xp you gain fighting monsters during the repeatable quests will also level your artifacts
-Gear between 35th and 49th levels: visit the NPC quartermaster merchants in the following places:

Albion: Snowdonia Fortress (currently these merchants are in Swanton Keep)
Hibernia: Druim Cain (Currently these merchants are outside Druim Cain)
Midgard: Vindsaul Faste (Currently these merchants are outside Vindsaul Faste)

These merchants sell gear at levels 35, 40, 45, and 49. They will not talk to you unless your level is at or above what they sell. So just pay them a viit when you reach these levels (you should already have most if not all of your 35th set, but you can finish off any missing pieces there)

NEW DISCOVERY!: [The game has changed since the following paragraph was written. Apath comments in June 2015, "You don't get glass except on the first run of those quests now, and I have noticed there is a significant reduction in xp on repeats. They are only good chained together the first run really." If you want to go from 30-45 with no actual combat in record time, merely go to to Wicoessa and take both of her quests. However you will only do the treasure chest quest. Swim out, do it, run back. This is quick, no running around killing red and oj mobs, and you will get more glass per level because there will be less kill xp per run. Do this until you are as close to 45 as you can be without hitting 45. Then delete the other Wicoessa quest and talk to Wicoessa and Astoissi to get their 4 quests. Start doing them all and you should ding 45th as you do it. Then you can still turn them in but get exp toward 46th and squeeze 400 more glass out of the easier Oceanus quests.

45-50 Level

Here you have 2 good options, get more glass (and afrit essences) from repeatable quests (this time you will be doing them in the Stygian Delta) where you will want to talk to Scout Relion (location Stygian Delta 36275, 8112) if you want to go that route.

Another choice is to do bounty point repeatables in Cathal Valley. This is a great option because Cathal Valley has a bounty point merchant that sells really good 45th level mythreans (many of which are better than any mythrean you could get in the Labyrinth). I advise you at least do enough repeatables to get one mythrean and the hammer that allows you to /use it to regain 50% of your power. It has a 3 minute cooldown making it the greatest power recovery item you can get in the game.

Just do one or the other or both repeatables until you are level 50

So I am level 50, now what?

Now you can go get into keep groups, visit your king and start earning Champion Levels, do scale repeatables where you attack the pictish settlers and warlord, get into raids, and explore wherever your feet take you. There's no best route from here, it is all about doing what you like from here on. Just follow the 'have fun' rule and you will do fine, and ask those guild mates any questions you have, that's why you join a guild, to help and get help when you need it.
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Re: A modern day soloers guide from 1-50

Postby samhainchld » Thu May 31, 2012 11:48 am

I was thinking about starting a new toon and leveling up. Thanks for this!
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Re: A modern day soloers guide from 1-50

Postby Pentegarn » Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:46 pm

Posting this as a reply since I believe the change I am referring to is temporary.

Starting 6/7 the tenants of the keeps that contain the quartermaster merchants for levels 35-49 have been evicted by the pictish squatters who have taken up residence there. You can still use the merchants, but they have moved outside their respective keeps to the refugee camps that have been arranged there.
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Re: A modern day soloers guide from 1-50

Postby Pentegarn » Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:23 am

9/2 - added an alternate idea for leveling 30-45 that involves no actual combat and slightly increased glass gain
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Re: A modern day soloers guide from 1-50

Postby Eili » Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:04 am

Great guide. The 35-45 option though great for glass is incredibly boring. I am just doing the one Wicoessa quest and am half-way through 39 in about four hours of play time (takes about 3 quest completions for a bubble of xp) and have raked in 6000 glass and a little over 1p (which is really nice for a first character). One thing to note is that the sharks in this area are aggressive so there might be the occasional combat still. Also, watch out for the hammerhead shark that likes to stroll through the area from time to time.
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Re: A modern day leveling guide for soloers from 1-50

Postby Ughmahedhurtz » Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:17 pm

Thanks for the guide; it's been very helpful!

One note about the glass quests: you have to talk to Destin first to unlock them.

[edit] Do these quests not give glass after the first turn-in anymore? I did all four in Oceanus (on my ~38 toons) and got 600 per, but the second round was just xp/gold.
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Re: A modern day (2012) leveling guide for soloers from 1-50

Postby JamarD » Sun May 21, 2017 12:57 am

Ughmahedhuertz wrote:Thanks for the guide; it's been very helpful!

One note about the glass quests: you have to talk to Destin first to unlock them.

[edit] Do these quests not give glass after the first turn-in anymore? I did all four in Oceanus (on my ~38 toons) and got 600 per, but the second round was just xp/gold.

Thanks for the helpful guide and updates Pentegarn.
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Re: A modern day (2012) leveling guide for soloers from 1-50

Postby Frian » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:11 am

Now we have a Level 15 bonus belt that gives a 5% xp bonus!

Here's the name: Wanderer's Belt (Alb version named Dai) / Spriggit's Mighty Belt (Hib version named Spriggit) / Dread Lichess Belt (Mid version named Dread Lichess).
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