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Hello Gang - Pappaw Clyde here

Postby Pappaw Clyde » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:06 am

Greetings All,

I've recently returned to DAOC and even more recently Gaheris. I havent played my Gaheris characters since 2009. I was one of the founders of "Order of The Lost Blades" which was created during a mass exodus from Iseult with several friends. I had been playing on Ywain1 and truth be told I was just never very good at RVR and Im not afraid to admit it lol. I've mostly always played Hibs but on Gaheris I've mostly played Mids. For some reason I like Dwarves especially Dwarf healers I dont know why Im just weird like that. I came back to Gaheris when a saw a message about a raid and thought why not? I then remembered why Gaheris was so much fun! Im almost exclusively playing on Gaheris now playing the healer hes lvl 50, ML9, CL 11. But I have no knowledge of where anything is in Midgard. So if you see me out running around you might want to send me a tell and say "Hey Pappaw, Are you lost bro?" The answer will probably be yes :lol: . I would like to do the OW and curse quests on Mid if anyone knows how to do it let me know. Well, I'm rambling, long story short my old guild is still active but not many of the players in it seem to be. So, if you need an mend/aug healer or have any pointers on how to play one I always welcome suggestions. Hope to see y'all out there. --- Pappaw Clyde
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