Hib Dragon's Curse Campaign 1‒9 guide

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Hib Dragon's Curse Campaign 1‒9 guide

Postby Rasser » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:16 pm

Hiberna Dragon's Curse Campaign 1‒9 Guide


1) Start the quest in TNN. You will then be asked to speak to the npcs just outside the catacombs portal.

NOTE: If you are running multiple toons through this make sure you speak to the same npc when given the choice of 2. It won't effect the quests BUT when handing in each chapter inside the dungeon you will have to go to NPC you choose to align with at the start. If all chars speak to the same person it is 10x easier when doing your hand ins after each chapter. (I felt like this didn't apply on hib as you weren't given a choice of NPCs and just spoke to all 3 in turn.

2) Speak with the starting NPC again and he will advise you to investigate a rumour in Dragon Zone. This is in the top NE corner of the zone. There is a named mob standing next to a broken egg surrounded by other yellow mobs.

3) Kill this boss and his adds (they are yellow but this seems to be the pattern now to help with the hitcode on mobs) so don't be fooled!! They are much tankier and way more pain in the ass then regular yellows.

4) Once you kill these your journal will tell you to go back to Jord to speak to your NPC. DO NOT GO BACK TO TNN!! Just run north to the dungeon and your npc will be in there for the hand in.

Chapter 1

1) Once handing in inside the dungeon it will open up about 8 different quests from all the NPCs at the entrance. Take them all as they are the side quests I referred to earlier that will accumulate you some bonus aurulite along the way of completing the main campaign.

2) The next mob is just a straight zerg that you can port to from the entrance. Kill him and a 2nd vampiir mob then port back to the entrance using the small fairy npc for your hand in.

Chapter 2

1) Go zerg a mob to the south of the entrance, Hib is pretty much one long path so you just go along there till you see the mob you need to kill. It didn't aoe like the mid one, just zerged it quick and easy then returned to the entrance.

Chapter 3

1) From what I remember this is the start of having to summon Salle the helper pet that needs to be up while you kill the boss etc.

2) Next step you need to kill another boss on the south platforms. He isn't far from the entrance again and was yet another simple zerg step.

3) You will have to follow your journal closely on these steps as there is a lot of summoning and re-summoning of your pet in order to prompt the next keyword and so on. Track your journal and just make sure it's progressing correctly.

Chapter 4

1) This is the soul essence step very similar to that on mid. Basically after a bunch of talking to your npc and summoning your helper Salle using the item you received you eventually get prompted to fill your soul jar with soul essences.

2) Leave the entrance and just kill some of the harder trash to the right and then right click the soul essences once the mobs die. A few big pulls and this will be over very quickly.

Chapter 5

1) This is the first boss outside the dungeon again. It is towards the middle of the dragon zone and consists of a few different mechanics.

2) You will want one tank hitting the main mob in the middle, this is simply to keep the mob in combat as this is a TIMED EVENT and not just a boss kill. The health of the boss will gradually tick down over the duration of the encounter.

3) While your 1 tank hits the boss everyone else will be covering the 3 portals in a triangle formation surrounding the boss. It will pop mobs that won't attack but will slowly walk towards the boss in order to heal him. Just make sure you kill them before they reach the boss and it's quite simple. Early waves only 1 pops per portal, then 2 as it progresses.

4) It will also pop Vampiir mobs that do quite a bit of dmg so focus these as soon as they spawn from each portal in order to avoid taking too much pressure. While still maintaining the kills on the mobs trying to walk towards the middle boss.

5) After about 10-15min and you've kept clearing the waves the boss should hit 10%, at which stage you can all zerg him and get credit for the first part of chapter 5.

6) After this you will need to head to the east part of the zone in order to kill the next boss of chapter 5 called Sayri. This boss spams a large pbae to anyone within 1.5k range or so so make sure you keep your healers as far away as possible and stay on top of clearing any adds that pop and head towards your support.

7) You can also effectiveness debuff the boss in order to reduce the dmg it does on the 5sec intermittent pbaes.

8) The main aim is to just keep healing through the damage while everyone stacked on the boss zergs it down (Don't worry if the hp doesn't drop early, you just have to burn through a dmg ablative before it starts dropping in hp).

9) Once it dies you return back to the dungeon to hand in your quest again.


Therefore feel free to complete this in your own time after the raid or whatever as it is an instance you run through solo on every toon.

2) This is a huuuuge pain in the ass and a big time sink. Basically you have to zone into the instance inside the dungeon and go speak to the npc at the entrance. Your regular npc and a portal stone will be there, speak to the npc and then activate the portal stone COOL TIP: ONCE YOU HAVE DONE THIS YOU CAN PORT TO THE ENTRANCE OF THIS INSTANCE FROM ALL REGULAR PORTERS.

3) The portal stone will prompt you to join the first of 3 instances similar to the other realms where you will summon a group of pets that will assist you through killing all the mobs in the instance.

Chapter 7

1) Most raids will obviously skip the solo quest at this point and go straight to chapter 7 which asks you to go and kill the dragon. It has similar mechanics to the original, aoe nukes, aoe stuns and add pops etc.

2) However there are extra bosses during the encounter you need to deal with while killing the hib dragon, making it a bit harder then mid from what we could see.

3) Work your way through the bosses and then turn all focus towards the dragon. I would suggest completing this step with a BG anyway. We didn't get the opportunity to try it with the Chanter/Tank Team but from the looks of it I think we would of struggled compared to the mid version.

Chapter 8

1) This step is quite time consuming but reasonably easy. Once you pick up the quest at the entrance you will be directed to investigate the right on one of the bottom right platforms. Once you are ready you can start the encounter by entering the arena with the darkspire portal and right clicking it will begin the chapter.

2) Once you start everyone will be locked in to that small arena and you will spend the next 20minutes clearing wave after wave of trash mobs in varying difficulty.

3) I would say the only wave to note is the Harpies. They spam an aoe silence every time they hit someone and about 6 of them pop on this wave. To avoid the silence you need to run to the sides of the room on support/casters while the tanks kill the harpies in the middle. If a harpy goes off to the side try drag the aggro back to the middle so everyone on that side isn't spammed with silence. NOTE: THESE POP QUITE EARLY ON HIB SO BE PREPARED!!! MAYBE THE THIRD WAVE OR SO. There will be a 2nd wave of harpies later on as well unlike mid so just be prepared to kill them as quickly as possible with all the melee. If you manage to move away from the clumps of harpies as support/casters as well you can begin to help by nuking.

4) The Harpies die quite quickly with everyone nuking/meleeing them down but just be aware of the silence mechanic and trying to keep them away from your casters/support or else they will be useless throughout.

5) The final boss is tanky and swings quite hard but we pretty much zerged him down and the walls faded around the room.

6) Head back to the entrance again and you are finished with Chapter 8.

Chapter 9

Overview: Full group instance with 3 bosses segmented by strong trash mobs with high baf.

Trash mobs:
Go very slow. Pull 1 at a time, but they will still come in a group. Make sure to mez out everything you can. Gargoyles and the shredder looking things cannot be mezed, have a tank DEtaunt these (yes it works backwards at the moment) to hold aggro. Mez the rest.

Illusionists must die. They cast mobs with 20k-ish hp that hit hard and dont despawn (at least not fast). 1st target every time.

Chanter's do huge damage. If mezes are fading kill these next. Then back to Vampiirs and Spearos. Mentalists arent too much of a threat, leave them mezed or hide behind a hill to shut down their dps.

You don't have to clear everything. Make a safe path and walk it. You only need to get to the end.

Encounter 1: The bridge
the Vampiirs and their leader wont aggro directly. they will walk onto the bridge and begin the encounter. Once on, you cannot leave the bridge. The Vampiirs arent anything special but these cant be mezed. Tank and spank. Ignore the primary boss for now.

Stage2: Vampiirs are down. A huge Gargoyle will spawn. He is the target. He can only be damaged by Heat damage (or fire). About each minute 1 side of the bidge (cut longways like a hotdog) will pulse with fire and then ignite. It gives you about 3 seconds to get to the other side. Idealy you want the gargoyle to stand in the fire as he will take damage from all sources if you can navigate him there. Kill him, keep escaping the burning bridge effect, it appears random but is pretty easy to dodge. It does kill basically instantly if you arent paying attention.

Stage3: Kill main mob. She is immune to heat but takes damage from all other sources at this point.

More Trash mobs:
The next cluster of mobs, Glimmer-like, cannot be CC'd and the nukers have about 3k range. Again, use the hill to LoS them and they will slowly run to you in melee range so you dont aggro more crap. You get about 3-4 at a time but they are manageable. The tanks energy debuff you about 65% and the nukers blast you hard if you are debuffed, around 1k or so. Drop em but move on slowly.

Encounter 2: Smoke and Lightning
Tough encounter at times. Healers and DPS alike must pay attention. The Boss is hiding in the smoke. You must also stay in the smoke for the full encounter whenever possible (except main tank, he can kinda hang out in the middle). The smoke will move, exposing areas all the time. If you are in the open, you will get Lightning bolted HARD.

So the Boss mob is a caster. She ports to 1 of 4 locations constantly and spams /region with text. She takes no melee or magic damage (literally 1) unless you have a buff up. This buff is called "Supercharged!". You get this buff if a Drake spawns and you get pbae lightning'ed from him. It doent hurt much AND it gives you a big damage reduction buff to other lightning! hey perfect. So keep 1 drake close to the train for supercharged buff and have the heavy collect up the other Drake spawns. They spawn relatively fast. No need to kill them, they will despawn eventually and the tank should be able to hold 3+ at a time. Whatever you do keep them away from the support as they wont be able to cast jack.

The Boss mob also diseases and 60%-ish snares. She will NOT be targetable shortly before porting each time. So when you aren't swinging/casting, look around for her new location in the dense smoke.

NO MORE TRASH MOBS: hey! well at least theres no delay. Final boss!

Encounter 3: Finall boss
Enter his area and make a circle around him, spread as far out/apart as you can be in the area. (be careful not to approach him as you enter or the encounter will begin).
Make sure to have at least 3 support and a good amount of nukes. YOU WILL NEED A CHAMP FOR POWER. straight up. Without a champ it will take ages and you will probably die due to running oop on healers.
Ok, everyone has their places. Remember these spots. Start the encounter. He says some crap in /region, everyone needs to stack very close on top of him. When he becomes a monster, if you are not in basically melee range you will get toasted fast.

ENRAGED* ---- sometimes he enrages here, I don't know the cause, and people can get 1 shot or 2 shot. He doesnt break parry/block/evade well, so have a tank DETAUNT him and they wont die too fast ----

Either way just survive the first 30 seconds. During which you cannot do any damage. 30 Seconds into him being a monster he spams region with something about "In the heart of darkness, true power (is found)" or something. This means he's going into CASTER MODE and he will pbae insta kill anything near him soon. Everyone run as soon as you see that message. Get to your places.

Now he can be damaged. You cant get close so that means Nukes and DoTs and arrows and anything you've got from range. Burn his HP as much as possible. He will be in this form for about 4 minutes. Each minute he spams region with something about "The rift pulls itself apart" which means a big pbae Lava spirt is spawning. 4 will spawn (at least) and will persist there for the rest of the encounter. Stay out of these. They do like 600-1000 damage per tick every 1.5 seconds or so.

4 minutes in to his caster form he will go back into Melee Mode. He spams region with, "Anyone not in darkness shall perish!". That means run to him and stand on him. You need to wait a moment and make sure his spherical PBAE has stopped. but basically be ready to move in ASAP. Get close, try to survive. He will be ENRAGED* see above. Tank grab aggro with detaunt and try to survive. Healers rez fast and heal quickly.

He can still be damaged in this form. But be ready. 1 minute later or so he will go back to CASTER MODE. Ruuuuuun! get back to your places (but stay out of lava) and burn his HP down. With a decent amount of caster DPS you should kill him around this time or at least before his next melee mode.

YOU CAN REPEAT THIS QUEST ON A DAILY BASIS. If you have already completed that boss in the same day you will not be able to open the chest again. So basically you have the opportunity to get 3 chests per day if you kill all 3 bosses in the instance.
If you are unfamiliar with how set bonuses work generally in most games you have to wear 3 pieces in order to activate some sort of new ability or enhance ability. The same works here and it's a new mechanic to daoc.
For example if you wear the 3 pieces on your Healer your stun will be followed by a 47sec root once the stun fades. (This showed on the delve of one of the healer armour pieces and other classes are yet to be discovered etc).

1) Pick up this quest inside the instance near the entrance (It is a group only encounter so form your group and you will all be locked to the same instance).

2) The trash in this dungeon is very strong so be wary of pulling too much. We generally cc pulled and kited back, prioritising caster mobs as they spammed aoe or pets causing havoc.

3) keep clearing your way towards the first boss at the first bridge. Once you approach the bridge the encounter will begin. The neutral mobs will approach the bridge and wait for you to setup in the middle. After a brief delay all the adds will begin to attack you. You can pretty much just aoe these down but they still hit quite hard.


Source: http://www.postcount.net/forum/showthre ... -1-9-GUIDE
Source: http://www.postcount.net/forum/showthre ... 9-Strategy

Credits to Haxern & Gaven
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Re: HIB Curse Campaign 1 - 9 guide

Postby Mytha » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:57 am

Thanks for posting this, Ras! Appreciate your taking the time to find it. The info is/will be very helpful to have for reference. :)
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Re: Hib Dragon's Curse Campaign 1‒9 guide

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Chapter 6 (Solo Step) has me puzzled. I go in the Dream instance, and work my way down with pets to the end. Where there's a boss that doesn't seem to be affected by magic or melee. What's left? :?
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Re: Hib Dragon's Curse Campaign 1‒9 guide

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I take it back. The boss is affected by magic and melee. Just has a cr*p-load of hit points. Note: Make sure Salle and all her minions are fully healed and reapply any buffs as needed prior to attacking boss.
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