Summoner's Hall Farm

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Summoner's Hall Farm

Postby Sauvi » Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:52 pm

Based on my 7-man or a 3/4-man

Nychta - Stack and pbaoe, ensure if you do not have the pbaoe power to kill the adds fast you slam them, they explode for heavy AoE damage.
Alternate- have tank engage and start with some slam and taunt styles, and nuke with caster.

Lossren - Stack and pbaoe, cant really do this another way, he spawns many adds, varying from yellow to red, but still, with single line dps you will not be able to handle the influx or kill the summoner fast enough to stop it.

Aidon - I personally had an OOG (out of group) bot aggro the archwizard and healed him as he ran out of bolt range, making sure he kept aggro but was unable to be DD'd. Rest of group can nuke the wizards one by one until you get to the one who has the loot.

Roesia - Stay in the portal entrance spot behind the walls and Nuke the summoner, keep her nearsighted for safety, and she needs CONSTANT nuking at all time, otherwise she will start aoe bolting. Again, i cannot stress enough do not go by the two walls right after you zone in, her aoe deathspam will likely wipe any group.

Kieren - Nuke/pbaoe Phut/Plic as often as it spawns and DD Kieren anyway possible until he is dead.

Cunovinda - Need a CC and a NS toon. NS her to start with and keep her NS'd, and drag her out into the secondary room. Coming from the hallway there is a mini room and then her room, pull her into that mini room. Keep the hulks NS'd to reduce the range they need to throw you, and keep them as CC'd as possible, as you nuke down Cunovinda.

Grand Summoner - Put a CT down to the right of the archway entrance to the GS's room. I recommend you buff it and probably pop ML 9 for it, definetly over your pet, it will need it. Aggro him and maneuver him into the room you came in behind the CT, as the adds that spawn come to him the CT will pull their aggro. Pbaoe/Nuke to death. Feel free to keep an OOG bot for emergencies/rezzes around the corner just incase.

If you still need further explanation or want to ask me about anything specific, message me on here/KoC guild website or find me ingame.
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