Job and women

Job is an autistic boy who used to play on Gaheris.

Job and women

Postby Rob » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:54 am

Job talks with Pammela. Before this conversation, they had barely met:

Pam: hello job
Job: hey Pammella
Pam: hello job
Pam: happy thanksgiving
Job: u too hun
Job: for that I love u :) Ur THE BEST Pammela I MISSED u so much!!!!
Job: Hellow Pammela?
Pam: yes Job?
Job: are u HERE?
Job: Would u stay here my dEAR HAPPY thanksgiving day to u Hun
Job: hey
Job: pammela?
Pam: what job?
Job: I Missed u
Job: SO MUch
Job: Look at the guild
Job: Social
Pam: job the way you are talking to me is not appropriate
Pam: i'm not your dear, i'm not your hun
Pam: i'm much older than you
Job: Well fine i'm sorry plz forgive me :) Im just being nice
Pam: you shouldn't talk to women this way
Job: sorry
Pam: it's not nice
Pam: it's not nice at all
Job: I'VE BEEN This way all the time pam i need to stop
Pam: that's a good idea job, you need to stop it
Job: Please don't quit my guild for this plz Pammela i just Missed u :( I missed u today is a good thanksgiving day
Job: enjoy ur leveling up
Job: i've turned gc buffs xp
Job: Ill be back pammela
Pam: if you talk to me that way again, i will leave
Pam: it's inappropriate
Job: eim sorry
Job: alright i'll stop if u leave u may join again but if i say appropriate things PAMMELA Please forgive me
Pam: sorry doesn't help
Pam: the only thing that helps is stopping
Job: Hmm what does? i will stop
Pam: i've heard about you job ... what i've heard isn't good
Job: Ill stop Pammela
Pam: please do
Pam: it's not nice
Pam: it gives me the creeps
Job: i'm not feeling well today Pammela i swear ill stop
Job: plz forgive me Pammela
Pam: it's not a question of forgiveness, you just have to stop doing it
Job: PAMMELA May i ask u something?
Job: May i ask u something nice that i want to do to u PL u or level u Up?
Job: want to level Up faster Pammela?
Pam: thank you job, that would be lovely
Job: Hmm yea i know

A few minutes later, Rob logged on. Job immediately told him about the above conversation:

Rob: hi folks
Job: hey brother :}
Job: PAMMELA'S on bro i said nasty things to her
Job: but she warned me'
Job: if i said it again bro
Job: she would quit hte guild brother
Job: She is trying to help me too Bro now i understand bro
Rob: bro bro bro bro
Job: BRRRR ITS Cold here
Job: nOW I understand bro
Job: Now i understand
Rob: what do you understand brother?
Job: I understand
Job: saying that
Job: is Innapropriate
Job: cause ua nd pammela are helping me not say nasty things bro
Rob: right good
Job: bro
Rob: what brother?
Job: i Said nasty things to her too bro
Job: and said she heard all about me bro
Job: what i have been saying
Rob: yeah bro everybody knows
Job: and that she'll leave the guild if i kep Doing it brother
Rob: you really must stop brother
Rob: i'm sure she will
Rob: it's good that she told you brother
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Re: Job and women

Postby fernbaby » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:19 pm

and job's A Good kid!
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Re: Job and women

Postby Rob » Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:50 am

Job's the best!
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Re: Job and women

Postby freyah » Thu May 10, 2012 9:13 am

I'm sure Job is a nice person. Ihe behavior is the concern, not the person :)
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