Best way to get seals

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Best way to get seals

Postby chaoslord » Sun Jan 24, 2021 10:34 am

Hey guys,
I am new to DAOC Gaheris server. I dislike RvR so PVE will be my jam. I have seen people posted here with 100s of seals and also in market where people are selling 10X or 50X of seals they have. What are some of the best way get seals to get my char level up in term of RR?? I am playing only 1 account and play time is limit. But I love this game. Bee away for 8 years and back to play DAOC again, but only PVE this time for good. Please advise on where to get seals. I am currently playing solo with my Scout in Lab most of the time.... much appreciate!
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Re: Best way to get seals

Postby natex » Mon Jan 25, 2021 12:08 pm

Welcome back! So for a solo player with one toon lab is the best place. They are running one toon raids on Friday nights and that would be good to get into and see about getting a split. If you need any help with anything I’m Aweso in game or anyone in the Swaggin Wagon guild.
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Re: Best way to get seals

Postby TonkasTeam » Mon Jan 25, 2021 1:33 pm

Welcome back!

As stated, Labyrinth is good for solo seals.

There are some 10 seal keeps that can be done with 2 - 3 players as well.

I have seen a couple people broadcast in NF asking if any is LFG for keeps.

The solo raids on friday nights usually have a Dread split at the end.

If you're not already on the Gaheris.Net discord, then you should join. You can always ask in there if anyone is up for keeps also!
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Re: Best way to get seals

Postby Quazimortal » Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:29 am

Welcome back to the game!
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Re: Best way to get seals

Postby wedge71 » Sat Apr 03, 2021 12:19 pm

For solo lab get a map and try to hit as many named as possible.
On second level and teleporting around you can hit 10 named in about an hour.
Helps to have a strong solo class like valk, paladin or friar, but pretty much any melee class with a template can solo. I've killed all the named on level with a RR4 templated zerker (he is RR5 now).
Any pbaoer with a blockbot can solo anything on the level.
Gardener and spider handler have adds, but even those become possible with a good template.

Far and away for faster seals is keeps/relics or dragon farming.
Keeps are best for 2-3, 4 or more head to a dragon.
Hib dragon is energy, alb is fire, mid is cold make sure to pack a 24% resist buff to that damage type.
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