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Tips for keeps

Postby Rob » Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:48 pm

Here are some tips for keeps.

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1. People sometimes have trouble memorizing which keeps drop 15, 25, or 40 seals. You don't have to memorize much because the locations follow a pattern. Each realm has two 40 sealers, and they are located on the islands in the center of each realm's frontier and the islands next to Agramon. Each realm has one 15-sealer, and they are located in zones with border keeps. All the others are 25-sealers. If you remember this pattern, the only thing you need to memorize is which border zones have 15-sealers: Yggdra, Forest Sauvage, and Cruachon Gorge.

2. Before heading to a keep, type /realm to see if it's "occupied." That means the lord is inside and you can kill it for dread seals.

3. To check whether other players are already on the keep, type /who for that zone. For example, to check Glenlock type /who Jamt. It's often obvious from a group's composition and guilds whether they're on a keep. If you're not sure, send them tells and ask.

4. Don't be /anon while you do keeps. That's inconsiderate to other people because it prevents them from seeing that you're on a keep. (The same thing is true when you're at power leveling camps like fins and grogans in Breifine.)

5. When you arrive at a keep, the first step is to kill or neutralize the patrols. I say "neutralize" because sometimes you can put up a Crystal Titan, which acts like a magnet for hostile mobs, and break the door down without bothering to kill them. I usually do this on Cruachon, for example, because the patrols mezz. It helps if you buff and heal the Crystal Titan.

6. I break down the small crescent-shaped doors instead of the big ones because people say it's faster, but I've never timed it.

7. On Gaheris we have a special item for breaking doors called Heart of Agramon. It's a huge help.

8. Once you're inside the courtyard, you have a choice. You can kill mobs in the courtyard or leave them and kill them later on the roof when they run to help the lord. If your group is powerful it makes sense to kill them later on the roof because it's faster. If your group is weaker and the keep is challenging, it's safer to kill the mobs a few at a time in the courtyard. There's also a third option called tapping the lord which I'll explain in a moment. Of course you can combine these options and do some of each.

9. Tapping the lord works well at keeps like Glenlock where the lord is tethered (he can't move far). Place most of your toons at the top of the stairs because the mobs will run up the stairs when they come to help the lord. In this location, you're outside the lord's range. He can't hit you. One toon should go to the lord, hit him once, and come back to the stairs. The lord will call all the mobs in the keep to help him. These mobs will come up the stairs and fight you there. The lord won't get involved in the fight. After the mobs are dead, tap the lord again and repeat to make sure the keep is empty. Then move your group and fight the lord. It's easy now because no other mobs will come to his aid.

10. In general, it's a good idea to face the stairs during a fight on the roof so you immediately see mobs that come up the stairs. It's also a good idea, if possible, to keep the healer in view so you can peel it if necessary.

Tips for Berkstead

When the inner door opens, you will get hit by a bunch of nukers. You can either enter instantly and kill them as fast as possible or park your toons around the building's corner (out of line of sight of the mobs) and pull them out a few at a time. For the lord fight, set up on the floor beneath the roof. Place your toons as follows. Put the pbaoe near the corner diagonally opposite the stairs to the roof. Wedge the guards into that same corner facing out. Put the healers far from that corner. One tank should go to the roof, hit the lord once, and sprint back downstairs. That tank may take a lot of damage, so be ready to spam group heals while it's returning. When the lord comes down, pbaoe immediately to pull it into the corner. If you do this correctly the lord will face into the corner and its aoe will not hit your healers, who will be standing behind him.

Tips for Dun Cruachon

The lord at Cruachon seems to call an infinite supply of mobs to help him. When you reach the roof, stand at the top of the stairs without aggro'ing the lord and get ready. When everybody is ready, sprint simultaneously to the lord. The guards run through the lord, turn, and face the stairs so they can guard against the mobs that will be running up the stairs. The easiest way to do this is target the lord before you sprint, run through him, then press /face or /stick. Your pbaoe's (ideally at least two) stand right on the lord and start pbaoe'ing immediately. (Pbaoe damage falls off rapidly with distance; you always want pbaoe to be as close to the mob as possible.) Healers should stand on top of the pbaoe's so they get peeled automatically. If you do things this way, assuming you have enough firepower, the only risk is getting mezzed; purge or other de-mez abilities are helpful on this keep.

Tips for Erasleigh

The lord aoe stuns. Stunned healers are a bad thing, so you want to keep the healers away from the lord during the fight. There are two ways to do this. Either leave them downstairs or put them on a tower and pull the lord away from the tower. If you do it the first way, you might want to position them away from the path that mobs will take when they run to the roof to help the lord.

Tips for Benowyc

Some of the patrols at Beno stand at a distance from you and use ranged attacks. Since I rely mostly on pbaoe, this is annoying, so I usually set up a Crystal Titan for patrols. The lord spawns small mobs that powertap. They will bleed your group dry in seconds unless you kill them instantly as they spawn. One way to handle this is to start the fight by pbaoe'ing the lord, and pbaoe continuously until he dies. This kills the power tappers before they can do much damage. I put my healers against a short wall and fight the lord in the center of the roof. This is enough distance to keep them safe on this keep.

Tips for Boldiam

This is the probably the hardest keep. You get hit by lots of nukes as you come up the first flight of stairs. The lord hits extremely hard, and he nearsights. Good healers are a must here. Because of the nearsight, plan to rely on group heals and spread heals.

Tips for Glenlock

I gave instructions above for tapping the Glen lord. Another thing to know about him is that while he's in combat, he goes into a "rage." He becomes larger and his tunic changes color. During this time, it's not safe to attack him with pets because he severs the tether (STT). This means he takes control of pets and turns them against you. It's safe to use pets while he's not in a rage. The lord aoe stuns, so keep your healers as far away from him as possible. I put my healers on a tower and pull the lord as far as he'll go toward the opposite corner.

Tips for Dun Nged

I hate this keep, but some people think it's fun. There are four "focus" mobs on the roof (that's the name over their heads) that throw group members up in the air. In the old days, people often died when they got thrown, causing groups to wipe, but nowadays the damage has been nerfed and getting tossed is usually just a nuisance. If you're very careful, it's possible to clear the roof without getting thrown because the focus mobs throw only if you aggro them. When you reach the roof, clear the casters on the towers without approaching the focus mobs. Then kill the focus mobs one at a time. In the old days it was helpful to use an out-of-group caster or pet class to kill the focus mobs, but it's probably not worth the trouble now. It's possible to sneak around the perimeter of the roof, wedge yourselves into a corner between the long wall and tower, and kill the lord without aggroing the focus mob on the opposite long axis of the building. You can kill the lord this way without bothering to kill all the focus mobs and without getting thrown.

Tips for Bledmere

Bled is easier during the day than at night, so start at 6:00 am to give yourself as much time as possible to finish the keep before dark.

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