Gaheris and Endless Conquest - Class build question

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Gaheris and Endless Conquest - Class build question

Postby Stefacle » Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:01 am

With the recent news that Gaheris being available with the Endless Conquest I am again exited about DAOC, and consider a return to Gaheris when the FTP option goes live.

I was looking at the limited class list for Endless Conquest, and consider starting up a Bard, just because it is one of the few classes I have never played.

Does anybody know how good Bard is on Gaheris these days, playing obviously PvE and mostly solo?

Also, any suggestions for a spec/leveling build (haven't had much luck finding any newer ones anywhere)?

If not Bard, what classes do you recon would be good for Gaheris from classes available with EC:




I hope to see some activity on Gaheris with the EC launching :)

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Re: Gaheris and Endless Conquest - Class build question

Postby Sheb » Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:12 am

A solo bard would be tough, id suggest a paladin or valk if you play to play mostly solo
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Re: Gaheris and Endless Conquest - Class build question

Postby nam3cc » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:13 am

No buff potions, no house, no trade skills, no xp/rps/bps bonuses, no guild management, no access to any pbaoe class... I can see a pretty hard time for EC soloers on Gaheris.
It seems very evident that EC accounts are indeed meant to simply evaluate the game by *new* players, and only within well set groups or guilds. This might be viable on Ywain; as far as Gaheris is concerned, it will only work if population numbers should drastically increase.

IMHO, play a staff/buffs Friar if you want to get survivablility and fun, due to auto buffs, decent damage, self casted resists, nice performance even at low RRs.

Aside from that, I'm really hoping this EC campaign can revive Gaheris, because I left my heart there and would be glad to come back if numbers were encouraging.

Greetings from Italy!
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Re: Gaheris and Endless Conquest - Class build question

Postby Stefacle » Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:19 am

Thanks for the input.

Yeah, I know it's gonna be hard time on an EC account, but I'm willing to give it a try. I'll see how it goes as I really love Gaheris, and promised my self I would give it another try if it becomes an option with EC.

If I see some activity happening on Gaheris with EC (hopefully!) I may go and sub again so that I can craft etc.

Having checked Bard a bit, I think you're right that it'll be hard to play that just starting out on EC.

Pally used to be my main back in my DAOC playing days, so I don't want to play that again, but Valk would be interesting as I don't think I played that class before.

Friar is a good suggestion due to self buffs and solo potential, but I would prefer a Mid or Hib class as I used to play mostly Alb, and really would like to explore the Mid and Hib classes and areas on Gaheris. Maybe Shaman would be a good alternative to Friar. Then again, I have to remember that all realms are available on Gaheris, and I could roll a Friar and use it to explore all of Hib and Mid areas :)

Well, I'll probably have a few weeks until EC goes live, so I'll check up on Valk, Friar and Shaman before I decide which class to start out with.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to good specs for mostly solo PVE on Gaheris, for Valk/Friar/Shaman?
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Re: Gaheris and Endless Conquest - Class build question

Postby Sheb » Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:09 pm

Note 100% sure on best specs now but i'll post what i used in the past

Friar-50 staff, 46 enhancement, 24 rejuvenation, rest parry. You can skip rej all together if you want for more parry, i just used to do it for the heal proc and HoT thats castable in combat. Once you get the class down and to 50 they are not necessary though because you have styles that heal and your probably better off getting more parry. The HoT and proc can be helpful while lvling though.

Valk Spear- 41 spear, 41 mending, 45 odin, 20 parry. Can always go less odin and more parry but this give you the best spear style combo and good heals/HoTs.

Valk Shield- 50 shield, 34 sword, 41 mending, 19odin, rest parry. Gives you best sword style for dmg, high shield for blocking, good heals/HoTs, odins and parry are really just fillers for the rest of point but give you a few extra toys with offensive proc buff and small dd spell.

Shaman- Ive never played a solo shammy but if i did id go 44 subterranean, 30 augmentation, and rest mending. Gives you max dmg spells and buff/self buffs as well as heals for between fights.
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