Who is The Motley Crue?

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Who is The Motley Crue?

Postby Wrathful » Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:20 pm

The Motley Crue is the brain child of Strikingarrows (Ron) who happens to be serving in US Army. Originally, membership was mainly made up of military presonnel, wives, kids and friends. As various members got stationed abroad, our numbers dwindled. Finally our guild master was sent to Afghanistan. That left 4 active members. The remaining military member was sent to a variety of schools and therefore largely absent. Another member discovered the joys of RvR on Ywain. Essentially all that was left was my daughter and me.

We intended to invite new members but we wanted everything to be "right." We wanted our guild house decorated. That involved killing mobs and learning the skills to convert them to trophies. We wanted our guild vaults filled. We wanted a website. It took time but now we are starting to build again.

If you're a Crue member visiting this site for the first time, we welcome you. If you are looking for a guild on Gaheris, consider The Motley Crue. Most of us are currently on EST. Message any of us in game!
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Re: Who is The Motley Crue?

Postby vicky » Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:01 pm

nice to have you guys on gaheris.net welcome...
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