FIXED Instruments skill vanishes shortly after training

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FIXED Instruments skill vanishes shortly after training

Postby Lyrandos » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:40 am

*Update* Just logged in after today's patch and my skill is where it should be. It survived zoning, too. Yay! Maybe I'll get my 2p back for my respec troubleshooting?... probably wishful thinking :)


I recently leveled up a Minstrel and noticed that while I had trained lvl 50 in Instruments, that my group celerity buff remained the yellow level 36 version "Song of Awakening Fervor" instead of being replaced by the red level 46 version "Song of Everlasting Fervor". I created an appeal and roughly 24 hours later, found that it had vanished from the queue when I did /checkappeal. I created another appeal and it, too, vanished not long after. No one sent me an in game message nor an email. I decided to buy a single line respec and retrained instruments one level at a time. I obtained the level 46 song and was able to add it to my quick-bar and use it successfully! I zoned out of town and was heading to try it out only to find that it had reverted BACK to the level 36 version! I created another appeal and sent emails to the support mailbox. No human reply from the support box and my appeal vanished again without any change to my character nor any sort of communication from support in game.

I'm definitely miffed about the crummy customer service. Even a "we're working on it" would be nice--it's rude to just delete my appeals. That aside, has anyone else had this happen to a minstrel or other class? Any advice appreciated.

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