Looking for Vordai/Naik from Trinity guild

Memories of the old days.

Looking for Vordai/Naik from Trinity guild

Postby Tumideon » Sat Feb 22, 2020 10:47 am

Hi all!

I doubt any will remember me but I played as Tumideon, Valkyn Shadowblade on Gaheris in the early 2000s. Other characters were Rhino the Briton Cleric, Sotiris the Celt Warren, and I had a Shaman buffbot called Chiaylt. I’m from the UK so I didn’t always see everyone due to time zone differences.

I have some amazing memories of DAOC and Gaheris. In particular with my friends Vordai and Naik from our guild Trinity, as we’d 3 man the depths of Darkness Falls and do keeps in the frontiers.

I would really love to get back in touch with them so just posting this here in the hope that the internet might do its thing! Like many people we left for WoW when it came out, but unfortunately playing on the US realms was not a long term thing for me and we went our separate paths and lost contact.

Life has taken me on a long and windy path in the meantime but now I find myself back in a situation where it’d be great to do some of the epic adventures we once had again. Hoping they’re still about. If anyone knows them please ask them to get in touch :-)

P.s I had so many screenshots of my time on DAOC but most of them were sadly lost. What a tragedy...
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