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Postby DaphneShep » Sat May 29, 2010 9:59 am

We are a guild of two, my husband and I. He doesn't play as much as I do, mostly because he doesn't have a lot of time with work and he does play other games like Hearts of Iron and some other war games in his computer during his free time. We used to be a night only guild as he worked nights and since I don't work , I follow his schedule. We are on days now finally and I've been finding it hard to get enough time to play a lot DAOC lately, it seems from the moment we wake up, make breakfast and get going it is almost time to make lunch and then dinner time comes fast. He works from home most days now so he's around and it seems I don't get as much time to play as I expected I was going to get.

We've been playing on Gaheris for about 6 years. We had tried DAOC when it was released, and though we loved the graphics and the concept of the game we weren't too crazy about the idea of RvR so after a month of the free trial we cancelled the game. Also I was heavily invested in EQ and we could only keep one game so we didn't stay on DAOC. When I was tired of EQ and the whole "uber guild" behind kissing and control, I decided to leave EQ and I remembered that I loved how DAOC looked and the three realms thing, so I started a trial account and made a druid on Bedevere, but I found out about Gaheris and quickly moved over and I realized how much I enjoyed just PvE, plus it was something I could do by myself with no need of the "uber guild". So here we are. We don't recruit because after my experiences with other people on EQ I really don't want the drama, the coming into a guild and using it as a stepping stone to other more "uberer guilds", the having to keep members happy by having to be "there" all the time making raids so they can get stuff, etc. We are just happy in our little part of the guild world, plus the advantage of just us is that I know where everything is in our houses, plus I know it is going to stay there.

I know my vision of gaming has become a tad cynical and misanthropic, and I also know that a lot of the people I've met playing in Gaheris have been great people, but I really want the game to be fun and nobody ruining it for me, so we keep ourselves to ourselves mostly. I'm not totally anti socializing, I try to be friendly to others and I like public raids to hang out, especially if it is with nice friendly decent people.
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Re: Tempus Vernum

Postby dwargon » Sat May 29, 2010 10:11 am

I've don't remember where I heard it first, but I have to agree with the sentiment...

"The best thing about MMOs is all the people you meet, the worst thing about MMOs is all the people you meet."

Hope to see you round some time.
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