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Guild: Crimson Apocalypse
Purpose: A Free House for Me ( :lol: )
Members: My bot account toons

Introduction - Also known as More about Me

I have been playing Dark Age of Camelot since the Shrouded Isle expansion came out. However, at first I played on the Euro servers. I never really did much over there, mainly because there were only 2 English servers to choose from at the time and I kept deleting my toons so I could try another realm out. I don't think I ever got a toon much about level 20 before deleting them all so I could try another realm out.

At about the time the Catacombs expansion was released I opened an account on the US servers. The lure of lots of different servers enabling me to play toons from all realms without deleting finally proved too much. Plus it was about this time that the free level once every seven days or so was introduced. Wohoo, easy levelling ( :lol: ). I rolled a Reaver on Igraine called Rojer, a Savage on Bedevere called Rojer, and I'm sure I had some sort of Hib called Rojer somewhere else too. Throughout all this time, I played very much solo. I got the toons to mid-20's before rolling some randoms on Gaheris and trying it out.

I started playing these toons quite a bit and eventually got into a guild called Crimson Apocalypse. Don't ask me how, probably someone broadcast the old 'join now' message in region and I must of been bored at the time and joined. After that I started calling my toons Apoc...something. The first of the new wave being Apocbones, the bonedancer. Almost immediately everyone else in the guild stopped playing. Perhaps it was something I said :twisted: .

At about the time of the release of Darkness Rising expansion I switched back to the blue servers, playing almost exclusively on the Igraine side. I ground out the levels on my Reaver (now an LGM Alchemist and bringing in the money) and he was soon joined by an Armsman - Jeorr (also an LGM Armor Crafter on the side), a Heretic - Rejor (LGM Tailor), Paladin - Jorre (LGM Weapon) and Theurgist - Joerr (not quite LGM SC'er). Note the use of anagrams of the original Rojer when choosing names. A trend I continued throughout my time there. I eventually hit level 50 on the Reaver, my first level 50 toon and the was shortly joined by the Armsman and the Heretic. I was still playing solo and finding some of the game content quite hard going, but trying to do it anyway. Epics being well beyond my solo abilities, especially as I knew nothing about templating back then. Basically if something dropped off a mob, I tried it on, if more stats went up than down, I kept it ( :oops: )

With the release of the Dragon's Revenge Campaign came a whole new set of quests for me to have a play about with. The early stages of the campaing were soloable, but to go right through and get the juicy rewards I had to get into groups and so I finally (after several years) started learning team-play. I started getting into the early dragon farm groups with my Armsman and got invited into the Mystic Knights guild who were one of the early leaders in farming Goldy. Being in an active guild was quite an amazement and I was taught such foundations as the importance of templating, and use of tactics against specific mobs (Yes, I was an early Leeroy Jenkins before that point). My armsman was quickly joined by a paladin, a friar and a sorcerer, all specifically geared out for those dragon farms.

At about this point I started entering ToA for the first time, doing Arty encounters and Master Levels, and I just loved it ( :geek: ). Perhaps missing out on the pre-nerf content made it so for me, or just the late start. I was soon scanning the VN boards for notice about any intended ML raids. I also finally made the plunge of splashing out on a bot account, having noticed just how much easier players with bots seemed to find playing the game.

With the coming of Ghost Keep campaign, my toons actually started getting some RP's. I never played the RvR element of the game, being fundamentally too 'care-bear' to enjoy the idea of killing other people. I identified very strongly with my toons. So my toons started getting RA's, but I didn't like how Mythic were forcing people to go into RvR to get such items as Medal of Honor, Doppelganger Bracelet, etc. The final straw came with the Harbinger of Spring campaign. After being jumped on my solo toon umpteen times by the several groups camping the little bunny, I finally decided to call it a day on the blue server and decided to switch back to Gaheris for a while.

On logging my Gaheris toons back in I found myself promoted to Guild Master of Crimson Apocalypse and no-one else in the guild having played in the past history available. I found it great duo'ing with my 2 accounts over here, but joining in the raids I heard broadcast over region opened new vistas. After having great fun going on these I placed an 'advert' on VN boards looking for a guild, and joined Angels of Death. I joined all my main account toons into AoD, leaving my bots in Crimson Apocalypse. I did that because, basically, being the GM of a guild gave me access to a 'free' house. I suppose it might of made more sense doing it the other way around, because my mains (except for a couple of originals) all began Apoc and my bots all began with Wren.

Angels of Death was a small, but lively, guild. However, with Angel becoming too ill to play, Inej & Imp stopping playing, and Redd quitting playing after Mythic 'lost' her trophy house, it became a dead guild. I had a word with Jim (Legiliwin) who I had met through the ML raids I led, and who had always impressed me with his willingness to help others. And so I became a member of Deadly Intentions, but again leaving all my bots in Crimson Apocalypse for the free house.

So that about covers my history in DAoC, and I rattled on for a lot longer than I ever intended. If you got this far in the reading, you must like reading waffle.

Finally, something about the real me:

Real Name: Carl
Location: England (a town in the NW of England called Rochdale for those who know the area)
Age: I always have to work it out, so I'll leave that to you this time, but I was born 8 days after JFK was assassinated
The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.
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