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Forum Rules

PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2010 6:05 am
by Rob
Forum Rules:

1. Keep it friendly. You can disagree with somebody but say so politely and respectfully. No insults, no personal attacks, no negative remarks about the other person.

2. Don't personalize disagreements. Talk about things, not the other person's character or behavior.

3. Keep it clean. We want parents to feel comfortable when their small children read this forum. (That really used to happen. Nowadays, not so much. Still, you never know.)

4. When you post a question, you're asking people to do you a favor by answering it. You're asking them to spend time helping you. Be courteous and check back soon for answers. If someone answers, say thank you.

5. Give your thread a title that tells people what it's about. This helps other people figure out whether they want to read it or not. It's a way of being considerate to other people. For example, "Where do I buy quartermaster armor?" is a good title. "Noob question" is a bad title. "Quickest leveling 40-50?" is a good title. "Can someone help me?" is a bad title.