Tentative - ML 1&2 BG Raid - Friday 29th 8pm Eastern

Raid leaders, please be sure to put the date (the number of the day) in your title.

Tentative - ML 1&2 BG Raid - Friday 29th 8pm Eastern

Postby Saragorn » Thu Jan 28, 2021 6:25 pm

This is tentative raid on interest and whether Sheb is hosting a raid. I will try another time if he is raiding.

I shall warn you, I have done these MLs MANY times including leading guild/alliace raids but it has been a while so maybe a little rusty on details on some things.

Again time is Jan 29th 8pm Eastern.
Meet in Haven of Volcanus.
BG will be under Snorid
These typically don't have great drops and I will get the appropriate keys/items needed ahead of time so not concerned about those either so will not bother collecting loot.

Any class/level is welcome but do need to be 40 at least for credit and be sure started on path (think still need to go to Hall of Heroes and talk to arbiter to get that started).

If anyone is looking to do ML1 group encounters before this feel free to reach out to any Sara toons that might see online or reach out on gaheris.net discord and if I am free I be happy to help get those done for you.
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