MID CURSE 1-8 SUNDAY 10/7/2018 @ 3pm EST

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MID CURSE 1-8 SUNDAY 10/7/2018 @ 3pm EST

Postby elbee » Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:21 pm

Myself and my new friend Terryfolds would like to invite everyone to a Mid Curse run on sunday afternoon ran by us. I have ran many mid raids on live servers and have successfully done it here with my team through chapter 5 by myself. I believe with a turnout of 25 or more we can complete the entire raid in less than 3 hours. Please follow the instructions below to get your quest line up to speed and we will meet at the Varuvarahm dungeon drop off from the dungeon porters in Midgard. I'm looking forward to getting together and having some fun across the fun realm of Gaheris.

start quest in jordheim in the main room with roshak and follow along [curse] line - as I said earlier we will meet at varu entrance and further instructions will be shared via the BG - if voice comms are requested i do have my own discord server I would be willing to share.

/bg join elbeeee around 2:30 pm i would like to leave around 3pm and plan around 3 hours to complete the whole thing.
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