Hibernia Curse Campaign 1 - 9 Saturday Feb 10 2:00 PM EST

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Hibernia Curse Campaign 1 - 9 Saturday Feb 10 2:00 PM EST

Postby Mytha » Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:55 pm

BG on Mytha at 1:30 PM, moving out from Innis Carthaig at 2:00 PM. Before explaining where to acquire the Curse quest, there are just a few things I should note:

- It is very possible that the armor we are awarded at Chapter 9 will be specific to hib classes only. I'm not certain that this is the case but to be safe I would bring a hib toon. What I do know about the armor is that the drops are random: you won't always get armor specific to the class you earned it on, and sometimes you might only get aurulite instead. This leads to the next note:

- Chapter 9 is a daily repeatable group instance quest. This means that you can re-acquire the quest and earn the rewards with each completion every 24 hours. However, since only a group may enter and complete the encounter it's important that everyone try to bring a hib class that would best accomodate a group format. Each group will need to have sufficient heals, pbaoe and blockers. Any classes are welcome so if you don't have one of these toons just bring what you think will work best for a group. Groups will be formed at the start of the raid.

- I would strongly advise reviewing the hib Dragon's Curse Campaign Chapter 1-9 guide that Raschanter posted here several days ago. It gives a good overview of what we'll be facing in the Chapters ahead.

Here's where to acquire the quest:

Go to Tir na Nog and speak to Crystilla who is standing at the entrance of the Veil Rift (at the crafting merchants area). She will have you speak to the two other NPCs standing with her. One of them, Salle, will offer the quest "[Curse] A Glimmer of Hope". Once the BG goes up at 1:30 PM, travel to Innis Carthaig. This is where we will form the groups and depart for Sheeroe Hills.

Hope to see you there! :)
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Re: Hibernia Curse Campaign 1 - 9 Saturday Feb 10 2:00 PM ES

Postby Handslikefeet » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:23 pm

Apologies for the abrupt departure. Went LD again on port to boot. Lol
Thanks again for the raid Mytha

Cya all soon
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