Mid Otherworldly Chapters 6-10 May 2 8:00 PM EST

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Mid Otherworldly Chapters 6-10 May 2 8:00 PM EST

Postby Mytha » Thu Apr 28, 2016 3:54 pm

Since there are a lot of people with toons that need Chapters 6 and up in the Otherworldly Campaign, we'll be starting at the [Jotun] step where we need to defeat Hel. BG will be up on Myth at 8:00 PM EST and departing from Arin Snowtouch in Vanern Swamp promptly at 8:30. Since we will be completing Chapters 6 through 10 only, all members of the BG will please be sure to have the steps completed up to Mid Chapter 6 before 8:30 on Monday. Please do not wait until the BG is ready to depart to finish whatever objectives your toon needs to begin Chapter 6. If you are not ready to begin Chapter 6 by 8:30 on Monday, you will not be able to continue with the BG. Time is vital, and it would delay the BG too much to wait for anyone who may not have allowed themselves enough time to complete the previous Chapter. I will be online at 7:00 PM EST if there's any questions or help needed in completing Chapter 5 before 8:00 PM. :)

Thanks and hope to see you there!

If you are having trouble completing/obtaining quests, make sure your Journal is not too full to accept more quests. If you clear your Journal but find you are still having problems, try speaking to the Quest Journalist NPC and removing old completed quests. This should do the trick.
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