MID Otherworldly Campaign Mar 28 8:00 PM EST

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MID Otherworldly Campaign Mar 28 8:00 PM EST

Postby Mytha » Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:29 pm

This week we'll start the Mid Campaign afresh beginning at "[Jotun] Begone, Giants", the step where we must defeat Ymir at the portal. If we don't complete the whole Campaign on Monday we'll finish whatever Chapters are left the following week. This Campaign is not realm specific, so feel free to bring a toon of any realm. Anyone who has already progressed through some Chapters of the Mid Campaign is also welcome to join us. :)

BG will be up on Myth at 8. We'll meet at Arin Snowtouch in Vanern Swamp and leave promptly at 8:30 PM. Due to time constraints, it is necessary that all members of the BG complete the first three initial steps of the Prologue (up to "[Jotun] Begone, Giants") prior to our departure at 8:30 PM. These steps do not require a group and are easy to complete on your own time. I've listed and summarized the steps that must be completed below. Please understand that if you do not have these steps completed by 8:30 PM on Monday, you will not be able to continue with the BG. Time is vital, and it would delay the BG too much to wait for anyone who may not have allowed themselves enough time to complete them. In case you have any questions, I will be online at 7:00 PM EST to help however I can. :)

To complete the Prologue:

Travel to King Eirik's Throne Room in Jordheim and speak to Athr Hasetti Theyr. Theyr will offer you the quest "[Jotun] Eerily Quiet" which will start you on the Otherworldly Campaign.

Once you've accepted the quest, travel to Galplen in Myrkwood Forest by porting to Gotar from Jordheim and taking a wyvern ticket to Galplen. Crelam is inside the town to the right as you enter it. Speak to Crelam, finish the quest "[Jotun] Eerily Quiet" and accept the quest "[Jotun] Into the Swamp".

Travel to Vanern Swamp and find the hunter Arin Snowtouch who is marked as a blue dot on the Vanern Swamp region map. To reach the Swamp, take a ticket from the horsemaster at Galplen to West Skona. From there you can either travel west to Vanern Swamp on foot or take a wyvern ticket for the Vanern Swamp Scenic Loop. If you take the Scenic Loop, jump once you fly close to the blue dot on your Vanern Swamp map.

Speak to Arin Snowtouch, finish the quest "[Jotun] Into the Swamp" and accept the quest "[Jotun] Begone, Giants". Check your Journal; once you are sure you have the quest "[Jotun] Begone, Giants", you're ready to join the BG and wait for the raid to begin before continuing! Please wait/leave your toon at Arin Snowtouch until the BG is ready to depart.

If you are having trouble completing/obtaining quests, make sure your Journal is not too full to accept more quests. If you clear your Journal but find you are still having problems, try speaking to the Quest Journalist NPC and removing old completed quests. This should do the trick.

Again, if you miss the 8:30 PM deadline for the completion of the Prologue you will be unable to continue with the BG that night. Hopefully you can join us at another time when we start the Campaign again with other toons! :)

Thanks and hope to see you there!
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