Dragon Wednesdays! (March 2 8:30PM EST)

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Dragon Wednesdays! (March 2 8:30PM EST)

Postby Seikaoth » Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:57 am

Heya Everyone!

It's the usual! Come listen to me complain about not getting appropriate credit in the news tab or how Broadsword stole my Kittlettes from me while we kill the big 3 dragons! BG will be up on Kitt around 8PM. We'll meet at the entrance of Dartmoor and move out at 8:30PM. For anyone who doesn't know how to get there the general way to go is Avalon Marsh > Horse Ticket to Yarley's Farm > Jump off and run south through Cornwall. The Otherworldly campaign ports can also be used to get to Dragon zones quicker, especially Mid. And of course if you have faction in the zone you can teleport there, but if you have faction you don't need this explanation anyways!

Seals and Scales will be collected at the end and dived out among the BG. Any dragon loot I get will end up on a CM for 100g a piece, any dragon loot anyone else gets they keep to do whatever they desire with.

Hope to see you there!
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