Dragon Wednesdays! (Feb 24 8:30PM EST)

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Dragon Wednesdays! (Feb 24 8:30PM EST)

Postby Seikaoth » Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:53 pm

Heya Everyone!

Barring being plagued from some unfortunate illness being passed around campus and in the other room of my apartment, this Wednesday it's time for more dragon slaughtering! Who am I kidding, unless I'm physically incapable of sitting at a computer I'll probably be killing dragons regardless of my condition! Meet at 8:30PM EST at the entrance to Dartmoor. We'll start with Goldie and then head to Cuul then Gjalp. If one of the is unfortunate enough to respawn before 10:30 EST, we'll go visit them again! Same as last time, there will be no lotto. I will collect the scales and seals and divide them out among the members of the BG but any loot that I receive will be going on a CM for 100g a piece (or less) and any loot you get you are free to keep.

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