Test Results

Effect of Shield Size on Block and Guard

March 23–26, 2011
Release 1.108
Pendragon and Gaheris


Three crafted shields (one of each size) were compared in four separate experiments:

Against multiple enemies, the large shield worked best. Against a single enemy, the large and medium shields tied. The small shield performed worst.


Shield size
Successes Chances Rate (%) 95% Confidence Interval (%)
Block for self against one level-75 test mob Large 894 1037 86.21 ± 2.10
Medium 881 1029 85.62 ± 2.14
Small 1453 1813 80.14 ± 1.84
Block for self against ten red/purple mobs Large 2714 3869 70.15 ± 1.44
Medium 2327 3805 61.16 ± 1.55
Small 1998 3776 52.91 ± 1.59
Guard another toon against one level-75 test mob Large 3955 4629 85.44 ± 1.02
Medium 4051 4666 86.82 ± 0.97
Small 3687 4626 79.70 ± 1.16
Guard another toon against ten red/purple mobs Large 1519 1528 99.41 ± 0.38
Medium 1432 1568 91.33 ± 1.39
Small 1337 1682 79.49 ± 1.93


Results were computed by parsing chat logs with Mojo.

Three crafted shields were used. Their stats were identical except for size and speed. They were level 51 and 99% quality. All measurements were made with the same toon wearing the same equipment. The toon was a Saracen pally with 50+17 shield, mastery of blocking IX, a greater barricading mythirian, augmented dexterity IX, and 10 points of PvE block bonus. The toon's buffed dexterity was 383.

The experiments against a single enemy were done with the Thrust test mob on Alb Pendragon. The mob was told to use a large shield and set itself to level 75. The experiments against ten enemies were done at the Breifine finliaths camp on Gaheris. All ten finliaths were aggroed on a single toon and kept alive for the duration of the test.

Before each test of a shield, the shield and armor were repaired to 100 percent.

Tests with ten mobs were done by stacking ten finliaths on a single toon. The toon didn't use a weapon, so the same ten mobs remained alive for the duration of the test. In this screenshot, a pally blocks for himself with a small shield.


Many thanks to Gostond and Torianna of Gaheris for their help.

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