Test Results

Effect of Shield Condition on Block

April 5–9, 2013
Test 1.114, Release 1.114
Pendragon and Gaheris


Block rate was measured with a worn-out shield and a fully-repaired shield.

The shield blocked better when it was at 100%.

The difference was greater when blocking for self on a high-level mob than when guarding another toon at finliaths in Breifine.


Shield condition
Successes Chances Rate (%) 95% Confidence Interval (%)
Block for self against one level-75 test mob 100% 2472 2913 84.86 ± 1.30
70% 1754 2462 71.24 ± 1.79
Guard another toon against ten red/purple mobs 100% 2260 2265 99.78 ± 0.19
70% 2600 2713 95.83 ± 0.75


Results were computed by parsing chat logs with Mojo.

All measurements were made with the same toon with the same buffs and equipment. The toon was a Saracen pally with 50+16 shield, mastery of blocking IX, a greater barricading mythirian, augmented dexterity IX, and 10 points of PvE block bonus. The toon's buffed dexterity on Pendragon was 373; on Gaheris, 383.

The experiments against a single enemy were done with the Slash test mob on Alb Pendragon. The mob was reset before each trial and told to set itself to level 75.

The experiments against ten red/grape mobs were done with finliaths in Breifine on Gaheris.

The shield was an Arcanium Sentient Tower Shield. For the 70% trials, the shield was at 70% the whole time. For the 100% trial against one mob, the shield began at 100% and finished at 70%. For the 100% trial against ten mobs, the shield was repaired every hour and remained at 100% the whole time.

(How did a paladin equip a mid shield on Pendragon? The shield was equpped on Gaheris. Then the toon was charcopy'd to Pendragon.)

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