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Realm point bonuses

People earn realm points (RPs) on Gaheris by handing dreaded seals to non-player characters (NPCs) in the capitals or border keeps. You get more RPs when you hand over the seals if you have the following bonuses.

There are four categories of bonuses. Each category stacks with the other three categories.

Orion's belt, Snatcher, and frags stack with each other but the three things combined are capped at 10 percent. Orion's and Snatcher together exceed the cap, so you gain nothing by adding a frag to them.

Relic buffs
Orseo from Cathal Valley is much better than Temel from Breifine (25 percent vs. 10 percent). They do not stack with each other. We have heard a report that if you get both, the lower buff will overwrite the higher one.

You can equip only one mythrian.

Guild buff
The guild RP bonus is either on or off.

Loss of decimal points
This section of the article describes a detail that doesn't matter much for practical purposes.

The game truncates (throws away) decimals each time you hand a dread to an NPC. As a result, with some combinations of bonuses, you benefit by using high-denomination dreads. Let's look at an example.

Suppose you've got the following bonuses: Temel, Snatcher, Orion's, Greater Guerdon, and guild bonus. And suppose Gaheris is getting a 20 percent population bonus from Mythic.

With those bonuses, each dread is worth 4672.8 RPs. Note the 8 after the decimal point.

Each time you hand a single dread to the NPC, the game throws away .8 RP and awards you only 4672.

If you hand in 250 dreads, you lose .8 x 250 or 200 RPs.

But if you hand in a single effulgent, which combines those 250 dreads in a single object, you lose nothing, because 250 x 4672.8 is a whole number and there is nothing for the game to round down.

To put it another way, when you turn in 250 individual dreads you would get 1,168,000 RPs. When you turn in a single effulgent you would get 1,168,200.
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  Bonus points
Frag 3%
Orion's belt 5%
Snatcher 6%
Relic buffs  
Orseo (Cathal) 25%
Temel (Breifine) 10%
Lesser Guerdon 2%
Average Guerdon 4%
Greater Guerdon 6%
RP buff 5%

The formula for calculating RPs per dread is:

RPs per dread = Floor ( 3000 ( 1 + P ) ( 1 + R ) ( 1 + I + M + G ) ) )

where Floor is a function that truncates decimal digits; P is the population bonus; G is the guild bonus; I is the capped item bonus; M is the mythirian bonus; and R is the relic bonus.

For example, suppose the population bonus is 20% and you've got Cathal Valley (25%), Orion's (5%), and a Greater Guerdon (6%). You would plug those numbers into the formula like this:

RPs per dread  =
  Floor ( 3000 ( 1 + .20 ) ( 1 + .25 ) ( 1 + .05 + .06 + 0 ) ) )
Floor ( 3000 ( 1.20 * 1.25 * 1.11 ) )
Floor ( 3000 ( 1.665 ) )
Floor ( 4995 )

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