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Lovely livery
Or how to give your house NPCs a makeover
By Boudecca
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Wandering around the housing zones you may have noticed consignment merchants in fancy robes and maybe wondered why yours are wearing dull browns or greys. If you haven't wondered, or couldn't care less, read no further. But if you want to smarten up your CM (and the NPCs inside your house) then help is at hand. The good news is that you can change the outfit your porter, healer, dye merchant, or recharger is wearing. The bad news is that several minutes of key pushing may be required, and the livery resets every time the server goes down.

All you have to do is pick up and drop the NPC until he is wearing the uniform you want. Before you do this, if the toon is inside the house, you will need to shift-right-click on a blank piece of wall and select Hookpoints.

The amount of picking up and setting down you have to do varies. I generally stop after fifty tries and make another attempt later. This may sound a lot but in practice it doesn't usually take that many and they are very quick to do. After the server has been down it generally takes me about half an hour to do four houses (and this includes putting back my house vaults the way they were). The dilemma comes when you get a fancy outfit which is not the one you want. Do you accept it or carry on?

The relative rarity of the fancy skins means there are not many houses with them. Nil desperandum.

Incidentally you can make your porter more visible by standing him on a piece of furniture such as the Ornate Marble Bench.

CMs and healers take the longest, porters and merchants are very quick. Smiths and emblemeers — and the Albion porter — seem to be stuck with no change of clothes.

If you do this with a CM, don't forget to type /listmerchant afterward to make your goods visible on market explorers.

Lovely livery is visible with both classic and Catacombs models.
Alb healer in fancey livery
Alb healer in fancy livery.

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