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Level 20 armor

You can get free armor and weapons in the capitals if you're level 20. Talk to the NPCs at the locations on this page.


Lucia Pritchard and Galaris Pritchard
Location: 26600, 23500
Run north from the east gate until you get close to a small building with a blue-and-white striped roof. If you bump into the building, you just ran through them.
Kelleher and Andras
Location: 26500, 25800
They are in the building on the left of Temple of the Jotuns near the west gate. There's an NPC named Brohd (the dragon scale vendor) outside their building.
Tir na Nog
Somyr and Caryan
Location: 17500, 22300
They are in Cullin's Inn (a bar) between the tunnel entrance and Chamber of Magic. There's an NPC named Diarmuid outside Cullin's Inn on the opposite side of the street.

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