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Keep Guide

Renaris (15 seals)

Easy, the lord endotaps, hits rather hard in melee, hits through guard regularly. Mostly archers, a few cleric mobs (nukers).

Berkstead (25 seals)

Demon type mobs, Highlander 2h mobs hit extremely hard in melee, and are very difficult to block. Pull the keep lord from the roof into the room immediately below, to many nukers on the roof to kill up there. Has nuker mobs.

Erasleigh (25 seals)

One of the easiest 25 seal keeps, some cleric nukers, mostly archers. Lord has an insta-stun with no resist timer, nukes everything within his LOS, park the healer downstairs to avoid this.

Hurbury (25 seals)

Don’t do often, no special notes I can remember offhand.

Sursbrooke (25 seals)

Don’t do often, no special notes I can remember offhand.

Benowyc (40 seals)

Use a crystal titan to pull the patrols, lots of nuker mobs (shamans and wizards), lord stuns, dds and powertaps everything. He can’t stun/dd stuff outside of his LOS, but he’ll power tap everybody within the keep, including things not in his line of sight, so keep the healer downstairs, and pray he doesn’t run oop.

Boldiam (40 seals)

CLEAR THE ENTIRE KEEP FIRST! The lord hits insanely hard, and can 1-shot anything short of a high rr heavy tank (arms/hero/warr). He uses nearsight and has a pbae spell. The myth about him being easier at night is a complete lie, he is exactly the same either during the day or at night, nasty if you don’t have a heavy tank. There are tons of adds, and you’re going to be forced to clear the entire thing first due to the volume.

Arvakr (15 seals)

Annoying 15 seal keep, simple enough, but the most aggravating of the easy keeps.

Blendrake (25 seals)

Lots of aoe nukes/disease, majorly annoying keep, I suggest avoiding it if possible.

Fensalir (25 seals)

Very easy 25 seal keep. The lord has an aoe shapeshift that stuns everybody for about 15s, but he doesn’t attack during that time either. Deals Essence damage in melee, has a nasty dd proc that can double-hit, one shotting a caster.

Hlidskidalf (25 seals)

See Blendrake.

Nottmoor (25 seals)

Same two-hand type mobs as Berkstead, the ice lizards root, and mobs change target and all focus on a single player when someone gets rooted. Lord will mez/stun, kill the pig first, then her.

Glenlock (40 seals)

Also affectionately known as Fort Gerbil, very easy 40 seal keep. Defenders have a small aoedd, the lord uses STT on any pet that hits him, so pets on passive.

Bledmeer (40 seals)

Very hard keep, mobs are difficult to block, hit incredibly hard. Healers will stun/NS people, and the runemasters NS. The lord will shear buffs and endo tap. The keep is much more difficult at night, the mobs resists spike up drastically, and the repop rate becomes almost instantaneous, don’t attempt at night (doable, but very very difficult, probably impossible without a warr/pally/hero/arms for aggro control)

Ailinne (15 seals)


Scathaig (25 seals)

Easiest 25 seal keep in the game. TONS of nuker mobs, but overall not hard, boss hits like a cupcake. I can reliably do this keep on just chanter/warden.

Crimthainn (25 seals)

Nothing overly fancy, the lord repops a random number of times, can get annoying (he doesn’t drop the large pile of seals till the last kill), I’ve seen anywhere up to 15 pops before, usually from 2‒6 pops though.

Bolg (25 seals)

TONS of mobs, lots of nukers, lots of aoe root and mez, overall a pain, avoid it.

Da Behnn (25 seals)

See Hlid/Blend

Crauchon (40 seals)

Similar to Scathaig in how it plays, but much harder. The lord summons an infinite stream of mobs, need at least 2 pbaes to kill it. (Even with a rr13 sm we couldn’t keep up)

nGed (40 seals)

Very easy 40, annoying, but not hard. The ‘focus’ mobs of the roof throw people around, including off the keep, so you want to kill off them first. The lord is nothing special.

General notes

Tap the lord before you kill him, at every keep it’ll summon the adds when you attack the lord. If you’re going to be running 3+ toons, don’t do the 15s, stick to the 25s and nGed/Beno/Glen/Bold, if you’re running a 2nd pbae, you can then add Bled/Crau. If you’re running 6+, don’t do the 25s, just a politeness thing. Always ask in /region if anybody is on keep before you leave for it, and answer if someone asks about a keep you’re currently on. Again, just being polite.

The keeps I’ve successfully done with two toons are Arv/Ren/Ailinne, Scathaig on Chanter/Warden, I’ve done Fens and Eras on SM/Warden, warden healed, SM pet blocked. My friar has solo’d Arv/Ren/Ail, Eras might be possible, and Fens would be a stretch, but might be doable.

This page was last revised on September 24, 2019.