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How to wear an astral cloak without other astral items

July 9, 2012
Test 1.112
Server      Pendragon

The basic idea is to create the cloak while your pack is full so the cloak falls on the ground. Then, while the cloak is on the ground, take off the other astral items and put them in your vault. Then pick up the cloak and wear it.

Step by step

1. Put the astral chest, legs, and weapon in your vault.

2. Fill your pack completely with other stuff.

3. Equip the astral chest, legs, and weapon directly from your vault.

4. The cloak will come into existence and fall on the ground.

5. While the cloak is on the ground, put the astral chest, legs, and weapon back in the vault. The cloak will not be destroyed.

6. Remove at least one item from your pack so you have at least one empty slot.

7. Pick up the cloak from the ground and equip it.

You don't have to worry about losing anything. You can repeat this process and recreate the cloak whenever you want.

  Why does this work?

Why doesn't the cloak get destroyed when you de-equip the other astral items in step 5 at left?

Because when you take off the items, the server runs a piece of code whose job is to check whether the cloak exists and if so, destroy it. This piece of code checks for the cloak's existence by scanning the server's lists of items that are equipped or in your pack. Since the cloak isn't on those lists, the code doesn't notice the cloak and therefore doesn't destroy it.

Astral cloak (ML10 cloak) worn by itself without other astral items
This toon is wearing nothing but an astral cloak.

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