DAOC Knowledge

How to Skip the Patcher

There’s an easy way and a hard way to skip the patcher when logging into DAOC.

The easy way is with Mojo, the free program for DAOC. It not only skips the patcher but also logs toons and teams in automatically.

Get Mojo here.

Here's the hard way:

1. Create a file with Notepad that contains the following line:

start login.dll

2. Save the file as a TXT file.

3. Rename the file to StartDAOC.bat.

4. Put the file in your DAOC folder.

5. To start DAOC, run StartDAOC.bat.

6. For added convenience, you can make a shortcut that runs StartDAOC.bat.

7. To keep DAOC updated, start it normally after Mythic makes a change that requires your computer to download files. You'll know this happened if you start DAOC without the patcher and it stalls on the loading screen.

This page was last revised on September 24, 2019.