Test Results

Drop Rates of Dreaded Seals in Agramon on Gaheris

A seal donor in Agramon

November 1–9, 2005
Release 1.80


For the most part, we found that hard mobs drop seals more often than easy ones.

The mobs that dropped seals most often were Agramon worshippers, handmaidens of Lilith, naburite drinkers, nightmares, succubi, and umbrood warriors. About one out of ten of those mobs dropped seals.

The mobs that dropped least often were cambions, chaosians, chthonian crawlers, molochian tempters, and rocots. Approximately one out of twenty of those mobs dropped seals.

More than six thousand mobs were killed in Agramon in order to measure the percentage of each type that drops a dreaded seal. Measured rates ranged from approximately 5 to 10 percent. Results are shown in the table below.

As always with statistical data, accuracy is limited by the sample size. The column named “95% Confidence Interval” gives an indication of probable accuracy.


Table 1. Percentage of mobs of given type that drop a dreaded seal when killed.

Mob Typical Level* Dreaded Seals Dropped Number Killed Percentage 95% Confidence Interval
Agramon worshipper 56 106 1033 10.26 ±1.85
cambion 52 14 288 4.86 ±2.48
chaosian 55 17 293 5.80 ±2.68
chthonian crawler 61 16 298 5.37 ±2.56
damned soul 55 47 596 7.89 ±2.16
essence shredder 56 93 1446 6.43 ±1.26
handmaiden of Lilith 62 32 320 10.00 ±3.29
mahr 55 19 278 6.83 ±2.97
molochian tempter 45 25 440 5.68 ±2.16
naburite drinker   32 335 9.55 ±3.15
nightmare 62 27 298 9.06 ±3.26
rocot 41 19 374 5.08 ±2.23
succubus 57 30 294 10.20 ±3.46
umbrood warrior 59 29 331 8.76 ±3.05
TOTAL NA 506 6624 7.64 ±0.64

*The “typical level” is a rough estimate of the mean level based on small samples. See Method below for details.

Graph 1. Do harder mobs drop more seals?

Mythic claims that harder mobs drop more seals. This means that data points in Graph 1 should cluster around a curve that slopes up to the right. The vertical axis shows the drop rate as a percentage; the horizontal axis shows the typical level of each type of mob; each data point represents a type of mob. In general, it’s true that hard mobs drop more seals, but chthonian crawlers (blue point at lower right) are an exception.


In several separate sessions that occurred over a period of nine days, the tester wandered around Agramon with a pbaoe group killing as many mobs as possible. The size of the group varied from four to eight toons. In addition to the toons, the group always included a spiritmaster pet. Messages about mob deaths and loot were logged to disk with the in-game /chatlog command. These files were parsed with software to count the number of mobs killed and the number of dreaded seals that dropped.

The “typical level” shown in the table was calculated differently and is less accurate than the other numbers. A deathsight necro used his powertap spell to measure levels of a small number of mobs of each type. The sample size ranged from 3 to 15 for different types of mobs. These results were recorded and averaged by hand.


Many thanks to Zakiero of Gaheris for spending dozens of hours helping to kill thousands of mobs.

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