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Oceanus Armour | Aerus Armour | Stygia Armour | Volcanus Armour | Stat Enhancement Note
Armor Collection Screen Shot

Trying to level a character from 45 - 50?  Here is a List of Quests for XP that ranks ToA and SI quests in order of XP given.

The minimum level required to pick up the quests are listed.

Aid the Mau 48
The Other Side 46
Broken Communication 50 Parade for a Paladin 46
Broken History  45 Priceless Antiques 50
Broken Tablet 45
Proof of Integrity
A Daughter's Journey  26
Riverland Menace 48
Eleutheros Cyclops Faction Quest  Sacrificial Rites 48
The Five Idols of Sobek The Search for the Seven Coins 49
Gem of Skyros 40 The Secrets of Naxos 40
The Great Forge Faction
Seed Pouch 50
Homecoming for a Hero 46 Sekhmet's Messenger 48
Jashan's Brother 48 Setian Plans 46
Lost in the Sands of Time 48 The Skyros Order  40
Love of a Nereid 40 Stolen History  45
Mau of Bastet 45
Stone King 49
Mau of Sekhmet 45 Tears of Fire  48
Magical Ingredients
Telgar's Redemption 48
Marauding Bandits 46
The Wandering Ones 47
The Melos Alliance  40
Welcoming for a Warrior 46
Nahkt's Fragmented Mind  48
Wicoessa Proposition 46
The Naxos Society  40
Wishes 45
Origins of the Harpies 48

Oceanus Armour

These are the quests you have to do to get these pieces, and what the minimum level to get quest is. 

Priceless Antiques Boots Lvl 50
Broken Communication Gloves  Lvl 50
Origins of the Harpies Pants Lvl 48
Seed Pouch Helm Lvl 50
Wicoessa Proposition Chestpiece   Lvl 46

To see the list of classes and stats for each piece, go look at the drop section for each quest.  For example, if you want to see what kind of boots a Druid got, select the Priceless Antiques quest and look at the Drop section.

Pictures with all 5 stats included in the picture:
Hunter     Feb 22  - Peltram

Pictures, no stats here.  Please check drop section of quests for stats:
someone wearing five Oceanus pieces and the Hardened Cetus Skin Cloak   - Armon
someone wearing full suit of Oceanus scale armour   - Teledon Blackwolf
Ranger wearing three Oceanus pieces; gloves, chestpiece, and helm
Blademaster wearing five Oceanus pieces, all but the sleeves   - Blunttmasta
Hero wearing ALL six Oceanus pieces (sleeves were rog drop)  - Danlor
Nightshade wearing five Oceanus pieces  - Danlor
Bonedancer wearing six pieces of Oceanus cloth armour, all rog   - Ironknuckle
Theurgist wearing five Oceanus quest pieces and rog sleeves  - Aazzudan
Elf in the Oceanus cloth Robe and hat, and one of a Sylvan in the Robe and hat.  Dec 9  - Teledon Blackwolf
Firbolg Valewalker wearing Oceanus cloth armour    Dec 10   - Umlu
Valkyn Warrior in five Oceanus pieces  Dec 22  - Wriuss MowMow
Lurikeen in Oceanus armour dyed purple (chestpiece is Stygia armor), picture of back Mar 8 2004  - Criard IsIttyBitty
Lurikeen wearing Oceanus armour   May 3 2004  - Lethalpoison
Picture of an Enchanter wearing five Oceanus pieces

The sleeves are a random (I think)item my group looted from Aithos during the fire trial.
Aithos drops some really really good loot.  He seems to drop alot of sleeves and recurve bows more than anything else, though.  And the sleeves are almost always of the scale/reinforced variety.  Of the 4 times I've killed him, my group has received 4 or 5 sets of sleeves (2 scale pieces, and 3 or so Reinforced), 2 or 3 Immolated Duskwood Bows and a small shield.  All of them were 99% quality level 51 items.
- Danlor

The sleeves are one of the items you can get from Cetus. They have the proper skin and all.
- Alcara Argenta

Cetus is the trial 10 mob, he drops lots of things, arms may be one, but lots of arms can drop from mobs as rog loot with the new skins. There is NO oceanus skin arms quest to go with the others.
- Ulfhednar Slybiter

I just got a pair of Ocean Skin arms..dropped of the gator mobs on Lonely Island in Hesperos as a random drop...the Mobs mostly yellow to 50 but some 3 scrolls there as well of diff type for Artifacts. The arms look exactly like the quested stuff.
- Eektara

Arbor Glen/Green Glades (Aerus) Armour

Aerus Chain Armour  picture 1, picture 2   Dec 2   - Vires
Firbolg in the full Aerus Scale Suit   Dec 9  - Teledon Blackwolf
Firbolg Warden in Chestpiece and Gauntlets, up close  Dec 16  - Umhal GaelMaor
Ranger wearing full suit of reinforced front view, back view  Mar 10 2004  - Fenrath SelfDefenseRat

Spent a few exhausting days in the Glades and came up with this armor. The gloves and bp come from the quest Jashen's brother and the rest are ROG, except for the helm. That's why the cloak is up. This cloak is from the Stone King Quest.   11/9
Green Glades Armour
- Burton

I got some 100% ROG chain pants off one of the named gorgons in Arbor Glen.  Yes 100%.  (we actually got two pairs) They are pretty healer driven.
I can't remember the loc sorry! They look awsome and the heal proc goes off ALL the time!
arcanium Lightning Etched Chain Leggings   Dec 1
- Vires

I have gotten quite a few pair of sleeves with the aerus skin up to 99% qual as rog from some mobs in aerus. Some of the sleeves have been pretty nice. They come from named mobs in Green Glades lots of them around and easy to kill with just 2 or 3 people. They are the named Gorgons. I have found quite a few different camp spots with named gorgons. When you find a spot with the named gorgons you will know because that is all that is there and they are each in their own little seperate building. If you want to get some decent rog drops they are the ones to farm. Like I said I have also gotten quite a few sleeves most of them have been studded however, Most of the armor I got from them period was studded except I did get a chain pair of sleeves once and also come cloth stuff. they also drop a lot of nice shields and the shields do have a glow effect to them as well. Quite a few weapons also it seems they drop just about everything.   11/9
- Braede

There is a larger camp of gorgons in Arbor Glades as well but those gorgons you need a bigger group than 2-3 people 1 full group is enough but some will die more than likely while fighting them.   11/9
- Braede

The quest from Jashan in Arbor Glen gives a breastplate and gloves as a reward, both have Aerus skins.
- mktanamachi1

Stygian Armour

These are the quests you have to do to get these pieces, and what the minimum level to get quest is. 

Sekhmet's Messenger
Lvl 48
Lvl 45 ? might be lower

Paladin in a full suit of desert (Stygian) plate armour    Mar 10 2004   - Piscus Pallius
Firbolg in a full suit of Stygia scale armour    - Teledon Blackwolf
Full Set of Stygian Reinforced/Studded leather    Nov 21   - Kediodd
Sleeves and Chestpiece of Reinforced Armour   Nov 22  - Cim
Troll in a full suit of chain armour  front view  back view   - Mugin
Troll wearing chestpiece   - Hedric
Kobold in full suit of chain armour - undyed   dyed blue 
Celt wearing cloth robe   - Artic
Alb wearing full suit of plate armour, another picture   - Hazime
Leather Suit on an Elf, taken from 3 angles  Dec 9  - Teledon Blackwolf
Reinforced Suit on a Shar, taken from 3 angles  Dec 9  - Teledon Blackwolf
Kobold in full suit of Stygian Desert Cloth  Dec 19  - Rhygi
Saracen Paladin in armour   Feb 5  - Yurika Sakitumi

Mighty Runed Desert Vest reinforced armour that dropped off of a sobekite fleshrender in the Stygian Delta   Nov 22
- Farelina Hummingblade 

Chain Haub that dropped in Stygia.  Dropped off of one of the mobs who guard portals.  decent stats, low qual, awesome design.    11/10
- Deniall OfSin and Chickei BoomBoom

These are RoG.  Nov 8
Darkstrike Speedy Runed Desert Hauberk
on a Celton a Firbolg
30 hits
13 Quick
12 Dex
3% Crush
15% Cold DD
98af, 92% qual

i got several stygian plate drops of setians and the red setians around their forts   Nov 8
- Hazimel

My intelligence network is indicating that the crocs (in Stygian Delta) drop the Stygian plate armor - standard ROG in effect.  Nov 8
- Frostbeard Winterhawk

I've gotten ROGs with Stygian skins off of basically everything. Certainly Janni, Dao, Setians and Mau of all descriptions can drop them.    Nov 7
- kjm1041

Volcanus Armour

Full Suit of Volcanus armor on a Celtic Warden  Jul 1 2004
Volcanus Scale Armour    Nov 22  - Cim
Volcanus Cloth Robe   Feb 27  - Starvald
Full Suit of Magma Cloth   Mar 3 2004   - Damask deMedici
Magma Cloth dyed red (with white Stygia sleeves and the Aerus Storm Gloves)   Mar 3 2004   - Damask deMedici

IN SHORT : Boots drop from sphinx's
                  Sleeves drop from battler
                  Belts drop from malamis
- Odea Rathir

Okay after leading raids to get the misty cloak, ring of fire, malice's axe, and bane of battle artifacts ive come across some excellent armor drops. they have the volcanus armor drop style although i dont know if ashen isles has a different style or not. when we killed the battler we got sleeves ... these are MP sleeves that are better than TG <Tuscarian Glacier for non-middes :p > or SIDI <from Caer Sidi> sleeves. He likes to drop cloth and leather sleeves together and studded chain sleeves together. When i calculated how many imbue points that it had for the chain tank sleeves it was 60 imbue points in just stats ... PLUS it added to melee damage and combat speed ... AND best of all it had the Epic Dungeon 50%abs 150point ablactive reactive proc. the caster sleeves had 60 imbue points with 2 similar abilities and the ablative proc. these sleeves are not restricted to any class. Every person who has gotten these sleeves immidiately swapped them out with their TG/ EPIC/ MP 5pnt OC sleeves becuase they were THAT good. all the battler drops is sleeves as armor besides the swords/shields/hammers/axes that he normally drops. some of them were good but all the armor ive seen drop from him have been MP. Also he doesnt drop armor all the time, about every other raid we got armor and the 5th time we got armor he dropped the chain and studded pieces. he only drops 2 ata time and its always been cloth & leather  and studded & chain never a mix between the 2.
While getting killing sphinxes for the misty cloak artifact we get boots ... these are awesome boots that have the same delve value as the sleeves and ALSO have the awesome ablative reactive proc. we got 4 boots every time and between 6-8 RoG belts <Averaging 7 per raid> and a couple other misc drops we usually get 12-14 drops from the sphinxes.
When we killed malice, we get either a Plaited Hair Of Malamice ... Or ... Braided Hair Of Malamice ... these are belts, the first is for a tank and the second is for a caster/healer class. they are nice and im wearing it currently. My kobbie war friend replaced his TG belt with it. Malamice can drop up to 2 belts ata time.    Nov 23
- Odea Rathir

I have gotten a chain helm and plate boots from some Taurs in Volcanus (love the helm, all it needs is a light on the front of it) I have gotten several chain and cloth drops from Setians in Stygia, and got one pair of cloth boots from the Centaurs in Aerus.
- Corenne

we got a ROG chain chest to drop in volc, and the skin on it was awsome looking. far better then the ocean or dessert ones. stats on the chest werent all that great(rog), one of the shamans ended up with it.
- Laiselle

Stat Enhancement Notes

Q: What exactly does the power pool % increase do? Does it increase the amount of power my cleric can generate (like having higher piety)? Or, like the dex cap increase, do I have to put spellcraft points into power to make it worth anything?

A: I’m better off quoting Balance Boy directly here: ” Power pool is affected by your acuity stat, +power bonus, the Ethereal Bond Realm ability, and your level. The resulting power pool is adjusted by your power pool % increase bonus.

So if your power pool was 400 after all was said and done, and you had a +4% power pool bonus item, your power would go up 4% to 416.

+ power % works entirely independently from +power itself. So the comparison to how dex works with dex cap increasing items doesn't apply.”
- From Sanya's grab bag, Feb 13

For the 1.68 patch:


As most of you know, Trials of Atlantis features many powerful items and artifacts that give very strong bonuses to new special buffs created just for the expansion. These buffs were to casting/melee/archery haste, casting/melee/archery damage, combat style damage, and archery/casting range. Since the expansion's launch we have become aware that by mixing and matching different Trials of Atlantis items with bonuses to these buffs, players can make their characters far more powerful than we intended. Because of this, we are now making changes to the way that stat bonuses and some buff types from ToA items are capped, as well as making changes to some of the items themselves.

- In researching this issue, we found that a 50th level character could receive up to 50 bonus stat points (the character's level divided by 1) from items, buffs, etc. Our design called for the stat cap to be set at the character's level divided by two (plus one), and we've even given this answer out in discussions and chats. Feedback from our users proved there was a discrepancy. We have fixed this bug, so now everyone's stat cap bonus will be lowered to meet the new formula. Now, a level 50 character's stat bonus cap will be 26, not the overpowered 50.

- A new cap has been added that limits the bonus from ToA items and the amount of new ToA buffs that one character can receive. Previously, characters received the full bonus. Now, they are capped to be level divided by 5, total, for each of those three buffs. So, now a level 50 character with three items that each give a +5% bonus to melee combat speed will receive a 10% bonus, cumulative, from those items, instead of 15%.

- Additionally, we have altered all Artifacts as well as many other ToA dropped items to reduce the amount of bonus they give you to these ToA-specific buffs. A list of some of these items can be found in the items section later in this patch note.
(1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)

*  A note about items that give a stat enhancement for spell effectiveness....
Some items say things like:
6% to stat enhancement spell effectiveness

Apparently it will not touch the hard caps that are in place... which is what im running into with my highest baseline buffs.  If your altered specline for the buffs is high enough (51 or higher in nurture for a bard for example) you will hit the cap for the buffs outright (for strength only, see Profit's note)
however, if you use the "lower" buffs, they will see a 6% increase with this helm on.  Technically you could try to spread out buffs to more people this way... but they probably wont be capped like they would be using the red baseline buffs.       11/11
- Steeltongue

Even someone with 51 or higher in nurture will not cap on the baseline con or the baseline dex buffs without some kind of enhancement like MoA or these items.  The baseline hardcap is 62 and which the hib baseline str buff does reach but con and dex don't. I think I gained somewhere around 9 dex and con with some bonus to stat enhancement on my bard.    Nov 16
- Profit

I have a 47Aug Shammie with MoArcane2 and +25% buff effectiveness.
My Shaman now hits the hard caps for stats with yellow buffs.
This works for all buffs EXCEPT the acuity buff and end (which still need red buffs).
These items saved me 16+ RSPs, as I no longer need MoA4 to better my buffs.   Dec 6
- Ewoln Reggard

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