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Last modified: Monday, 25-Oct-2004 20:10:24 EDT

Master Level Two

This outline provided by Alacra Argenta, and filled in with comments from myself and others
This all happens in the Temple of Sobekite Eternal at 15.7 15.4 Boreal.
Running the Raid
1 - Death from Shadow
2 - Stalking Terror
3 - Triton Hoards
4 - Rrionne's Reflection
5 - Chath's Test of Strategy
6 - Kanahkt Test of Tactics
7 - Pick Your Poison
8 - Stand Fast
9 - Battle Masters
10 - Immortal Imposter
11 - Killing for XP

Running the Raid

Maps of Sobekite Eternal, look at them all, see which one gives you the information you wanted.
Map of Temple Level      - Svendig Rockbottom
Map of Dungeon Entrance and Water/Tunnel Level     - Svendig Rockbottom

Map of Temple Level   - Parma
Map of Tunnel Level, Underwater Sobekite Eternal    -  Matipzieu

Entire Master Level 2 completed in ~3 hours if all goes well (3 groups)    - Nicholaa

The Stone Key from Trial 3 leads to Trial 9
The Cracked Key (aka Ampitheater key) from Trial 3 leads to Trial 6
The Cellar Kay from Trial 3 leads to Trial 7
The North Gate Key from Trial 4 leads to Trial 5

What You Need Done Before Coming on an ML Raid/Recommended Raid Order

ML2 is located in Sobekite Eternal, which has its entrance at 16k 16k Oceanus Boreal.

This raid is pretty self-contained, but still you can save time by swimming into the dungeon and doing these steps beforehand solo or with a small group:
2.8 Stand Fast (solo, no key required)
Map to help you get to 2.8 solo   - Aydsneth Fishmonger
Enter the dungeon at 16k 16k.  Swim in, and angle left after you left tunnel.  Swim northwestish and look up.  You'll see a hole in the ceiling.  Go up.  When up, angle east and look up again.  You'll see another hole.  Go up this hole.  It's a LONG tunnel.  You'll pass by some rocks that seem like they block it, but you can squeeze by.  Finally you'll reach the surface.  Go right and aside from some orange/red aggro at the gate, you can go in, talk to the mob inside and do the solo trial.

If you can find a north gate key somewhere, also wise to do:
2.5 Test of Strategy

A word of warning: stick to the WALLS -- otherwise you'll get nasty purple croc aggro through the floor.

If you and your group get 2.5 and 2.8 done ahead of time, this'll make a raid leader doing these steps and ML2 have a much easier and faster job:
2.3 Triton Hoards
2.1 Death from Shadow
2.2 Stalking Terror
2.4 Rrionne's Reflection
2.7 Pick Your Posion
2.9 Battle Masters
2.6 Kanahkt Test
2.5 Test of Strategy (optional, since some groups will have done it)
2.10 Immortal Imposter       Jan 24
- Alcara Argenta

Trial 1 - Death from Shadow

1)  Death stalks you from the shadows in the Temple of the Sobekite Eternal!  This is a battlegroup encounter. 

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
Don't know what the minimum number of people you want is.  This has worked for battlegroups.


Location:  Go to Alcove at Loc 18k 19k in Sobekite Eternal.  You might try a few alcoves, see Tips.

Have one person disband from the group.  He does not have to be wearing the crown, some have said that it helps.  He needs to go sit in an alcove with his back to the wall, while everyone else waits in the main hallway.  You can still see the guy that is ungrouped, so you will see when the wall opens.

When the tunnel opens, have everyone run in.  It is not easy to get the door open again, so try to not leave anyone outside.  Sometimes it seems the door opens because you are there on the inside, and sometimes it just doesn't open.   Maybe it only opens when a mob is there, whether you are inside or outside.

Our guy was sitting at 17.8k, 14.9k, when the wall opened, and a mob was there.  We ran into the tunnel, and killed the mob.  Another alcove that worked again later on was 31.0k, 19.6k.  When that tunnel opened, at first we didn't see a mob.  After a few moments, we saw Ata and killed him. 

Kill him to complete Step 1.


Kaa is in a random alcove, check these /locs
30k 20k
31k 15k
26k 10k
22k 10k
18k 15k
18k 20k
took us about 1 hour of roaming to get the spawn
- Xetal

Our person with the crown SAT down, as if to med...
It spawned and tried to perf her.
We got 1.
- Alcara Argenta

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Trial 2 - Stalking Terror

2)  The imposter's assasins are slaying the keepers of the Temple of the Sobekite Eternal!  This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
Don't know what the minimum number of people you want is.  This works for battlegroups.


Location:  Go to Alcove at 29k 19k or 19k 20k  in Sobekite Eternal

You do the same with this one as you did for Trial 1. 

Have one person disband from the group.  He does not have to be wearing the crown, some have said that it helps.  He needs to go sit in an alcove with his back to the wall, while everyone else waits in the main hallway.  You can still see the guy that is ungrouped, so you will see when the wall opens.

When the tunnel opens, have everyone run in.  It is not easy to get the door open again, so try to not leave anyone outside.  Sometimes it seems the door opens because you are there on the inside, and sometimes it just doesn't open.  Maybe it only opens when a mob is there, whether you are inside or outside.

Our guy was sitting at 17.8k, 14.9k, when the wall opened, and the Shadow Reaver was there.  (Screenshot from Donn)We ran into the tunnel, and killed the mob.  Another alcove that worked again later on was 31.0k, 19.6k.  When that tunnel opened, at first we didn't see a mob.  After a few moments, we saw Ata and killed him.  Then after a few more moments of us just running around the tunnels, we saw Shadow Reaver again.

Kill him to complete Trial 2


Named assassin opens door, You can push door open by running into it. Run at edge of door and hit "open" button (space by default) its a spinning door. Reaver in one of the camps 3 camps behind the walls.  Hib/Kay just did it, and got 2.1, 2.2 credit easily.
- Megaera
The above tip doesn't seem to work every time, but it's worth a try.

That tunnel goes to locs 31, 19; 31, 15; and 26, 10. We found Ata in the tunnels roaming around... well he actually found us.
- Splinter

Always found Shadow Reaver at the alcove at 29k, 12k.
- Ixa


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Trial 3 -  Triton Hoards

3)  The triton chiefs and their followers in the flooded depths of the Temple of the Sobekite Eternal hoard stolen goods!  This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
You want at least a full group.   This could maybe be done with 4, see tips.


Location:  Chieftans:  Antron is at 13k 32k, Speos is at 26k 34k  in Sobekite Eternal

 Enter the temple of the Sobekite Eternal in Oceanus Boreal.

Entrance is located at 15.7 x 15.4, underwater.

After you zone in, go to loc 19.2k, 33.4k and swim straight up that hole.  Then go east to the Speos room.  The Antron room is to the west.  You are going to do a few things here in these two areas.  Mostly farm.

1) You are going to farm for the items that are needed for trial 9 (Kaletor's Staff, Buliss's Sheild, Dimitri's sword, Thao's Staff). 

2) You are going to be farming for keys to the gates.  From these two areas, Speos and Antron, you need the Cracked Key (aka Ampitheater Key), Stone Key, and Cellar Key.  The assasins from Trial 1 and 2 also drop keys, so don't despair if you can't find all of them here.

3) You are going to kill a Chieftan to get credit for Trial 3.

You will do this here for a while, and swim over to the west to get the Antron section.  You can farm both areas for drops and keys.  Either chief will work to get credit for Trial 3.  You do not have to kill both to get the credit.
You do not have to kill both Antron and Speos chieftains.  PiaoSB said they killed the Antron, he was easier than Speos.


Just duo'd ML2.3 chiefs.  My infil and a scout friend did this fully buffed of course.  I went up to chief and perf'd him while in shade form and friend as shooting him near me.  We took him out in less than a minute but we died at the end.  I had 15% health at the end.  You can probably do this with 2 infils w/ double perf.  Oct 15 2004

Do it first, its easy, kill a chief, Antron is at 13k 32k, Speos is at 26k 34k. Also kill any named mob such as Arch Mage, Treasure Hunter, etc as they drop the relics needed for #9. Once you kill a chief you get credit for the trial. You also get a crown and normally a key.
- AceLevens

Where is Antron?
Antron chief is at the top..
If you clear the entrance to the room, our bard was able to swim all the way to the roof and pull him with a shout.
He came with about 12 adds. It;s much easier to pull the chief and the adds into the hallway leading into the room than fight inside the have more space to mez the adds.
- PiaoSB

Able to kill Speos at 26K 32K but he didn't drop any keys.
Well we killed Speos. He didn't drop any keys but a crown. We used the crown at one of the alcoves and named mob Bisseum appeared. Bisseum dropped a stone key. We were able to speak to Onuris and he speaks about the Imposter for ML2.2
- Eirene

Killed Speos with 1 fg...
We had 2 sorcs, 1 cab, 1 cleric, 1 arms, 1 merc, 1 reaver, 1 infiltrator
Got Rusted Crown and Cellar Key.
So confirm that this is where Cellar Key drops.
Note: You have to pick up the loot by hand before you die to the rest of the adds. Loot does not automatically go into your inventory like some of the important items in ML1 did (e.g. Desmona's Crown, Rubies).
Note 2: Everyone in your group must be alive when Chieftain does or else the dead don't get the advance.
- Alcara Argenta

I'm pretty sure you have to kill Speos for the stone door key and to get Trial 2.
The way I see it:
Antron (3) unlocks -> 6, 1 unlocks 8
Speos (3) unlocks -> 7, 2 unlocks 9
- Alcara Argenta


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Trial 4 - Rrionne's Reflection

4)  Rrionnes' reflection holds the key to her invulerability!  This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
Easily doable with one group.  This works for battlegroups.


Location:  Rrionnes' reflection was spawned at 29k 19k out of the water  in Sobekite Eternal

Rrionnes' reflection was spawned at 29k 19k out of the water in a nook is Rrionne and Rrionne's Reflection. Rrionne is impervious to attacks until her reflection is killed. Pretty straight forward, easily doable with one group. Rrionne pbaes, so keep your healers back.

Kill the Reflection first.  Then kill Rrionne.

When you are wandering the halls looking for Rrionne, be careful of Armsmaster Chenzira.  You can kill him, but he is dangerous.

Rrionne drops the Key to the North Gate.


I'm a theurgist, and as soon as I cast my earth pets on the reflection, Rhionne herself began to cast ice pets on the various members of our group.  She continued to do this after we had slain her reflection until she killed us all.  This is the first time I've seen it in many ML2 encounters, perhaps my pets trigger hers?  Sep 11 2004
- Verloren

Rrionne, the mob for step 4 tends to roam around the whole level. We've found her lots of times in the area around the cracked gate, however (loc 25.4k, 20.1k). She is good for item farming too, btw.
- PiaoSB

Rrionnes' reflection was spawned at 29k 19k out of the water. It was grape, but it died easy. Being a savage I held aggro like a champ and everyone else beat on it.
- AceLevens

Just another word of advice, when about to Rrianne, you must be quick about it, there is a purple name mob, Armsmaster Chenzira, that roams and has 4-5 orange mobs with it. My grp wipe to him+Rrianne.
- Ravage


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Trial 5 - Chath's Test of Strategy

5)  You have not beaten Chaths' Test of Strategy!  This is a group encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This is soloable.  The most people that can do it at once is 8.


Location:  The North Gate door is at about 24k 9k  in Sobekite Eternal

I used to require this step be done before the raid, and I urge people to do it if possible still, but with the near insta repop time of the chess pieces, that is not so necessary anymore, as it wont slow down the raid too much if you have to do it for several groups.  Anyone who has not yet completed the trial can walk up to a chess piece and choose to associate themselves with it.  Each piece can be set to have different abilities.  Generally I have the set up like this: Pawn - stun, Bishop - heal, King - command, Queen - drain, Knight - weaken, Rook - defend.  Once all pieces have been given an ability, talk to Chath at the other end of the room.  The pieces then duke it out using the abilities you gave them, when either king dies, the battle is over, if your king lives, you win.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash

Don’t make this one harder than it is! There is lots of confusion on how this step needs to be done. Here is how we did it on the last raid I was on.
Everyone remained in the /bg and in their own groups. People from several different groups that needed the step associate themselves with a chess piece and someone started the encounter. It actually worked like a solo step that multiple people could do at the same time. Saved a lot of time by not having to reform groups just for this step.  Apr 28 2004
- Treecah

Chath's Test of Tactics - Reduced the respawn timer on the encounter when players fail/succeed from 10-minutes. It should now take less than one minute for the chess encounter to reset itself.  (from Jan 6 hot fix)

How to do this solo:

*This trial can be done with even 1 person, if you don’t have a full group.  Just associate yourself with a piece and give it an ability, then disassociate yourself.  The piece will retain the ability you gave it. Associate yourself with the next piece and give it it’s ability.  Do this until all pieces are taken care of, then talk to Chath.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


This is Random, you may have to try it a few different times or ways.  The commands listed here have worked for people, several times, but might not work for you the first time.

Anywhere from 1 to 8 people can do this.  Just make sure each chess piece gets set, and that each person playing the game has associated him/herself to a piece.

Do not /whisper the commands to the chess pieces!  Even if the piece says it will do what you say, if you whisper, he won't actually do it. 

These commands seem to work pretty often.  But the end result is a bit random.  You may have to do this a few times.
Set the KING to COMMAND, set the QUEEN to DRAIN, set the ROOK to DEFEND, set the BISHOP to HEAL, set the KNIGHT to WEAKEN, set the PAWNS to STUN.
- AceLevens

Another setting to try:
Watched it work x2 that way   Dec 21
- Sabrewulf

Have King go Defense, everyone else goes Offense. Keep Queen alive, or at least kill their Queen first.
...done with one person before. It's a cinch.  Dec 22
- Asakura Yoh

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Trial 6 - Kanakht Test of Tactics

6)  Kanahkt's test seems to be too difficult for you!  This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
Possible with one full group.  Others have said you need 2 - 3 full groups.
Kanakht's Test of Tactics should now award credit to battlegroups correctly.  (from Jan 21 hot fix)


Location:  The cracked ampitheater door at loc 25.4k, 20.1k in the temple above the water tunnels  in Sobekite Eternal

Head into the amphitheater and speak to Kanakht.  He will bring to life the 4 statues one at a time.  When each statue can be attacked, 20 or so orbs fly around the room.  They start very low con but quickly gain levels until they get so high they will beat pants off your entire raid.  Usually though, I just ignore them, as I have enough people to kill the statue before they become a threat.  If you have a small raid (less than 2g) you may consider killing the orbs as quickly as possible, then moving on to the statues.  Kill all 4 and get credit.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash (Screenshot from Piaos)

There seems to be a time limit on the kanakht's test of tactics encounter…. Seems to be about 45 minutes or so….. So don't take longer than that.  Oct 22 2004
- Estacia

I would like to point out that the way to go with 2fg+ is to charge the statues with everything you got, they go down fast and the flyings "adds" wont even have time to turn bluecon!   Mar 29 2004
- Carnalito


We been doing some steps for ML 2 last night.
I instructed the raid to have 2 tanks focus on the statue, while all others would kill the blue wisps. We had a few (5) animists with us, so they created a nice shroom field. When the 1st stutue came down, the tanks were unable to keep aggro on him, as the statue was being nuked by masses of shroom. After the initial vision of several dead animists and dead healers, it appeared that wasn´t the case. The statue went down in 10 seconds. All the wisps despawned when the statue was killed. So the next few statues we didn´t even looked at the wisps, but had al attack the statue, and even the last, who showed to be several levels harder than the first when I did the encounter before went down in 5 seconds.

So if a raid has enough people, an alternative tactic for this encounter would be to have everyone focus on the statue. Also after the 15 pet limit, 2 animists should be enough to not worry about the wisps.  Mar 25 2004
- Kishih

Just did this one about 30 seconds ago.
Its through the Rusty Amphitheater Gate.
You fight 4 statues with increasing difficulty. When each Statue spawned, little things called sobekite eidolons spawned and flew about the room. KILL THESE FIRST. They will gradually gain levels from Grey->Blue->Orange->Purple. They cast AOE spells and make things pretty hairy. Once all these guys are down, take out the statue. Not a tough ML at all, just make sure you kill the floaters.
Note: All doors (Mossy, Rusted, Encrusted, etc) all lead to this portion, so I don't think you need to get every single key to do this step.
- Thumos

It is doable with one *good* group. Have one tank engage the statue with taunts. There will be 5-10 smaller flying orbs that explode and deliver PBAE damage.  They are gray con at first and grow in power to purple. The rest of the group should focus on killing these before they turn purple. After the floating orbs are dead, have the rest of the group focus on the statue. Repeat the above steps for the next 3 statues and you are finished!
- Piaos


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Trial 7 - Pick Your Poison

7)  You mush face fear, terror, or horror!  This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This trial has 3 versions. 
Fear, you do solo. 
Terror is described as being for a single group, Terror has been done with 7 people.
Horror is for a battlegroup. 


Location:  Its in the cellar and requires the Cellar Key. From the temple level, at loc 30.0k, 15.0k, go down several flights of stairs to get there in Sobekite Eternal.

This trial could originally be done with a BG, but for some reason it got changed to a maximum of 2g at a time.  Head down to the cellar and speak to the NPC there.  You have 3 options.

Fear: a path in the next room is opened underwater.  If you can make it to the end (its filled with mobs) in the time limit, you get credit for the encounter.  With stealth this is a joke.  Anyone else will have to fight a lot of mobs on the way.

Terror: several red con croc-men spawn with smoke clouds in the room.  Just pull everything in there and you get credit.  This is the 1g step.

Horror: A high level NPC spawn, kill him.  This is the BG encounter.

*I can not figure out why this step was changed from BG to 2g max, but it was, so the way I handle it now is to do it right away once we enter the temple, then come back every few trials when it has repopped and do it again until everyone in BG has credit.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


Djedkare told me it would be another 45 minutes before Horror could be tried again.
- Mura

Fear sends you east of the NPC, down a water filled hole in the ground and along a tunnel, which is empty normally, but reportedly filled with agro mobs for the person doing the trial. Think of this like Yoda's cave test for Luke.  I didn't get to do this one myself, but it's reported to be not hard, and the instructions are quire clear. Reward is 26G, and 1.5Billion XP.

Terror summons up a single purple mob to the east of the NPC. She's tough, and hits hard, plus casts mez, and has a few other less amazing tricks. A well balanced group shouldn't have any problems with her, but it's likely to be a long fight. Note, that the schpiel the NPC gives about this version of the test doesn’t really jive with the nature of the test itself, but oh well.
- Baelax

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Trial 8 - Stand Fast

8)  To prove victorious, you must face yourself!  This is a group encounter.
(This is what it says in the /master window, but you have to do this encounter solo.)

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has to be done solo.


Location:  The door to it is the South Gate at 19k 22k in Sobekite Eternal to enter the South Hall.
Map to help you get to 2.8 solo   - Aydsneth Fishmonger

I just wanted to suggest adding in ML2.8 somewhere to bring a friend or two to help you get there if you are not a stealther. While the step itself is in fact solo, getting there is not so for all classes. 3 yellow to orange con (to level 50) mobs guard the door you need to go through. While they can be pulled single, there is no guarantee they will not respawn before you kill the 3rd one.  Apr 7 2004

Stand Fast - The gate leading to the South Hall is no longer locked and no longer requires a key. The key will no longer drop.  (from Jan 6 hot fix)

To the right of the crack room is the South Hall Gate.  This gate has been set to permanently be open.  Walk into it and speak to Amenemhat.  Eventually he will fly up to the top of the room, and you have to run up the spiral ramp to reach him.  Stick against the wall on your way up or you will agro deep purple crocodiles.  Once up there, when you step onto the pad he will attack you.  This mob takes on the same characteristics of whatever class you are.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash

This step requires each person to complete individually, much like Step 1 of the first ML.  It takes each person about 3 minutes to do this.  The next person does not have to wait until the last person is down at the bottom again.  The next person can go talk to Amenemhat the minute he shows up at his spot again.
- Mura


It's much easier if you take off all armor and jewelry before doing this encounter.  Also remove all buffs.
Amemnhat sets to whatever AF and skill you are when you accept, and if you're not wearing armor, he's easier.  Oct 22 2004
- Flutterbie

The 1.70 patch (or possibly a previous patch) "fixed" ML 2.8 in a couple of ways that makes it more difficult:
1. Pets can no longer help (they can't attack Amenemhat).
2. Stepping off the platform resets the encounter (Amenemhat flys back down).
Group heals from the level below still work, as do bard songs.  Jul 1 2004

After doing ml2.8 3times on a Bonedancer, once with pets got no credit, once killing pets b4 I killed the mob got no credit and with NO PETS I got credit.  Oct 13 2004
- Encyptor

You can use group heal from the first platform up and heal a groupmate on the platform.  Instants work also.  May 9 2004
- Nicholi

please ne1 know how to reset the ml2 step 8 encounter?
- cutyy
Have a class with pets, such as Cabalist, Theurge, Enchanter, Druid, Bonedancer, or Spiritmaster run up somewhat near him, and have their pets kill him. Once he dies, it will reset it.
- AceLevens

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Trial 9 - Battle Masters

9)  Defeat the Battle Masters who once defeated the trial of the Sobekite Eternal!  This is a group encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
I do not know the minimum number of people you want.  Someone said it was incredibly easy for 2 groups.  As of Nov 16, this worked for battlegroups, but the people who were dead at the end of it did not get credit. 


Location:  Enter the Stone Gate at 25.3, 21.7 using the Stone Key.

There are four items required for this trial. 
Kaletor's Staff
Buliss's Sheild
Dimitri's sword
Thao's Staff
You should have gotten these when farming the Speos and Antron areas from Trial 3.

1 yellow, 2 red and 1 grape mob
Engage grape mob (heavy tank mob), ignore yellow mob ( light tank), assist
on the red mobs since they are pbaer and rooter.
Try kill pbaer first then rooter then light tank then last heavy tank.
keep healers aways from red mobs.   Apr 15 2004

Conversation with Onuris picture 1, picture 2

If you wipe out and have to do the trial over again, the person who activated it the first time could have just activated it again. You did not have to farm for the items over.    Nov 21
- Torme


Walk down the hall straight ahead of the crack room, about halfway down there is a door on the south side you need a Stone Key to open.  Once you do, there will be an NPC inside named Onuris.  Wait 15 minutes for everyone in your raid to stop spamming the text screen by talking to him, then explain that 4 mobs will spawn when you hand him all 4 items you collected from trial 2.3. Once you do, a yellow, 2 red, and 1 purple mob will spawn and wait for you to attack.  Kill all 4 and you get credit.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash

The sword came from an Antron Arch Mage this morning and the staff from some Speos that I don't recall the name of.
- Valheru

I've gotten the shield off of a wandering Diplomat twice. One of the staffs off a Treasure Hunter.
- Danog McEbon

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Trial 10 -Immortal Imposter

10)  An imposter has stolen the Ankh of Life, granting him immortality as long as he resides in the Temple of the Sobekite Eternal!  This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 6 people (Nov 9).  - Garhardt   This does work with battlegroups.


You need to be in the temple when Runihara dies to get credit.  3 methods are listed here to kill the guy. 
Method 1Method 2Method 3Go to Drops section

You have to zone out of the temple to get to the site of Trial 10. When you are zoning out, it would be wise to not do it at a full run.  On the other side is a ledge , quite a few people in my raid lagged and fell off the ledge.   Nov 17
- Mogar

It is vital to have everyone space out as much as possible from each other.  You cannot have more than 3 people in a certain radius (probably about 200 to 350) or the named will constantly spam the big AE DD within the room.  The best thing to do if you have more than 2fgs is to just have only 2 fgs go in, do what the previous people stated about killing him with 2fgs, and when the monster is at 2%, have everyone rush in but make sure they do not attack the mob, but just stand still.  If they die, oh well, you still get credit.  For the person who unfortunately gets carried away by a harpy while the outside group is waiting, the groups will have to do it again.  The spawn should be fairly quick to do the step again.  Just have those who did not get it the first time to join the main groups inside.  Mar 3 2004
- Heartsbane

Trial 2, Encounter 10 - The snakes outside of the temple will no longer spawn extra snakes after making a kill.  (1.69 patch, Apr 14 2004)
I found that the spitting cobras now die after they kill someone getting into the temple.  So as long as a couple of rezzers get into the temple safely, they can rez the less fortunate.   Apr 27 2004

Method 1:

-= How to Utterly Destroy Runihara, Without Mercy or Regret =-
a ML2.10 Guide by Abriella (of Gaheris)

So, you want to utterly destroy Runihara, without mercy or regret do ya? Well, let the pain an suffering of those who have gone before you light your path. This is not the only strategy, but it is one that will get people thru this horrible piece of punative game design, with minimal pain.

Part 1: What to bring
(Like all good camping trips, pack light)

- Two full groups. No more, no less. It can be done with 1 group, or 3 groups or more...that doesn't mean it's a good idea. If you have too many, do it twice. The raid-force will complain, but like a good parent, you need to make a decision that's in their best interest.
- 4 healer-types. Preferably one with a Heal-Over-Time spell (Mana Mentalists, Heal-spec Shammies...any others?). Also, 3 of them should have cure poison.
- Mana regen of some form.
- End-regen for the main group
- Pulsing blade turn for the main group (6s pbt if possible)
- Majestic Will caster for main group (optional, but helps). Most servers don't have Majestic Will due to its high cost, but with the sorry state of resists on epic mobs in DAoC, they're a real bonus to have around.
- 2 High shield tanks (40+ shield with item bonuses maxed and MoBlocking 3+, if possible)
- 2 other melees
- A few ranged casters/archers

These people should be allocated into two groups:

Group 1 is the tanking group:

1. Paladin (if possible) shield tank running healchant. Get a damage shield on this tank to help secure aggro.
2. Other shield tank (the wingman) /guarding the main tank
3. MW caster (optional, can be non-MW caster-type).
4. Healer type with cure poison
5. Healer type with cure poison
6. Pulsing Blade Turn type (warden, thuergy, runie)
spots 7-8 can be whomever

Group 2 is the support group:

1. Some sort of melee type
2. Healer type with cure poison
3. Healer tyoe with Heal Over Time (if possible) otherwise any old healer will do.
4. A ranged mage or archer
spots 5-8 can be whomever

Part 2: Poor zone-in design and you
how to drown to win

Before getting the pleasure of being ripped apart by snakes or spikes you have to get to the top of the temple.

When zoning out of the temple, make sure not to auto-run or /stick someone. If you do, you're likely to go flying off the temple rock into the water below. Mythic really should have designed the zone-out point to be less lag-error-prone, like putting some twists in the tunnel after the zone-in but before you stand the possibility of flying off into the water. Get right on that guys (to mythic art dept).

It inevitably happens that someone will fly off the cliff and take the plunge. Here's what to do if that happens.

1. Get them to swim within healing range (rezzing range), as close as they can.
2. Have a rezzer up top target them.
3. Tell the unfortunate lagger (now swimmer) to drown. Cancel any water breathing potion and dive just barely below the surface.
4. Then have the rezzer re-target them post-drowning and rez them up.
5. Send feedback to Mythic that this problem needs to be fixed so it doesn't happen in the first place. We shouldn't have to drown to win.
*6. If for some unlucky reason the drowner wasn't close enough when they did themselves in, have a rezzer dive down and rez them, move to the right location, then both people now repeat from step 2 on. Send Mythic 2x the feedback if this happens.

Part 3: Fly the not-so-friendly skies
Thank your for flying Harpy Airlines

Then you have to climb up to the top of the temple mountain. Those with laggy machines, take it slow and don't /stick anyone. Don't pet the snakes.

There are harpies flying around in a circuit who's job is to annoy players (who pay $13 a month for the priviledge) by picking them up and carry them back down to the zone-in point. The drop off takes half your life away, so lead a healer-type down here (one with speed of some sort if possible) to go up last.

One way to avoid a ride on Harpy Airlines is to follow a harpy up, but not too close.

Part 4: You gotta get your foot in the door,
but don't get bit by a snake!

Getting past the snakes is the hardest part. Runihara's temple is patrolled by snakes. Don't #$!@ with them. Have everyone wait for a gap in the snake patrol to run-in. Those with laggy machines should shake-down the lag before attempting anything.

There's a trick to this though. As if the snake patrol wasn't bad enough, some clever designer decided that it would be even cooler if the snakes doubled-back once in a while.

**The Double-Back**

Every time I've seen someone aggro a snake, it was due to the double-back. The snake goes past the door, then behind the pillar, then it turns around comes back towards the door then turns around again resuming its original course.

This double-back tricks the player (who is paying $13 a month for the priviledge) into running in just as the snake has doubled-back into aggro range. Snake spits. People die. Frustration kicks in.

SO! Make sure everyone on the raid watches the pattern before even attempting to go in. Make sure they see the double-back happen a few times before trying to go in. They must understand what it is and how it affects their run-in, in order to minimize snake aggro.

A couple of rules for this section:

- Do not follow someone else in. Make your own decision. If you follow someone else in, you will aggro a snake. Snake spits. People die. Frustration kicks in.
- Have someone in the group running a speed song/spell. Have this person run in last (for that group).
- Do not run in if snakes are aggroed. Just don't. You'll make things worse. More snakes will spit. More people will die. More frustration kicks in.
- Once you get inside the temple, log out, log in an alternate character, and rejoin the battlegroup. Wait for the raidleader's signal to relog your main.
- The raidleader goes in last (so the /battlegroup stays active for people to rejoin when the log in alts). Once the raidleader is in, they'll signal everyone else to relog mains.

Someone usually will aggro a snake, even I have and I'm goooood. 

So here's what to do if a snake aggroes:

- Don't move.
- Don't fight.
- Don't heal.
- Don't rez.
- Put a paper bag over your head and lay down and die.
- Everyone inside the temple log out (you should be logged out already if you followed the above instructions).

Disobeying any of the above instructions only makes a horrible piece of game design worse. Don't panic, just go into a zen-trance and die.

Then we wait, about 7 minutes, for the snakes to despawn (the ones that are running around killing people, not the patrollers). 

Don't get mad at the person who aggroes a snake!  We need to fight together people, if you're going to get mad, save it for your feedback form.

Once these snakes despawn, make sure they really did despawn, then have one (1) rezzer inside the temple relog their main to rez the sorry sap who aggroed the snake. then both of them log back out. Only then may people resume trying to get inside the temple.

Repeat this process, cursing snakes and harpies to the high heavens, until everyone short of the raidleader is inside the temple. Then the raidleader goes in. If the raidleader aggroes a snake, laugh at him/her, then have one (1) rezzer log in after snakes despawn, rez raidleader.

Once everyone is inside the temple, the leader gives the signal for everyone to relog their mains. Regroup, rebuff and don't forget to have every character (bots too, if any) rejoin the battlegroup; or no credit will be given.

Part 5: You mean there's more?
We're not done yet?!?

Once inside the temple the worst part is over, but the second worst part is just beginning.

- Nobody attack/click-on/interact in any way with Runihara.
- Nobody stand too close to the walls (or you will aggro a snake from the outside).
- Spread out. I mean that spread out. Like gas molicules in a balloon (/waxing science on y'all) everyone be equadistant from the next person.

Once the raid-leader is satisfied with everyone's positions, then we begin the following sequence. But everyone must know their general role.

HEALERS: Cure poison, small heals.
Keep the main tank alive at all costs. If the main tank drops, the secondary tank must catch aggro or all hell breaks loose. Best to just not let that happen.

HoT HEALERS: Cast Heal Over Time on the tank(s). Particularly at the beginning when aggro isn't firmly established.

REZZERS: Use smallest rez. Ghetto rez. unless you're being spiked. Move away from your rezzer as soon as you are rezzed.

MAGES/ARCHERS: Kill the blue-con snake adds at range.

EVERYBODY: Don't move. For no reason should you move. At all.  Never. Don't. Stop. Stop now! <ahem> Only move from your spot if the raidleader says to.

EVERYBODY: No unnecessary pets (ie necro pets only). No animist pets, no Thuergy petspam, nothing. Nada. Also, stay away from bomber pets (animists), I don't trust them. Keep the necro pet on a short leash.

EVERYBODY: Nothing fancy. No heal fields (ML ability). If you think to yourself "gee, whouldn't it be clever to use X?", then you know it's not a good idea. Don't use X. If your job is to stand around and watch, then spend your time formulating the feedback you will be sending Mythic about this encounter.

EVERYBODY BUT THE MAIN TANK: You do not want aggro. Do not do anything that would get aggro.

Ok, here's the Sequence:

1. Buff up the main tank. Select 3 other melee's. One of them will be the maintank's /guard wingman. Buff them all up.
2. Get a damage shield on the maintank, highest one available, it will help secure aggro.
3. Maintank guards the secondary tank, protect on the main healer intercept on the mage.
4. Secondary tank (wingman) /guards the main tank, protect the 2nd main healer, intercept on the mage.
5. Only the main tank approaches Runihara. The secondary tank should stand as far back from Runihara (while still facing him) as he/she can and still be within melee (/guard) range.

--- the fight begins ---

6. Then the maintank begins the fight. Attack with taunts, run healchant (if Paladin), and really try to make Runi mad *at you*.
7. At this time, only the main healer (who has the maintank's protect) should heal the maintank, the other healers should take care of cure poison on the main tank.
8. Also have the HoT Healer (if any) casting HoT's on the maintank, especially in the early stages, since HoT's generate zero aggro.
9. Continue like this for a few minutes. Any blue con snake adds that go for melee's, let the melee's kill them (while standing still). Any that go for mages/healers/archers, the other mages and archers should nuke them at range.
10. When the maintank gets low on HP, punch Ignore Pain, Faith Heal or any other *I want aggro* button you have in your arsenal.

--- the wingman joins the fray ---

11. Since shield tanks aren't great at damage-dealing, do this for a few minutes, then call in your wingman to help.
12. The wingman should move carefully to the right or left side of runihara.
13. The wingman should then begin combat, detaunting only.
14. Healers should now be healing and cure poison-ing on both tanks. make sure the maintank stays alive at all costs. the other melee's are disposible if need be, the maintank must not die.

--- the 3rd and 4th melee's join in ---

15. The raidleader will call in the 3rd melee at some point.
16. 3rd melee should be a high damage melee class if possible.
17. 3rd melee should move to be on the opposite side of Runihara from the wingman.
18. 3rd melee will detaunt only.
19. Then repeat for 4th melee after a minute or so. 4th melee gets runi's rear arc. Detaunts only. (high damage tank preferred)
20. Healers will now be healing/cure poison-ing on all four melee's.  The main tank remains top priority, still.

--- Now we widdle (wittle? whittle? something like that) ---

21. Stay in this pattern until Runi is dead.

--- (optional) Punch the Majestic Will ---

21a. If you are lucky enough (<cough> Gaheris <cough>) to have a Majestic Will mage or similar artifact (Cloudsong, Trogdor's Oracle), then you can speed up step 21.
21b. If point blank AOE spec, have the MW caster replace one of the tanks (not the wingman) right next to runi. Have the tank move back, and the mage move in, swapping positions.
21c. If a range MW caster, don't bother getting closer =P
21d. Have the maintank /guard the pbaoe mage, then if you have a cleric, have them punch Bunker of Faith right as the mage hits MW.
21e. Nuke Runi into next week.

--- Finale ---

22. /spit on Runi's crumpled form, then collect your prizes.
23. Lotto the keys off immediately.
24. Use the keys on the chests. NOBODY should suicide out until the keys are used.
25. Take care of the rest of the loot in Stygia Haven.
26. Send mythic feedback about what a pearl of game design this is, and how dying horribly and repeatedly is just what you hoped to get from ToA. /sarcasm off

Follow this strategy, and you are nearly guaranteed a Flawless Victory. Unless Mythic Stealth-'fixes' it with even more little nuggets of goodness this strategy works splendidly.

Best wishes. ML4.2 and ML6.9 (there is no cow level) are a blast, so don't let Runihara stop you. Utterly destroy him without mercy or regret.

Special thanks to all of the people of Gaheris who endured the pain of Runihara while I figured out this strategy. May your sacrifice not go to waste and many more may benefit from it.  Extra special thanks to Gwydain upon whose strategy this one was built.   Dec 27
- Abriella

Method 2:

Step 10 is recommended to keep 2 clerics in the Chamber for emergency REZ.  The bottom line, the Snakes are on a 3 minute timer.  If you aggro them in, Do not REZ, do not move, Die if you get hit.  Wait 3 minutes to log back on.  the Snakes will dissapear.  Than get the people in the chamber again.  Stealth does not work to go in.  The snakes have true sight.  And lastly, UNGROUP so you dont wipe out your entire party as you enter the chamber. 

To fight the Boss, in each corner of the room have a mins, cleric, scout, tank, wizzy grouped.  Their job is to take out the ADDS adn to target one tank in the tank party to spam heals. 

Heals must be the small heals, not the power FuLL heals or you will aggro.

The Tank Group is the tank Group, Primary tank takes aggro, uses FH, spams tuant, and does the best to keep the aggro. 

All personnel in the Chamber do not move.  If you sit down, use the key board C command to stand up, not the arrows.  You wll cause traps to go off if you dont do it this way. 

If somone one is lagging a lot, even when standing, have them permentantly sit down for the BG Encounter. 

No one stands near the walls, or the snakes will aggro outside.   Jan 20
- Jingler

Method 3:

Having performed this step several times (learning something new each time), it now seems to be very easy.

Popular misconceptions about 2.10:
1.  Runihura spikes when aggro changes.  Not true.  It seems that Runi spikes when you have people gathered too close together.
2.  You can easily dispatch the spitting snakes inside of the temple with your tanks. True and False.  True in that you can dispatch the snakes without a total party wipeout, however, it seems that runi aggros whenever one of the snakes initiates an attack on someone in the temple.
3.  Runihura's level "scales up" to the number of attackers.  Unsure.  At first I thought this was true, however, lately, I think that his level is simply random within a specific set of levels.  When we did this with 4.5 groups (though half died within the first 30 secs), he seemed to be just as easy/hard as most of the other encounters with 2-2.5 groups. 
The most important rules that MUST be followed are:
1.  Once everybody is inside, spread out throughout the room, do not have anyone standing very near or on top of each other.  If people stand on top of each other, Runihura will spike that area, and though you may survive, it can be a major pain in the neck.
2.  Once everyone is spread out, stay where you are.  Especially if you have more than 1-1.5 groups in the room (most we've done this successfully with was 3fgs), the chance of someone moving and lagging out into the spitting snakes is not worth the risk.  The only people who should move are the people who are in melee with Runihura.
3.  Stay away from the walls.  Once again, don't aggro the snakes from outside the room.
4.  Do not use large heals.  All healers should use the smallest heals possible.  HoT is your friend.  Use it.
5.  No Pets!!
6.  If things look bad, log a rezzer, do NOT run out of the temple.  If you run away, you are inviting the spitting vipers to come in and wipe out any other possibility of surviving.

Group Makeup: I generally prefer to have 2fgs of people, however, have usually done this with about 2-2.5fgs.  The heavy tank group is obviously the most important.
For this group, I try to get at least 2 wardens for synch pbt, 1 warden for dmg add/healing, 1 bard (end song), 1 druid (regrowth spec) and 3 tanks.
One tank  (at least) should be s/s, and one a dual wielder.  The dual wielder will always be the main tanks with the s/s with guard on him.  The third tank can be either LW/2H, CD/DW or s/s.
If there are any rangers there, they go into the 2nd group, ensuring they have a bard for end song.  Usually, the bard in this group is designated to cure poison on the main tank.

Using the main group forming method of keeping the main tank alive without having to actually cast aggro generating heals seems to work the best.  Having verdant spec animist with AF/Ablative buffs and castable bt, combined with pbt (either single or synched) and a mentalist HoT worked wonders.
Rangers seem to cause the most damage using the immolated bow (even more than  LW),however, I've never seen a ranger pull aggro from the main tank due to the taunts.

1.  Get everyone safely inside of the temple.  To do this, you should have two or three assassin types set a distract GT just to the NW of the temple.  One assassin can do distract, however, the snakes easily "resist" the distract and get away within 10-20 secs.  With two or three assassins, it is much easier to get both of the snakes that patrol the north side to "stick" far away from the door.

Once the assassins have the snakes distracted, move the rest of the party up to about halfway up the mountain to just below where the harpies start to pick people up.  When the assassins confirm that the snakes are clear, move everyone up to the North entrance and then move everyone to inside the temple.

If a snake gets free, have your tanks kill it.  We have been able to safely enter Runi's room the last 6 times with only getting snake aggro one time.
Once everyone is inside the room, have the assassins move into the room while  continuing to distract the snakes.
An alternative to this would be to have your heavy tanks aggro the snakes outside and kill them.

2.  Spread everyone out.  The largest amount of people we have gotten inside of Runi's temple without having spikes appear was about 2.5 groups of people.  We tried this last night with about 4.5 groups of people, and about half of us (all the casters and lower level peeps) died in the first 30 secs.  However, our tanks and most of our healers survived, and proceeded to kill Runi.  Easy way to get credit for a ton of peeps at one time   Dead bodies do NOT count towards the spread out theory

The best way to spread out is to get an even number of healers into each corner, have casters/rangers stand a little bit nearer to the middle of the room, but outside of range of Runi's AE Dot.  Place your heavy tanks on all four sides of runi (Have tried max of four tanks).
Once everyone is spread out.  Don't Move!!!  Accidentally moving on top of  someone else and causing spikes or lagging outside of the temple and aggroing the snakes will surely not please the rest of the people who are with you.

3.  Initiate the Attack.  If you have a main attack tank with an anytime stun style, this should be the one to open up the battle.  When this tank attacks, all other peeps who will engage Runi in combat should commence as well.  The objective of the tank group is simple, hold aggro on the people actually attacking Runi.  The aggro can switch between the tanks, however, if a healer gains aggro on Runi, your survival chances drop significantly.
You should have at least one healer who starts out casting HoT on the main tank from the beginning as HoT draws no aggro.  This healer should keep the highest level HoT on whichever tank currently has aggro.  In addition, dedicate one healer to casting cure poison on the tanks as well.
Only ONE tank should /stick to Runi.  If more than one person is /stick to runi, if he moves, you automatically start stacking people up and invite Runi to start spiking the room.

Once the tanks have established aggro (Runi about 95%), any archer types should start to shoot runi. 

4.  Stay alive.  One factor which we overlooked in my first raid was the little bane vipers that runi spawns (damn blue/yellow mobs).  Though not dangerous by themselves, they do cause problems in that their attacks on any of the main tanks breaks the blade turn bubble on the tanks allowing Runi to hit.
All casters not otherwise engaged should immediately kill any bane viper that spawns.  Once runi has dropped below 90%, simply aoe Runi to hit/kill these small snakes.  That way if the VERY RARE cast is not fully resisted, the caster won't draw aggro while also doing major damage to the little snakes.

5.  Do the lottery.  Congratulations.  You just spent 5 hours getting ready to do 10 mins of work.   Nov 23
- Fangtooth


Use the keys to get loot right away after you have defeated the main guy, When he respwans there will be NO chance of using keys again. In our case he respwaned in less than 10 mins. more like 5.    Nov 18
- Mogar

I have noticed that a lot of mls require the groups to dance around highly aggressive mobs without being able to attack.  Well one thing I have found that works is the Inf distract ability, take for example the ml 2.10 with the snakes outside the the temple.  Have an inf get off to the side and start using distract eventually he'll have all the snakes standing there looking at the distract and the rest can get into the temple with little threat from the snakes.  Jul 1 2004


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Trial 11 -Killing for XP

11)  Try searching deep in Darkness Falls, or kill some of the dragon's minions.  Perhaps the creatures of Atlantis could be useful as well. 

Patch notes from version 1.66j, Nov 20
Experienced Trials players who help less-experienced friends complete trials are now given Master Level Experience for providing this help. The system works as follows:

- Experienced players who have attained at least Master Level 1 are given Master Level experience if they are in a group with any other player who is granted credit for completing a Trial Step.

- In order to get ML experience for the kill, the experienced player must be grouped with at least one player receiving credit for completing the Trial step.

- The experienced player helping out will recieve Master Level experience for each less-experienced player that he helps per Trial step. If one less-experienced player gets credit for completing the encounter, Master Level experience is granted to the helper. If two get credit, then twice the ML experience is granted to the helper, and so forth.

- Master Level experience is given only on steps for which the experienced player has already completed.

- Please note that Trials designed to be completed by solo players will not grant ML experience for anyone helping out.

Not all previously completed Master Level encounters grant shepherd experience. Sometimes it's not possible technically - for example, some encounters require that the person on the quest activate an item. We can't flag that step. In addition to the technical problems with some steps, some encounters are much simpler than others, and can be soloed - so there's no real reason to flag them for ML shepherd experience.

I am sorry that was not more clear. The vast majority of ML encounters do grant shepherd experience, but the exceptions are not generally speaking bugs.
- Sanya Thomas

 - Master Level experience is given to the experienced player only on steps for which the experienced player has already completed, and when the experienced player has the previous Master Level completed. For example, if an experienced player has killed the Shadow Reaver (Trial 2, Encounter 2) and is Master Level 1, he can then bring a friend or friends who require that step to kill that monster again and receive
Master Level Experience. Should the experienced player kill the Shadow Reaver, but not yet have Master Level 1 status, he would not receive Master Level Experience by assisting others with this encounter.

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