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Last modified: Monday, 25-Oct-2004 20:19:32 EDT

Master Level Three

Outline from NavneimuFurystick, and then I have filled in a lot from other people.
Many of these are in the Temple of Twilight loc 15k 58k in Oceanus Notos.
Running the Raid
1 - Moirai's Destruction
2 - Kepa's Downfall and Cure for Kepa
3 - Casta's Annihilation
4 - Laodamedia's Furious End
5 - Antioos' Deceptive Death
6 - Glowing Barracuda's Fading
7 - Shraogh's Fear Removed
8 - Sting Ray's Power Absorbed
9 - Sinovia's Power Relinquished
10 - Conquering Twilight
11 - Killing for XP

Running the Raid

Three maps available, look at them all, see which one gives you the information you wanted.
1 - Map of the Temple of Twilight        - Balise
2 - Another Map of the Temple of Twilight    - Jozi Rawr
3 - Another Map of the Temple of Twilight     - Lathera

I ran an ML3 raid last night.  Completion time was 3 hours + 1 hour for loot lotto.  Making all farming AND Moughart a pre-requisite saves a lot of time.   Apr 22 2004
- Sneekzlike

What You Need Done Before Coming on an ML Raid/Recommended Raid Order

ML3 is located in Temple of Twilight, 15k 58k Oceanus Notos.
Bind in Aerus Haven and bring lots of underwater potions!

ML3 is by far the most time consuming master level, so here is what you can do to get the raid time down from 10-12 hours to 6-8 hours.

Before the Raid starts:

New ML3 Pre-Steps.

With the last patches, all the pre-quests can be done within the Temple of Twilight.
These steps have been done with 1 full group.

Prior to zoning inside the Temple, speak to the Triton Treasure Hunter. He can be found just inside the temple archway.

Make sure you select Alternate reason, and end with both Antioos and Kepa quests.
Verify in your journal, you should now have 2 new quests.

For Kepa, M3T2, your journal will state you need either of the following, to seek out and
Kill Moughart or Speak to the Triton Brigand.

For Antioos, M3T5, your journal will state you need the following items, Sword/Egg/Triton Shaman Necklace

Do not look for this in your ML list, it is a subquest that shows only in your journal.

Once you port in, buff up and you are set to go.

Head East, until the passage goes down to the lower level.
Continue heading eastward, until you see an intersection with 3 Octopus swimming about.
There are 2 passages North and 1 South. Take the first Northern passage. This actually leads to where Moirai can be later found with the raid.

At the end of the tunnel, stay on the left hand side and surface. Stay along the wall and get ready to fight.

The Pregnant Cobras will almost all come in when you pull. These drop the egg you will need.
The Gorgons can be pulled 1-by-1, they will drop the Sword.

Continue until everyone in the party has both items. If you are more then 1 group, it’s suggested to reform the groups once one has the items, and place those that are missing it with the tanks, to ensure the group gets the drop. Now that everyone has those items, go back south to those octopus and head eastwards again.

At the end of this large passage, the eastward path will become a smaller tunnel. You can farm the Eels at this spot for their stomach, if such will be needed for M3T7 on the raid.

The east tunnel will curve to the north, at the first intersection head eastwards again. Move slowly at this point, as when the tunnel opens up there are schools of barracuda about who will agro non-stop. The best method for 1 group is to pull from the tunnel entrance until you clear as many as possible, then head eastwards along the upper south wall until the tunnel narrows again. Stop to clear agro there again.

Make sure no pets are on agro, and nobody gets itchy fingers. If you kill the brigand at this point, slap your party and stop reading this walkthrough.

Move along eastwards still until another 4-way intersection, you’ll know it’s the right one as there is a small rock formation in the center of it. Inside the east passage, you will see the Triton Brigand.
Have everyone in the party speak to him. He will update your Kepa quest. You will then need an Orb
which is dropped from a Sentinel.

Continue eastwards past the Brigand, squeezing by some rocks. At the next intersection, take the northern passage. This is entrance to Laodamedia. Surface on the left side and pull the statues there.
These statues will drop both the Orb and the Triton Shaman Necklace.

Once everyone has the orb and necklace, return to the Brigand. He will ask for the orb and return to you a potion.

At this point, everyone in the party should verify their journals. Both Kepa and Antioos quests should state for the player to return to said NPC and give them these items.

You should all be set for the raid at this point. If you feel good about how things have gone to this point, you can tempt yourself and take a shot at Sinovia, M3T9, who is just in the south passage from the Brigand.  Oct 13 2004
- Daksidhe

Doing the Raid:

Now use the eel stomach and kill Shraogh (3.7).
Kill Mourghart (subquest of 3.2).   See trial 2 for locs of Moughart sightings.  (You could also have people do this before the raid if you want to save even more time.)
Head back to ToT at 15k 58k Notos and zone in, the rest of the raid is all inside of the dungeon.
This raid can be done without any backtracking and with only crossing the Barraccuda room once.
(3.6) Glowing Barracuda
(3.8) Sting Rays
Farm for Cobra Eggs and Atlantean Swords in front of Moirai's Lair.
(3.1) Moirai (Farm for eggs/swords until everyone has them)
(3.5) Antioos
Cross Barracuda room (be very careful have seen this room wipe 6 FG, often best to send an IP tank through first on a suicide pull and have rest of the people follow)
(3.3) Casta
(3.9) Sinovia
(3.2) Kepa
(3.4) Laodamedia
(3.10) Medusa
Mar 8 2004

Its recommended to group all that you need in one group to get the EGG.  There is only one Pregnant Cobra and the Spawn time is from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.  Each group that needs it has to be the one to engage it and kill it .  Any outside help will cause the egg to not drop.  Raid leaders should adjust the killing accordingly.

The Sword off the Gorgans has a glitch, some members in a Group do not always get the sword as a Group even if the group does all the killing.  An easier way for that elusive sword, is the one having a problem getting it, does the initial pull and damage to the Gorgon.  This works about 60% of the time but is not a guarentee.  Just keep having that one group do group kills till the sword drops.  Jan 20
- Jingler

Trial 1 - Moirai's Destruction

1)Moirai still holds the runic power behind her magical shielding!

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This works for battlegroups.   - Pedus
This has been done with 1 group.


Moirai stands in a stone circle in her room, which she will not leave while her barrier is intact, nor will she be able to be hurt.  She has 3 minions around her.  Set up your raid in the room outside of Moirai’s and pull the minions. DO NOT KILL THEM.  When the minion is at 50% or so, it will give you a message about returning to Moirai to absorb some of her shield.  At that point break off combat and wait for it to head back to it’s master.  After several trips, Moirai’s shield will disappear and she will attack the raid.  Kill the minions, then move on to her.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


had a group of 6 on her, 2 rangers (peirce/blades mix) 1 BM (shield)
                         1 bard 1 druid 1 warden
everyone else stayed in the circle with power/health fonts up
took about 5-10 minutes for them to drop the barrier at 50% of health we let minions go, you will notice shield going down by the size it gets on her.
**Animist Note: We pulled Moirai into the room and dropped 15 shrooms once shield was down we simply zerged her   Apr 29 2004
- Grummish StormFyre

Well, we defeated the 3.1 encounter, Moirai. She has a runic shield around her, you can't damage her until it's down, she summons snakes(Cons from yellow to purple) and she has 3 minions(Purple).

At first we killed the minions to see if they dropped her barrier, they didn't. So we waited a few minutes and she re-summoned the minions. What we did was we kept almost killing the minions, when they get damaged they absorb Moirai's Barrier to heal themselves. When her barrier starts to weaken it flashes colors more, then it decreases in size.

Moirai hits for about 350 to 500. The Minions are weak and the snakes are normal con strength, no special poisons like for 2.10, but we had to kill about 300 snakes in the half hour the fight took. It took us about 20 mins to drop the barrier and 10 mins to kill Moirai, it's a very non-zerg fight in the way that you have to drop the barrier. Once Moirai is free you'll want a bit more help for her and the snakes at once.

This was a very tough fight for one group, we used 2 BOFs, 3 IPs, a FH, all the instants on our 40+ rejuv clerics, many many power potions and Raging Power on the Theurgist to pet spam. At the end of the fight we were completely out of power and 3 of us died in the last 15 seconds. The snake agro got unbearable for our poor PBAEr by the end. The group was Paladin, Reaver, Theurgist, Wizard, Cleric, Cleric, Minstrel, Friar.

If you stand on the inner part of the discus/platform where Moirai stands her fire AE will not hit you. Moirai uses a fire AE on the entire platform except the inner part, you'll see what I mean when you get there.

DO NOT KILL THE MINIONS until the barrier is down. So, in closing, 2 groups would make this go very smoothly. I believe that covers just about everything, I would give directions if I had them.
- NavneimuFurystic

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Trial 2 - Kepa's Downfall

2)Kepa has agreed to give you her runic power, will you help?

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
You need two groups for this.


This is one of the two trials with a sub quest.  Talk to the Triton Treasure Hunter at the entrance of ToT. (Each and every person has to talk to the Triton Treasure Hunter individually.)  For Kepa he will ask that you find a mob in Meso named Moughart.  The only two locations I have ever found him at (and I’ve found him at one of these two every time) are 45k 21k Meso and 2k 21k Meso.  Kill him first and ignore his adds, as they despawn when he dies and everyone in BG will get credit.

Kepa herself is inside the Temple.  When you reach her, as soon as the first person who is done with the sub quest speaks to her, everyone else has 1 minute to speak to her to receive credit for the encounter.  She sends little clouds that cause damage at players, but other than that it’s a straightforward fight.
  Mar 20 2004
- Sash

Moughart Sightings:


Kepa's respawn is 2 hours.  Dec 29
- Aunt

<Kepa's Subquest:  Cure for Kepa> Kill Moughart. Spawns at ~5k 20k in Meso with 4 purple bodyguards. If you kill any of them they all die and you get quest credit.     Nov 18
- Jozi Rawr

For the quest "Cure for Kepa" you no longer need to be alive when your BG kills Moughart, credit is granted for killing him reguardless.    Nov 26
- Yshan


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Trial 3 - Casta's Annihilation

3)Casta still uses her artifacts to slay anyone who enters her lair!

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This will take almost 3 groups.   This works for battlegroups


Location:  Casta is around 46k 10k in ToT   Nov 8    - Balise

We had a main tank charge in first followed by all others and as soon as well got in the circle -BAM- PB AE lots of dead hibs.

Then we tried moving ALL players into the circle and then we attacked -BAM- almost immidiatly after we attack get AE'd to death.

As a last ditch effort we pulled her out of her circle, healers and casters were spread out all over, melees all /stick to her and she went down.

Based on our expierences I think being inside the circle is a bad thing and wanted to inform you of the descrepency. It was possibly changed in the patch.   Apr 18 2004
- Aso


Basic fight, she is immune to ranged attacks for the first minute or so until you get spam that her protective necklace breaks.     Nov 18
- Jozi

Having everyone center on her pad to kill her no longer works,  she wiped us 4 times in a row in less than 30 seconds doing it that way.  When appealed CSR informed us that she was not a zergable mob, to pull her away from the pad.  Apr 27 2004
- Osariys Angel

Her range attack is a killer. We've done her pretty easily a few times by keeping everyone within melee range using 1.5-3fg. You still have to live through the occassional AE stun, but if the aggro group has PBT it shouldn't be too bad.    11/12
- Shandu

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Trial 4 - Laodamedia's Furious End

4)Laodamedia still rigorously guards her lair!

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This encounter took 2 full groups 3 or 4 tries to complete.  This works for battlegroups. 

Strategy (2 methods):

Picture before battle

Method 1

The most important thing to understand about Laodameia is that you can kite her. She only moves at normal runspeed, so as long as your ressers know how to kite, there is no reason the raid should ever wipe on her. (The gorgons are a different matter, however.)

Here's the tactic I used when I led an ML3 raid. We had about 20 people.

Pick one slash, one crush, and one thrust tank. For us, this ended up being a slash paladin, a friar, and a thrust infiltrator. At least one of the tanks should be a shield tank for defense. Having more than three people meleeing makes the raging more difficult to manage, so only those three should attack her. You can have other people stand nearby to guard the three tanks, so long as the others don't fight. Archers should not attack her (their arrows count as melee damage). Casters can attack her, but it's generally a waste of time since they'll rarely land any spells. Melee pets are a no-no, and caster pets probably won't be able to land any spells (but might be useful to add to-hit bonus.)

When you run into the room, the three tanks should pull her out of the center and close to a wall. Everyone else should go to the center of the room.

During the fight, the three tanks should do whatever they can to balance out their weapon speeds. You want to have all three of them swinging at as close to the same speed as possible, to reduce the chance of the same person hitting several times in a row. Try cancelling haste buffs, cancelling dex/qui buffs, or switching to slower weapons. Dual wielders should unequip their offhands, because the offhand attacks count as separate strikes for raging. No matter what you do, she will still rage now and then, because one of the tanks will end up hitting several times in a row while the others are missing. If this is a serious problem, you could try having the tanks keep an eye on each other and go out of attack mode temporarily if they hit too many times in a row. (We didn't need to do this.)

When she rages, the person with aggro should immediately disengage, sprint, and kite her in a circle around the edge of the room. Everyone else should get out of melee range, and stay out of melee range until she calms down. Like all monsters, if she cannot reach the person she is aggroed on, she will attack anyone who is in range. So everyone needs to stay well away from her, and make sure you don't run her through the center, because that's where all of the support classes are standing. Once she calms down from the rage, start fighting her again.

At any point during the battle, if anyone besides the three tanks gets aggro (e.g. a healer), that person should run out of the center and kite around the edge of the room until the tanks can regain aggro.

6 second PBT and lots of healers make it much easier (we had both), but you should be able to do it with pretty much any class and spec distribution, it'll just mean more deaths and more time. If any of the tanks get killed, kite her around the room while you rez and rebuff, and have an archer shoot her to keep her in combat so she won't regen health.

Other notes:

- She has a ranged instamez that she will sometimes use on a person she's chasing. If the mez lands, she'll start chasing someone else (because monsters are coded not to break mezzes).

- Laodameia determines the type of weapon a person is using by looking at his mainhand weapon. This means that if a slash paladin is shield slamming, the game considers it to be a slashing attack, and NOT a crushing attack.

- We didn't specifically test this, but it looks like the game uses the weapon's specline to determine what damage type it is. If someone is using a legendary matter dagger, for example, the game considers it to be a thrusting attack and not a matter attack, because a dagger uses the thrust specline.

- Do not use healing fields. They make aggro too difficult to manage. This is true for most other parts of ML3 as well. Power fields are okay.

My recommendations for the gorgon part are:
- Kill the monsters in this order: Deidamia, casters on snakes and tanks on Prokne (when snakes die switch all to Prokne), then Ioclaste      - Deksar
- Prokne casts AE mez. Have an unmezzer hang back away from the battle to cure it when it happens. If your unmezzer is also a healer (e.g. Midgard), he should try to avoid casting heal spells so that he doesn't have aggro when he needs to unmez.
I told the raid to ignore the summoned snakes, and we wiped on the third gorgon. Don't make my mistake. Kill the snakes or the healers won't be able to heal due to the interruptions.   Jan 5
- Restiana_Bedevere

A better way to kill the minions after Laodamedia: 

Method 2

Recently some people have had "issues" with Ladomeia, where during the encounter she stops taking damage. The following details how we completed this step on January 4th, 2004:

We came with 10 full groups. When we got to Ladomeia, we had a puller log and attempt to single pull the statues in the hall. His first pull got 2 of the statues. His second pull aggroed 4. But at the same time, someone lag-pulled the rest of the statues. We had no issue killing them all with 10 full groups. Single pulling the statues is difficult, because you can not target them untill you are approxmately in aggro range of the mob. It was and still is my belief that having these statues alive when the encounter takes place makes it more difficult. Although they did have a relatively fast re-spawn rate so I am willing to bet that some of them had re-spawned before the encounter was finished.

Our next issue was that Lado was sitting at the door waiting for us. So we charged in, and pulled her into the back chamber. At least 4-6 people died while she was kiting around. We killed her in 5-10 mins I believe. Here were the basic rules I set down for the acutal encounter:

-Small heals.
-No heals when Lado was enraged (which happens when she is hit with the same damage type too many times in a row).
-10% rezzes to cut down on aggro.
-Bow users preferred for pierce, celtic dual styles not recommended.
-Bring as many different legendary weapons as possible in order to increase the damage types that hit Lado.
-All pierce users cancel spec dex and attack speed in order to slow down thier swings.
-Void eldys to either bolt or gtaoe.
-NO STICKING TO LADO. We kept Ladomeia in the center of the room and did not stick to her.
-Move out of the way if she enrages.
-MOST important point imho: Animist to cast blade turn pets and or spamm aoe blade turn bubble in the center of the room. Everyone who melees is to stay inside that center area.
-IF you are a healer and you gain aggro, you run to the center under the blade turn. Otherwise all healers stand on the outside of the circle.

Lado enraged about 6 times during the fight and I believe that there were only a few deaths besides the ones at the start. After we were done, we had to kill the 3 minions, we killed "D" first, then went on to "P" and then "I".   Jan 4
- Moreta/Verda

Engage the 3 bodyguards as soon as possible.  It seems that if you take too long to engage them, then Laodamedia comes back to life. 


I didnt like the idea of having a special group of people do this and just have us wait around, we had 3-4 groups of people run in and zerg her.. she went down pretty fast,we threw down 2 power fonts 2 health fonts and she went down in 5-10 minutes.
**Animist Note: Once again SPAMTHESHROOM 4tehwinzorz  Apr 29 2004
- Grummish StormFyre

The Non Targetable Statues can now be Targeted and killed.  You no longer have to use a Cleric MIns combination to sucide in to the Chamber.  Jan 20
- Jingler

By far the hardest fight we did in there. When she 'enrages' as too many hits by a specific weapon type, she is brutal. Best strategy seems to flat out avoid her at all cost when enraged. Sprint out of her way, don't even attack from behind as she has a large attack radius. We still lost many on this fight, lots of mid fight rezzing but we managed to take her down by avoiding her while enraged.

Once dead, three other gorgons spawn at the doorway, exact names escape me but they start with D, P and I. D casts cobras, P is a caster. We took down D first to get rid of the cobra spawn, then P as she's a caster. Last was I and we finally managed to finish this encounter last night. Was our 3rd - 4th attempt for most and we had 2 very solid well built groups, with alot of tank power.     Nov 11 2003
- Thrennoadae


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Trial 5 - Antioos' Deceptive Death

5)Antioos asks for your help in exchange for another runic power!

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 1 group.


Get the subquests the easy way (for Trial 2 and Trial 5)!  Chat with the Triton Treasure Hunter at the entrance of the Temple of Twilight. The mob's loc is Notos, 17349 60663!   Jan 9
- Sym

If you did NOT talk to the Triton Treasure Hunter, then
talk to Antioos first to get the quest.  Each and every person has to talk to Antioos individually.  (You cannot just have one person in the battlegroup talk to Antioos, everyone has to talk to AntioosYou're really better off just talking to the Triton Treasure Hunter outside the entrance first.) 
Do the quest, then come back and hand her the stuff and kill her. 
Two methods listed to kill her, one done with 3 groups, the other done with 1 group. 

Tasks for Antioos Subquest

You have to find a snake egg, sword, and a shaman necklace.

Egg can be found from a pregnant cobra outside of Moirai's chamber  at loc 31k 19k.
Trick to make the pregnant cobra spawn:
The quickest way I have found is to kill everyhting except Snake Keepers and let them spawn 3 snakes. After the third snake is up if one isnt a pregnant cobra, pull the keeper and wait for a new pop. Sometimes snakes spawn before the keeper; if that happens, pull the snake quickly because when the keeper pops, that snake will account for one of the three place holders that keeper has. While we wait for pregnant cobras, i usualy keep a constant stream of the other gorgons incoming to the raid. Its good because by the time everyone has an egg, everyone should also have a sword. Also, pulling the non keepers will leave more open spawns for one to show up.   Jan 24
- SashMorLFay

Sword from any of the grogans inside the dungeon.  
~35k 45k

Shaman necklace comes from triton shamen outside the dungeon at each of the 3 factions in Meso.  ~35k 5k    Nov 18
- Jozi Rawr

You need at least 4 people to kill a triton shaman, might want to bring a little more.  Sounds like there are multiple places you can find shaman, they have been reported at three different locs:

To farm for eggs and swords before the raid:

It can save time to farm for these things before the raid.
Our group setup:

Healer Pac/Mend
Runemaster Bot with 6sec PBT
Savage H2H
Shaman Bot with 42 aug, 33 mending

To farm grogons without adds for swords disband one member and let him solo pull gorgon prowlers. If you pull them solo they will come withoud adds. You can relog after each pull to make sure the next pull comes without adds.  Farming swords should be np this way.

Farming pregnant cobras is a little more difficult cause they will always add. You can watch the gorgon snake keepers moving around to check how much of the snakes are following them. We had 1 gorgon snake keeper with 2 cobras and 1 with 3 cobras.
When you know with combo of cobras you want to pull pet your group back into the tunnel.
Now do a rootpull on one of the cobras and swim back to your group as fast as you can. Take care not to agro the crocodiles at the bottom of the pool.  All of the cobras in the group you pulled will come after you underwater now. The snake keeper will come also but he can't dive so he stays at the surface and you can ignore him. If you are deep enough in the tunnel he cant hit you. Now you have to handle 'only' the cobras wich is much easier without the snake keeper. The gorgon snake keeper is some levels higher then the cobras i think.
One cobra was tanked by our Thane, one was fighted by our savage and i took one with my pets (they couldn't kill it but i spamed healer pets to buy us some time). So we had enough time till the other two got killed and the melees took over my beast.
I think without the 6sec PBT we wouldn't have made it.

I hope some people can farm their swords and eggs this way so you dont to have to do it during the raid.  May 25 2004
- Samos

Method 1 - done with 3 groups

Focus on her snake first then Antioos, no special tactics necessary.   (screenshot from Speedos.  Notice in the screen shot, Antioos is charmed, this Minstrel made Antioos his pet!  However, the messages say that he resisted the charm.)

Method 2 - done with 1 group:

Cast of Characters:

Wubbits - old smite cleric turned enhance/rejuv for teh w1n
Rhelip - 6 second pbt god
Kevia - Minstrel that makes chain look good
Ansor - Minstrel that chain makes look good
Rigwyn - cleric with heal and power wards of goodness
K ragen - our tank for the evening and sexy paladin *raaawr*
Siobani - me! mostly rejuv for the massive heals
Waryk - Mercenary that we suspect fell asleep when we surfaced next to 345565 crocs heading to Antioos' lair

After finding the triton shaman and Mougart and his bodyguards we traveled by luxury skiff, the HMS Pink, owned and operated by Siobani Sailing, a subsidary of Siobani Industries, to the *plays dramatic music* Temple of Twilight.....

Our path through ToT

 First with our group of 8, (Waryk was still awake at that point) we bravely killed the evil octopi, skinned those crocs for shoes, and then found and killed a pregnant cobra and the dastardly gorgons guarding them. Everyone got the egg right away but we had to take down several gorgons before those that needed it got the sword.

After a brief rest we headed back out leaving a trail of carnage in our wake. And got some new shoes out of the deal.

Algae covered rays and sandrifters, not much to say about them cept I hate them. We killed them and moved on.

Crocs again. Do NOT ride the crocs.

Finally we surfaced and then Waryk went ld... He had mentioned earlier that it was very late where he was at. We waited through another spawn of crocs, moved up to kill the gorgons patrolling the entrance to Antioos' lair and still no Waryk. That left 7.

*plays a western theme* The Magnificent Seven.......

Gorgons. Only about a billion of them between us and our goal but never once did we fret or fear. Instead we took them down one at a time, sometimes more. They threw all they had at us and we gave it back to them tenfold.

Someone should give those gorgons an extreme makeover. No makeover was available, (they were deemed unworthy), so we put them out of their misery. Finally we make it inside the entrance only to find 8 more gorgons trying to look fierce. Once again we killed them. Halfway through killing them (as we were so slow at it with one tank) we had repops of those damn things. Literally an hour later and probably 16 gorgons with repops added in, we get through the gate and into Antioos' lair.

Round 1...... Us vs. Her

Round 1 Kevia did a beautiful job running Antioos around while the rest of us killed her snake. That snake fetish she has must go. One would think she is from the US deep south or something. Snake went down fairly easily.

Wards were planted for the next task..... Antioos herself. By now we were feeling pretty good. Made it through a fight with 5 gorgons on the 7 of us, killed the snake while Antioos herself was being led around by the nose. We take on snake head herself and then the first ominious sign..... I somehow get aggro and she seriously wanted a piece of me.

I was hurt baaaad. BUT.. we were doing okay. Then disaster.. our 6sec pbt and a cleric go LD. Down I go, then K ragen, then Kevia. Ansor takes off with Antioos chasing and leads it around till Wubbs and Rip get back. We did however, get her to 70% in about 20 mins....... /cry

Round 2......

Much better feeling about it. Rigwyn drops her power ward, damage adds are given out like candy, pbt was up...... we were ready to go. K ragen, Kevia and Ansor start again. This time I stand far far back. I still haven't looked at my armor to see the damage done to it. I'm afraid to.

Damn we look good.

About 15 mins into it, Antioos is at 75% or so, Kevia stops styling and talking.... We suspect afkness but say nothing. K ragen decides it's time to put some chairs and a desk together we bought for the kids so he is mostly afkness until I poke him back to style a few times and then again off he goes... Ansor his doing his thing, Wubbs, Rig and I are all doing the healing which was a steady stream of the smallest heal to avoid any possibility of aggro. Those power wards are amazing. None of us with the exception of Rhelip, was ever out of power.

Rhelip chain casted earth pets the entire time. I don't think one of them even hit Antioos but it looked good.

Rigwyn had to get to bed so she gave Ansor the proper instructions on power ward placement and healing. About 30 mins into it I start doing the math on just how long it will take us to kill her. 45 mins later our suspicions are proven....

Kevia: "You guys are still at it? I've gone to dinner, showered, relaxed and just got back."

Grumbling from the non afkers could be heard miles/km's around that we weren't lucky enough to do that.

50 mins after our 2nd attempt on Medusa wanna be :  Down she goes!!!    Jan 5
- Siobani


Everyone still alive in the group gets one when you kill the shaman.
No you can not farm it before hand.
While I was able to aquire the necklace before the quest, you must have the subquest before you get the
necklace for the aquisition to "count"    Nov 26
- Yshan

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Trial 6 - Glowing Barracuda's Fading

6)A strange barracuda resides in the darkness, glowing with power!

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This works for battlegroups.   - Pedus
This was done with 1 group.


West of the hallway you find yourself in is a room with dozens of barracudas, as well as a giant glowing one.  Just kill the big guy and get credit, he comes with a lot of adds.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


Just kill the glowing cuda for step credit. You'll get zerged by ~10-15 orange-red adds, dogpile and pbae works fine.     Nov 18
- Jozi

Like the rays, one big purple one will be glowy...Have one person drop group and drop /bg, drop all buffs ect... (maybe relog to make sure all association with your /bg is cleared) Have one person in the /bg target the glowing barracuda.  Have your disbaneded person do a suicide pull and  pull the reds aand clear them, pull the glowy one. Easy (very) for three groups. Just make sure you designate an MA, and everyone /assist.    11/13
- Pedus

Pretty straight forward, kill the big glowing one. Lots of small ones with alot of aggro. Pbaoe works great with assisting tanks on the main etc.     11/11
- Thrennoadae

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Trial 7 - Shraogh's Fear Removed

7)Shraogh still strikes fear into the heart of those who oppose him!

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
With the Eel stomach, you can do this with 1 group.
Without the eel stomachs, it has been done with 3.5 groups.  This works for battlegroups.


Shraogh is a giant shark that swims outside the entrance of ToT.  He has super high af and is very hard to kill if you do not have an eel stomach which you get from Darid Gho eels, which are located east of the entrance hallway, past the alligators.  “Use” one of them on the shark and his af is drastically lowered and he takes 50% damage.  Larger raids can do this without the stomach, though the fight takes a long time.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash

With Eel Stomach:
Shark is extremely easy with the Eel stomach, took us about 20 seconds to kill the shark after using the stomach with 2.5 groups. This can be done with one group provided you have the stomach.   Nov 14
- Gilean

Darid gremna eel sightings:
Put the eel stomach on your quick bar and use it.
I don't even think you have to have him targetted. You just have to be near him.  Feb 6  - Shadeauxe


If you kill the Triton Treasure Hunter just inside the arch, Sharough will disappear until the Triton repops (about 20 min).  We found this the hard way, when our two animists set up mushrooms on the steps to the dungeon.  The Triton was hit and killed, and we had to wait until he repopped before Sharough showed up.  So have your animists set up far to the left of the arch on the steps of the temple.   Jan 25
- Mindmeld

Shraogh will swim towards ToT and sometimes will "zone in" and disappear. He doesn't actually zone in, I mean you can't find him inside, but he does despawn and that is the message you get. As my raid as zoning out to fight him he zones in, and it took approx. 15-20 mins for him to respawn. I would highly suggest moving the raid out front of ToT to fight him, and pull him before he enters the temple or he might despawn. Also, you can use multiple eel stomachs on him, making him pretty easy if you have them.  Jan 12
- Zatolion

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Trial 8 - Sting Ray's Power Absorbed

8)The sting ray swarm with an unnatural glowing power!

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 1 group.
This works for battlegroups.   - Pedus


South of the barracuda room is a room with 15 or so purple con stingrays.  Kill them all and get credit for the encounter.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


Pretty much same as barracuda except it's 10-15 purple adds that hit pretty hard. We had someone kite away all the adds and then piled everyone on the glowing one for step credit.    Nov 18
- Jozi

Look at the rays. ONE will be glowing. Have one person drop group and drop /bg, drop all buffs ect... (maybe relog to make sure all association with your /bg is cleared) Have one person in the /bg target the glowing ray. Have your disbaneded person do a suicide pull and drag the rays as far out into the ent tunnel as possible. Have your designated puller shoot the glowy one... it will then come alone to your /bg. Easy kill. Repeat once more so your suicide person gets credit.    11/13
- Pedus

About the same as Barracudas, cept the rays transfer the 'runic' power between them. Just keep killing the glowing one till you 'catch' the power and you are done. Nice assisting tank train works.    11/11
- Thrennoadae

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Trial 9 - Sinovia's Power Relinquished

9)Sinovia the octopus devours those who come near!

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This works for battlegroups.   - Pedus
This has been done with 4 people.

Sinovia is located at around 50k 26k in ToT.     Nov 8
- Balise


Past the room in the center of the dungeon with the wandering barracudas is an octopus named Sinovia.  Kill her, she summons a few pets to aid her, and get credit.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash

Sinovia has been given a ranged Damage Over Time attack to combat targets out of melee combat.
(1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)


Sinovia spawns every 15 minutes or so... or less.    Nov 14
- Alcara Argenta

Done it with 4ppl can be done with 2.
I body pulled with warrior and swimed back has he cant follow me so far...
He did some spell or some thing. and when my mates started to hit him he just stood there doing nothing. But as soon I went close with Warrior " the one that pulled" he hit me. I backed off.
He still stood there.  My two dmg-dealer mates killd him after 10min. We got encounter credit.  Apr 30 2004
- Sinus

Straight up fight killing an octopus. She summons occasionally an orange/red one to send after a healer that gains alot of aggro, and also does a life drain attack. Healers just need to pay attention and its easily countered.    Nov 11
- Thrennoadae


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Trial 10 - Conquering Twilight

10)Medusa still turns anyone who opposes her into stone!

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
You need 2 groups for this, minimum.    This works for battlegroups.


Pull the targettable statues in her room, theyre easy, theres some not targettable but they arent live, theyre just decorations.

We ran the full ML3 yesterday post-patch (Feb 19) and there has been a change in the encounter.
Through the doors into the encounter, on the stairs leading down to the floor there are now Ice Traps, PBAE ice nukes centered on positions in the staircase. If you have people zerg in, lag, AF, etc. you will set them off one at a time.  Each seems to be triggered by extreme close proximity and the AE covers just about every inch of the stairs execpt for a spot right above the center of the rooms floor, against the half-circle wall.

If you have everyone slowly enter the room and as you enter hug the outer wall of the left staircase all the way around the 180 degree bend, then directly cross over to the semi-circular wall and go down hugging it you will have a good chance of avoiding all the traps.

If the traps start going off, its best to get down the stairs as fast as possible and regrouping below, sending rezzers up the route indicated to get the dead.   Feb 20
- Kriosym

Have everyone put /effects all so you can see the big pillars of green light coming out of the 4 dark squares in the middle of her room, if you walk on these squares, a trap goes off, and its really not dangerous spawn an orange/red con snake...or ae root...and thats it.

After statues are clear, move to the right in the alcove, Medusa will aggro and come to ya, once in a while she does a weak PBAE for 250, very rarely though. every 20 seconds or so she makes a run in the middle, tell your raid to NOT EVER STICK HER. When she runs in the middle, just have your raid go AROUND the dark squares and keep her in combat, then she'll come back to where your raid is, OR, just have a caster nuke her to keep in combat while she comes back.   (screen shot from Landis)

first time we killed her there was no issues what-so-ever, no statues spawned.

2nd time, 4 untargettable, undamageable statues spawned. We appealed, it was working as intended. That can scare your raid a bit but make it clear before you attack Medusa that if statues pop, WHOEVER HAS AGGRO MUST KITE AROUND THE ROOM. The statues dont lose aggro on whoever theyre chasing, they never switched aggro from the druid i was playing on 2nd comp for over 40 mins. Just kite the statues around the room, whoever has aggro. Rest of the raid kills Medusa, medusa dies, statues die, thats it. Move back to the stairs ASAP cause she popped in under a minute for us.   Dec 1
- Columbos

We found that not using AE spells seemed to stop the "Magebane Statues" appearing. However, that was during a bugged encounter at the end of which Medusa's death gave neither credit nor loot, so may not be a good guide. No other statues appeared.

We had some "Shieldbreaker Statues" spawn on one fight. The message from Medusa was that they were spawned because we had so many fighters present.  This hadn't happened on the previous two raids with more people on them.

The statues that spawn have a time limit. Kill them quickly and you've got no problems. Otherwise you'll have to kite them.

In each case, after some statues had been killed, and others injured, we got the 'bug' where they became unkillable. I say 'bug', as although it's been suggested that they are meant to, it seems unlikely given that no messages are given. They aren't untargetable, or out of range, but simply you never get messages relating to your swings. It's as if they just don't swing, although you still style (well, at least if you hit the style button after you would have struck, it doesn't say 'you have already selected your styles for this round').  May 24 2004
- Darzil

After Medusa is dead, the traps in the center of her room go off.


Moved down to the second flight of stairs where the large cualdron of flame is located made sure we all knew NOT TO STICK MEDUSA we made it VERY Clear, we moved down to the nook and set up shop, we had out 4 animists (1 50th level creeping 1 50th verdant 2 50th Ar  set down 15 shrooms each, we had 2 power wards down we had tanks in the front and healers support classes in the back and made sure all the casters DIDNT aoe unless she was within the center of us.
Medusa took about 20-30 minutes to kill as she roamed around
**Animist Note: Set up shrooms by the first pillar near the nook near NOT close to the first chest, and then let them do their work.
Many thanks to Khentarii for assisting me in Leading this raid.   Apr 29 2004
- Grummish StormFyre

The untargettable, unkillable statues are found on both sides of Medusa’s room. When Medusa starts attacking, the statues come to life – but they do NOT attack unless provoked (they’re neutral). So any AOE or PBAOE that hits the statues will cause them to them to attack, which wiped my raid once (even though I specifically said no AOE or PBAOE about 7 times). Medusa will then even order the statues to kill only Healers to make it worse, so DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF AOE.
Have the Healers back up a bit from Medusa to avoid her PBAOE stun, it has a very short range.  Apr 8 2004
- Deksar

In order to to get your BG through the statues guarding Medusas Lair, all it takes is a fully buffed Druid with both instas rdy. Have him ungroup an charge and open the door for the rest. Worked a couple times w/o problems. Also I managed it once (haven't tried again yet) to sneak past the statues and open the door for the druid. Others managed that one too, I tried the same at 3.4 but got unstealthed.
All sneakers can make it to 3.10 statues easily. Just swim stealthed to the point you come out of the water and usually you get unstealthed there, but can run up to the statues in front of 3.10. If you have a rezzer there, a BG won't have to go all the way to the entrance to pick you up. This works for all ML3 encounters inside the Temple!.   Mar 6 2004
- Kerannaid

The door locks when someone aggros Medusa. We've had this happen before if some people run too far into the room or if someone lags into Medusa's area.
I would think the encounter eventually resets and the door should unlock. But I'm not sure how long it takes to reset. Once when we had a small group and Medusa summoned the statues, we logged a rezzer and most of the group died. Within 5-10 min of all being dead, the encounter reset and we were able to log rezzer and try again.  Jan 23
- Cayley


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Trial 11 - Killing for XP

11)Continue your search in Darkness Falls, or try looking in legendary dungeons in the shrouded isles.

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