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Last modified: Monday, 25-Oct-2004 19:53:00 EDT

Master Level Six

This outline provided by Alacra Argenta, and filled in with comments from myself and others
Running the Raid
1 - Hunt for the Haje-Uraei
2 - Sacrifice
3 - Lateef
4 - Infestation
5 - Flames
6 - Siraadi
7 - Ankhkare
8 - Efreet
9 - Fortress
10 - Chimera's Fortification
11 - Dragonslayer

Running the Raid

Map of Typhon's Reach and Ashen Isle  Dec 23  - Svendig Rockbottom

What You Need Done Before Coming on an ML Raid/Recommended Raid Order

ML6 is located east of Volcanus Haven, in Typhon's Reach and Ashen Isle.

You need these steps done beforehand:
6.5 Flames (solo) -- takes a bit of time
6.1 Hunt for the Haje-Uraei -- can solo if you can kill a red

Doing the raid:

Then a raid can go:
6.4 Pallida-uraei
6.2 Sacrifice
6.6 Siraadi
6.3 Lateef (wise raid leaders have someone start this encounter while doing 6.6 so Lateef can walk onto the bridge when the raid gets there)
6.7 Ankhkare
6.8 Efreet
6.9 Vazul
6.10 Chimera    Jan 24
- Alcara Argenta

Trial 1 -Hunt for the Haje-Uraei

6.1 Look for a rare uraeus from where they appear. This is a group encounter. (does not give ML XP)

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
Can do solo if you can kill a red.


You need to kill a haje-uraei, a red con snake mob.

In Typhon's Reach, just take your group around and hug the lava. You'll eventually find the rare snake.  Locations it has been spotted at:
We did not manage to find a snake.  So we had a group member disband from the group and continuously commit suicide until a haje-uraei spawned from his corpse.  You have to commit suicide to a mob, not the lava.  Sometimes nothing spawned, sometimes a uraeus spawned, and finally, on his 6th or 7th death, a haje-uraei spawned.
The guy that was suiciding did not need credit for that trial.  Which is good since there would be no way to get him back in the group before we had to kill the haje-uraei.   Mar 20 2004
- Mura and Kadence

The haje-uraei will not leave the lava unless engaged in melee.


I am a sorc and killed the Haje-Uraei with a convoker ML9'd statue, pet got killshot and everything, and group got credit.  Oct 19 2004
- Arrobar

As for Light - Meni , ist quite hard to Kill Haje-Uraei, because they - like the most Monsters on Typhon/Ashen Isles - are High Heat Resistent. And Haje-Uraei spits Fire DD at you , when you go closer than 1500 Range. Mana - Mentalists got it quite easier here, cast Base and spec Dot and give yourself hot, then you'll be fine.   Jun 25 2004
- Santalador

Just a litte note that he is VERY vulnerable to Cold. With a Cold Legendary I was doing double damage.  May 24 2004
- Darzil

These seem to be random spawn from player deaths. Our group wiped out and a few people got the message, “an ureas springs to life from ****’s lifeless body!” and sure enough, a yellow snake popped, one got, “there is a strange hissing noise but nothing can be seen”, and the final person got “a haje-ureai springs to life from ***’s lifeless body”. And sure enough, it was a red con haje-ureai that turned and began heading for the lava.
We directed another group to the last known location of that snake and they got credit for 6.1 when they killed it.   Jan 9 
- Awendela


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Trial 2 - Sacrifice

6.2 The sacrifice has yet to take place, the salamander has yet to be born! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 1 full group.


You need to kill the Anathemic Salamander.  Locations he has been spotted at:
The Anathemic Salamander pops up to the southeast of the entrance to Typhon's reach (4k, 36k Typhons). He spawns frequenty and likes to root people-the best thing to do is to pull him back to within melee range of the crew and beat him down. He doesn't hit very hard but has a ton of HPs, so while he's doable w/ one group it takes some time.   Jan 20
- Hoirip


More than one Anathemic Salamander may spawn at a time now.
(from 1.67b Dec 18 patch)

I completed 6.2 tonight in my first real trek into Typhoons to look for ML6 stuff. To the Southeast of entrance, between the temple, village, and bridge on the map, I found a named Salamander. I apologize but can't remember the full name. It was Something Salamander. When we killed it we got credit for 6.2. I have no idea what triggered the spawn, it was already there when I got there. And I'm not sure if that's where it always shows up because I only saw it once. The loc we ran into it at was about 22/47 Typhoons.
This wasn't the Livid Salamander, I know that is part 6.5. Man, I wish I could remember the name.   Dec 9
- Shandu

- A broadcast will occur when the Anathemic Salamander is spawned after a non-Siam-he is sacrificed by Siam-he: "The earth trembles violently in response to the heinous act that has been committed! A curse has been unleashed upon Volcanus!"
- It was possible for the Anathemic Salamander to spawn in an inaccessible location. It will now spawn in a smaller accessible area.   (from Mythic patch notes Dec 12)

The creature was the 'Anathemic Salamandar'. We found it in Typhon at 12.7,43.5. It looks similar to the Livid Salamandar, perhaps a little bigger. We killed it, completed the quest Sacrifice and now 6.2 is marked as [Done].   Dec 9
- Milric Anadar

I still don't know what the spawn trigger for 6.2 (Anephetic (sp) Salamander) is, I tried kill Am-he Salamanders, tried rescueing the Sobekite Prison from the sacricial escorts, and even went and through myself into the lava where they push the prison in. None of these things seemed to trigger the spawn. I'm just lucky that the first day I went in to look for ML6 stuff he was up.   Dec 12
- Shandu


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Trial 3 - Lateef

6.3 Lateef laments his fate as follower of Am-he and wishes to return to the desert! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This will take at least 2 full groups.


Lateef dies no matter what. Killing the mobs that kill him gives credit, however.    Dec 6
- Alcara Argenta

Lateef is located around 57, 50 Typhon's Reach. For us, Lateef was kind of buggged and would not follow the first time I said 'home' to him, so I had to tell him 'wait' and then clicked on the 'psst' option in the next chunk of dialogue to get him to stick. The fastest route to take lateef home is to the south hugging the lava, avoiding the deep purple village mobs and the plebians that spawn near the bridge for the Snatcher's Tale encounter. The bridge you are looking for is a large arch bridge with no Tuars on it, it is pretty obvious which one you need to take him to from the directions he gives.

Once Lateef gets near the bridge, he hits speed 5 or so and runs up the bridge. He will die, there is nothing you can do to prevent it, and that's OK. Three purple-con mobs will attack you-one uses an AE DoT and will heal, one is a mezzer with 1:12s/400 radius mez, and one is a really, really tough melee mob. The shaman-type mob and the sorcerer mob are much weaker than the melee mob and should be taken down first. We did the sorcerer mob first since even if we got mezzed, the other mob would break the mez. We then killed the shaman mob and piled on Sutekh and took him down. It was a hard fight and must be done quickly because the encounter DOES indeed depop about 15 minutes after it starts or so.   Jan 20
- Hoirip

When the three mobs pop on top of the bridge, kill Fadil and Udaji first.  Mar 21 2004
- Verda


In the far SE corner of Typhon's Reach, there is a named mob (yellow con) named Lateef. He asks you to help him escape from Ash Isle/Typhon's by taking him to a bridge to the west of his location.
He walks extremely slow, it took me 25 minutes or more to lead him safely to the bridge, Once there, he said 'Meet me on the other side fo your reward'. As he approached the middle of the bridge 3 deep purple con mobs spawned instantly killing him, and then taking me down afterwards.
I'm not sure exactly how this is supposed to be worked out, but I think you need to tell him to [wait] just before he gets to the bridge, otherwise he takes off at about speed 9 across and dies. Then probably kill the 3 named mobs that pop, In a guess would take at least 2-3g+ One mob is a mezzer, one is a shaman, and the other a tasnk (I believe). Looked to be pretty tough, and they all hit fairly hard (upwards of 400-500 on a level 50 zerk with capped gear on).
- Maestrok

The 3rd guy despawned on us last night at 20%. Quite annoying. I guess until they fix this, you need to bring a zerg to insure that he goes down in time.   Dec 11
- Shandu

Need more than the ~1 fg we had to do this... Three high purples (read: lifetaps don't land on them ... i.e. they are epic level) pop and instakill him. He walks superslow too   Nov 30
- Alcara Argenta

Lucky for me, I was not right on top of the bridge when the 3 purple mobs spawned and killed Lateef. A broadcast message is displayed that says one of the mobs takes the dagger he was going to give you, kills him, and then "sheathes the dagger." This tells me that you have to kill the named mob who took the dagger to get it. His name was Sutekh I think. They are all high purples though, including one who can mez and stun. I would say it would require at least 2 strong FG.    Nov 11
- Eramen

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Trial 4 -Infestation

6.4 Pallida-uraei has yet to appear! Seek out the homes of the Uraeus! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 2 people.


Location:  Typhon's Reach 9k, 24k

Pallida-Uraei is another easy BG encounter, even easier than 6.2. Just assist and you'll be fine, even if you just have a full group. There is a broadcast to the entire zone "A hissing noise is heard throughout Volcanus" when the mob respawns, I believe.   Jan 20
- Hoirip

Do not kill him before he splits!  Even though Mythic tried to fix this on Dec 18, 2003, it doesn't always work, so you are better off letting him split before you kill him.  So don't kill him too fast in the beginning.

Duo’d this with my minstrel and my cleric, charmed and buffed a salamander and sent it in, no problem at all…
I try’d first solo but after the snake splits into 3 then u need someone to throw in heals…  Mar 25 2004
- Krusi


I think kill Uraeus triggers this spawn. When he did spawn there was a zone wide message about hearing a hissing sound. He spawned at at 10.5/22.5 typhon's. When we got him down under 1/4, he split into 4. Killed them, they dropped a Uraeus Tail.   Dec 12
- Shandu

killed it this morning Me (Sorcerer), Level 50 Pet (fully Buffed), BOT Cleric, and a Merc took down the red con snake that splits into 3. The quest gave credit to me when we killed one of the splits don't have to kill all 3 to get credit. Also when you kill one split the other one that popped with it also dies!   Dec 12
- Saydon

Pallida-Uraei is a named cobra just before the bridge in Typhon's Reach, off to the right.  He cons red to a 50, and when killed splits into 3 of the same, all three conning red to a 50.  He wiped the three of us so we don't know what he drops.  Here is a pic of him split into three after they killed me.   Nov 27
 - Cerina

You will now receive trial encounter credit for killing the Pallida-Uraei if you kill it before it splits.
(from 1.67b Dec 18 patch)

One drop is the Uraeus Tail used for Trial 7.


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Trial 5 - Flames

6.5 The flame spouts in easternmost Volcanus guard the objects, the flames must be cooled! This is a solo encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This is a SOLO encounter. It doesn't matter if you're in a group, or in a BG, each person must (1) get 20 glands and (2) give them to the NPC, and (3) get the bags, and (4) kill the salamandar.


Location:  Crazed Adventurer in Typhon's Reach, 18k, 28k, near edge of lava and Belderim.   
- Ceelia and Spirithex

Spent a few hours PLing an alt, so killed tons of salamander hatchlings and turned in all the Frozen Cold Glands to the dorf guy (Crazed Adventurer).  It is to your advantage to farm the hatchlings that are right by the pedestal, on the south side.  That way there is less that agro.

Note about collecting Cold Glands:  If you gather Cold Glands and leave the area, either walking, logging out or releasing after dieing, you will lose all the Cold Glands you have collected.  On the other hand, if you happen to begin collecting the four parts and die before you get all four, those you have picked up remain with you and will not disappear.   Jan 8
- Lachlan Mor

Turned in a ton (you need 20) and Crazed Adventurer said:

Crazed Adventurer says,"I hope you have your running boots on! Sixty seconds is not a very long."

You get a pop-up window saying you have 60 seconds and all the flames from the fountains disappear. You have 60 seconds from the time the pop-up box shows up to run to all the fountains.  Warning:  waiting to hit OK does not buy you more time!  You have 60 seconds from the time the pop-up box popped.    Nov 15   - Mystr Byrnz

I ran to each fountain and grabbed each of the 4 items (Cogwheel, Fastener, Handle, Lens).  You can run to each fountain and do F7 grab, that works.
After obtaining the 4th this message appears:

The four items combine to make a Salamander Incinerator. You will need a large target to incinerate.

At this point, if you leave the zone for some reason, you will not lose the hammer.  You can leave the zone and come back later. 

Placed the hammer on my hotbar (you can't equip it), select the Livid Salamander, and "use" it like you use a water-breathing potion.  Livid immediately died and I got the "You have completed the Flames quest." message.
Received Salamander Ash. Looks like a rock in the inventory.
- Thurdon

One drop is the Salamander Ash which can be used for Trial 7.
The ash is for 6.7, but you do not always have to use it to open a path to the trial mob.    Dec 7
- Gilean


Salamander Hatchlings got 50% Heat resistance and they can run very quick.  Jun 25 2004
- Santalador

Got it myself yesterday and helped a few friends as well.  Our best bet was to camp the middle (where crazed adventurer is) and pull to there, we never once got a random aggro and you can just hand the glands to him there. Make sure you clear all 4 of the outposts before you hand all 20 to him, or else you will get aggro while running around and pobably not get them all. Easiest way is to click on the item while your running to it and spam your "pick up" button.
One time our skald gave him the 20 glands then started running, but 2 of the pillers didnt have the items on them, so we had to do it all over again. May be a common bug, but be warned.  Mar 30 2004
- Zetla

You can leave the zone with the items, just not the glands.
If the Livid Salamander is labelled as being neutral to you, be careful, because he still agro'ed a couple of people while they were killing the salamander hatchlings.  So be careful he is testy.  If you run away he will quit chasing eventually.   Jan 25
- Ceelia

If you die while collecting thge 20 Cold Glands, you do not lose them if you are rezzed while still "in the zone"  The key is that you have to collect and use the 20 glands in one game session without ever departing the zone, whether by walking out, releasing or logging.  Being rezzed in the zone is not counted as "leaving" the zone.   Jan 9
- Lachlan Mor


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Trial 6 - Siraadi

6.6 Seek out the sacrificer Siraadi amongst the pillars of vengenance in Typhon's Reach! This is a battlegroup encounter.


This encounter happens at 25k, 40k Typhon's Reach.

First of all, the mobs on the platform are not linked, it is just that they are extremely social and have a large call for help radius. You do NOT want the whole platform coming on your first pull, so stand back away from the platform and have a grouped puller (is easier if they are grouped, since the mobs do have a BAF code) and start depopulating the platform by dragging the aggroed mobs far enough back that they are out of the call for help radius. We set up just a bit between the rocky formation near the temple area and the temple itself, near the lava.

Two things to note. First is that at regular intervals a sacrifical escort of six low purples w/ a yellow con mob (that will be sacrificied, spawning an Anathemic Salander, btw-you'll see the broadcast about a terrible act committed), and if you are beating down pulls from the temple area, they will call for help
and the escort will aggro. This is only somewhat avoidable and is best mititgated by trying to hold off on pulls or fighthing while the escort brings the yellow-con mob to be sacrificed up the ramp. The other thing is that the mobs on the platform do NOT repop on the platofrm, instead they run in from the rest of Volcanus. I recommend having a character with a taunt shout or fast, ranged cast (low-level nearsight, etc) pull any mob running to the platform in order to keep the platform from becoming repopulated. With a little more than 2 groups we were slowly depopulating the platform, with more it would go a lot faster.

Note also that the mobs can fall through the bridge and into the lava. They are stuck there and without archers or what not there is no real way to get to them, and you will likely be forced to restart the encounter by the time you kill the fall-through mob.

Eventaully the named mob Siraadi will pop, just pull him off the platform to the same pulling area and kill, credit is rewarded regardless of where he dies and as long as he is out of the call for help radius you won't have to deal with all the mobs on the platform.  Jan 20
- Hoirip

One drop is the Siam-he head which is used for Trial 7.


Respawn timer when we did this was 5 minutes.  Mar 21 2004
- Mura


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Trial 7 - Ankhkare

6.7 Three of Ankhkare guardians guard him well. This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with a little less than 3 groups.


This encounter happens in Ashen Isle, loc 12k, 50k.    - Silbermond

We needed the salamander ash (from 6.5), the siam-he head (from 6.6) and the uraeus tail (from 6.4) for the three guardians.

The firefield, if you hit it, is like a huge radius, insanely high damage Volcanic Pillar-be sure to keep your raid away from the person talking to the guardian in case the person accidentally gets firefielded.  Have your /effects all  on in order to see the firefield so you don't run into it!.

Note that each swarm of mobs will aggro the person talking to the guardian when the firefields drop, so make sure your healers are ready to heal that person or they'll die. Kill all the mobs, then move on to the next guardian.   Jan 20
- Hoirip


For the final mob in this encounter, Ankhkare , there are three low-purple/high red adds an the main mob himself. We pulled just behind the spot of one of the adds, setting up wards
there and what not. Here, it is important than your melees stick together in the same spot, because the AE root-nuke will prevent them from getting in melee range if they are not all bunched up.
Other than that, it is not a terrible tough encounter and can be done with two decent groups, IMO.

Gave the first guardian the Uraeus Tail and all the Uraeus near him attacked us. We killed them then moved on. The second guardian wanted the Siam-he head that drops from Siraadi (6.6). Gave him the head and were attacked by the Siam-he near him plus several salamanders. Killed them and moved on. The 3rd barrier had 2 different guardians near it. One asked for a Siam-he head, the other for a Uraeus tail. Didn't have either on us, so we went and killed Siraadi quickly and came back. We approached Anakare and when I got into interact range he attacked along with three guardians. He has a AE 100% Snare/DD spell that's a bit annoying, but overall he wasn't all that difficult. We had a little less than 3fg in our bg.   Dec 12
- Shandu


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Trial 8 -Efreet

6.8 In the center of the island braziers still call efreet! This is a battlegroup encounter.


This encounter happens in Ashen Isles at loc 26k, 52k.   - Jhova
It can be done with a heavy mellee group, some people with the top level spread heal, some raging power, pots, mcl2, more pots, some more pots.

Basically, bring a necro if ur in alb. Most likely, though, you'll be able to get more than one group.

First, clear out all the mobs around the area. No I don't know the loc of the area, you can find it out. Then you go to the center, talk to the guy, take the challenge, and you have a certain time to kill this orb that pbaes. Orb is easy. Just has 12093814209876149k health. But on top of every pillar spawns a purple mob that chain bolts you. You can cast through most of the bolts, but they hurt. Spread alot. If you have a bard have them try and twist end and power. Oh, btw, make sure your tanks have end pots in case the end user dies or cannot cast it in some form.

So, kill the thing (in 10 minutes I think) while you are spontaneously combusting from every angle.

If you don't kill it fast enough at the end of it everything depops, and the effreti thing comes again.   Dec 1
- TehGoldenBee


This encounter works best if the casters and healers are spread out in about 30 degree intervals around the circumference of the circle. The orb PBAE's, so the further away you
are from the center the better their ability to either not get hit or take little damage. Everyone else has to pile on the orb, as stated earlier.  Jan 20
- Hoirip

6.8 is the Orb of Apollo.
Font of Power makes the Orb of Apollo quest very easy. Healers won't run out of power, and you just whittle away at the thing till it dies.  Dec 1
- Gilean

The bolts only hit me for ~150 each. There are 8 casting them at a time, and they seem to hit every 2 seconds or so. So 1200 damage every 2 seconds... I'm thinking 5 or 6 heal spheres plus regular healing can easily counter that.   Dec 1
- Drayk

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Trial 9 -Fortress

6.9 Vazul's Fortress in the Azhen Isles has yet to be breached! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 2 groups, even after the heal ward nerf.


This encounter happens in Ashen Isle at loc 26.5k, 11k. 
- Jhova

Afaik, this encounter is still treb pullable.
I've done with 2fg -- pull with a treb NW of the keep.  Jan 19
- Alcara Argenta

We did pretty well with 2g of mids but eventually we would get overwhelmed. We came back with about 4g and did it fairly easily. I'd hazard a guess that we could have done it with 3 well balanced groups with pbae.
One thing that is really important is spotting the caster mobs and keeping them surpressed. If they start casting on you, your healers won't be interupted for the entire fight.
I really enjoyed this encounter. It was challenging and kept you involved the whole time. It forces people to work together and be on top of their game. Much better than whacking at a mob that is easy to beat but takes a really long time.

Whenever you have a window and you have a power field and a heal field up, move forward.
We did it in 3 steps.

Setup 1: Power and Heal fields at the bottom of the ramp outside gate 1. One person working the ram. Drag and stack agro in the power/heal fields for pbae. The bottom of the ramp should be far enough away to avoid the 3000pt pbae if it triggers when the door drops.

After you get the door down, continue pulling some of the agro out of the keep until you feel it is safe to go in and setup again.

Setup 2: Power and heal fields at the bottom of the ramp inside gate 1. Pull mobs until you feel you have the aggro under control. Again, drag mobs into the fields for pbae.

Setup 3: Power and Heal fields below the upper steps to door 2 on the platform. One person working the ram on the door. Pull agro into the pbae again. IMPORTANT: Just before the 2nd door goes down you want to have everyone get off that platform quickly in case the 3000pt pbae triggers. You have to time it so you can get back in your heal/power fonts at the door as quick as possible.

From here we started pulling agro out. During one pull the named Taur came out.

Tanks should put priority on taunting the purple con lancers since they're pretty badass. The orange cons fall to pbae pretty fast. Those with ranged abilities should keep the caster Taurs ( forget the name but it starts with a P ) under control. Their AE nukes can supress your healers if you let them cast.   Jan 19
- Armagnan

Currently most have only seen 3 effects when you enter the first door to ML 6.9
1. PBAE for 3k
2. Army Attacks
3. Battler Spawns
Well tonight we found a forth..
Upon opening the door the group who made the final hit was turned into pigs.. Yes, pigs, and here is the screenshot.
- Dragonbreath
Another pigs picture   - Sadoh

Have groups back away from the door when it is about to fall, it may trigger a trap that does over 3000 damage. Sets of 3 purple con mobs were still zoning in and warping on us even after door was open, kill Taur Portalmasters to avoid this.   Jan 1
- Tandu Artretius


Mandatory to bring RAMS. The spawn rate is extreme when each door reaches 30% left. Without a RAM you cant knock the door down fast enough as it become melee Resistant at that point unless the majority of the spawns are killed. Its recommened to bring a 4 Group BG unless your extremely Tank heavy, but who runs tanks only.  Jan 20
- Jingler

I've wiped on this step with 5 grps.
But i've also beat it with 2.5 grps.
How did we beat it? Ice wizards ... 4 of em to be exact!
Outside the first door, setup a power fountain, have the range pull all the aggro to center of circle. Then the 4 pbaoe just destroy it.
When you get inside courtyard, setup in the middle, and make sure you have ATLEAST one shield tank guarding each wiz, that means guard and constantly updated intercept.
Also, each wiz should have a cleric or 2 assigned to them, have friars designated to heal/peal too.
The taurs pop regardless of wether you've killed the last wave, so killing them fast is the only way to do it, and nothing compares to pbaoe.  Jan 18
- Yddnac

Today, however, when the doors came down, everyone got hit for 3k fire damage and the entire 40 person raid was wiped.  - Thredh "Smaug" Giantphang
Hmm, this happened the very first time for us Tryne. Ever since we use theurg pets when the door gets low to kill it. We just stand back and kill the adds that non stop spawn.   Jan 2
- Shadarlogoth

We used scout crit shot on the gates, was easier to deal with the spawns that way and got to fight from a safe distance. Jan 3
- Zecksi

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Trial 10 - Chimera's Fortification

6.10 The Chimera still holds strong in her fortress in East Ashen Isles! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with about 2.5 groups. 


This encounter happens in Ashen Isle.

We do Chimera with 2-3 groups, no problemo! We get the occasional PBAE mezzes. It's a bit close, but we haven't wiped ever. Just pull the room first, then set up behind Chimera. Put up one determination node, with the rest power nodes. If you can sneak a Heal node in there, all is well.
Should be no problem?
edit: For heavens sake, don't break the bridge. Just keep a bit spread out so everyone doesn't get their ass mezzed. You should have zero problems if you follow teh instructions.  Jan 5 2004
- Asakura Yoh

We did this with 27 tonight, never touched a bridge.
We cleared as much as we could, went to the back of his lair, fought him there. Got maybe 3-4 adds every 5 minutes.  Jan 14 2004
- Gwaeni

We did this last weekend. Had about 2fg+ with us. Pulled all the adds before even trying him. Took about 20 - 30 mins to clear them all out. Didn't destroy any bridges. Killed the named in about 20 minutes. He wasn't hard, just took along time to beat him down.  Jan 12 2004
- Silenser ThePeaceMaker

Battling Chimera    - Kaaine
Chimera   - Speedos
Chimera and the taur arieos    - Ducks
Chimera and the elite taur defender   - Ducks
Chimera and a few defenders   - Ducks


Be sure to kill all Elite Taur Defenders. After we killen Chimera, we got a prob, that some players are always die by a *Catapult Hit* while we looted and give keys/drops to players. Didn't find a Catapult or something like that. So we all made a Lava Bath and continued giving drops in Volcanus.  Jun 25 2004
- Santalador

We did this step 2 times back to back last night; both times we didn’t get credit.  We had 8 full groups on the pad and we couldn’t keep up with the adds.  The Elite Taur Defenders were purple and the Taur Arieos were red.  The problem we encountered was when Chimera PBAE’d all the Taur’s aggroed him, we just couldn’t get them off Chimera.  The respawn on the Taur’s was ridiculous, we were getting 7 to 15 every 2 minutes and once he PBAE’d they all just attacked him.
After the first time we appealed for a broken encounter and he respawned about 30 minutes later.  As I said above, we ended up with the same results two times.  I think tonight we’re going to try using a few death servent necros to just get all the adds before they even hit the pad.  Oct 15 2004
- Mikolaj

took him down on alb/bors with 2fg. took us ~30 minutes.

i think if you guys brought some animalist, would take hibs maybe 20 minutes

I was one of those on alb/bors that helped take him down with 2 groups. There's no real 'strategy' needed, just have one group take adds, and one group tank the chimera. When the second group isn't killing adds, they go fight the chimera again. Not exactly rocket science. He dropped a nice cleric bp, and a nice friar robe. 6 keys, as has been said, also dropped, but we were not allowed to use them for some reason (thanks julie for checking into that).


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Trial 11 - Dragonslayer

6.11 Only the slayer of dragons can truly become a legendary figure.

Regarding 6.11, just got 4% off a normal Artifact mob... (Malamis), so it isn't only dragons   Nov 30
- Alcara Argenta

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