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Master Level One

The basic outline of what is here was provided by Alcara Argenta, and then I have filled in a lot from other people and myself.
Running the Raid
To begin the trials, you must first speak with the Arbiter in the Hall of Heroes before you port through the blue portal.  The Arbiter is standing right next to the portal.
1 - Survivor
2 - Retrieval
3 - Greater Good
4 - Barrier
5 - Conflict
6 - Curses
7 - The Monument
8 - The Ruby
9 - The Crown
10 - Conquering the Sea

Running the Raid

Map - These trials are labeled on this Map
Three Zone Overview map for ML 1   Nov 26    - Svendig Rockbottom

Entire Master Level 1 completed in 3-4 hours (2 groups til Cetus, then approximately 3-4 groups on Cetus)  - Nicholaa

What You Need Done Before Coming on an ML Raid/Recommended Raid Order

Most raids: Do the solo trials and the group trials, namely:
1.1 Fire, Survivor
1.2 Thieves, Retrieval
1.4 Barrier
1.5 Lord Krojer, Conflict (solo)
1.6 Kirk, Curses (since it requires parts from 1.1 and 1.4, I'd recommend doing this with your group after doing those).  

This way you can easily get credit for an ML1 raid that does these steps in this order (all battlegroup):
Rally Volcanus Haven
1.7 Rassa, The Monument (Save the mirror from this)
Port to Aerus
1.9 Harpies, The Crown
1.8 Azures and Rubies, The Ruby
Port to Stygia
Shark to Meso, jump off after zoning into meso
1.3 Chiefs, the Greater Good (due west of where you jumped off)
1.10 Cetus, Conquering the Sea (swim back east)

If the ML1 raid you hear about is advertised as just a "Cetus raid" then you'll need 1.1-1.9 done.  That's standard for all the master levels, you need .1.-.9 done to get credit for .10.   Jan 24
- Alcara Argenta

Suggested order would take approximately 2 hours to 3 hours with 2 FG.  Leave from Aerus in a COG and do Step 8, 9. Travel to Meso and do 1st Group Thieves, than go to the Barrier in the Hespo Map, than back and do the Thieves for the 2nd Group. Than do the Chiefs as a BG And than back to the Barrier for the 2nd Group to finish. Go NW in your cog to the island and port to Volcanus. Go to Fire Islands and do 6, 7. And last step is 1 for the 2 Groups.

Step 1 you can do with as many people on the island you want, yes, you can have assistance. Just the group that needs the step HAS TO get the last hit in to get credit.   Jan 20
- Jingle

Trial 1 -- Survivor

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 4 people, they used the kill order S Z A.  You can only do this with one group at the most.  This does not work for battlegroups.  This has also been done with 2 people by a minstrel with a cleric-buffed pet.


Improved and Easy to Use Guide to Firestorm Island:
Diagram of Firestorm Island and Strategy

Location: 40k 22k Anatole
Get a well balanced group and talk to Ianetor who is located on the bridge connecting the center island to the outer ones.  After you have talked to him you have 1 minute to take a maximum of 8 people on to the center island.  After the minute timer, 3 giant fire elementals will appear named Sunkaio, Aithos, and Zopuero. 

Picture of battle   - Thethird

Your first target is Sunkaio. 
Decide on a “shield” Tank(pally best /w heal chant but armsman will do just fine) to lead in to gain aggro
1.       EVERYONE stick to that tank
2.       Clerics have the “Tank” ready for a heal
3.       ALL rush into melee range to the “Sun…” guy
4.       from there, the tank leads with a shield “Slam”  first
5.       then others join in after tank has agro; fighters fight as normal, clerics heal as normal, casters cast as normal – all standing in melee range
*If all are in melee range “Sun…” doesn’t seem to do as much damage and you don’t have to run around all over the place as you do when “Kite-ing"  Jul 2 2004  

Zop has 3 flames that appear near him.  You should never actually attack Zop, only his flames.  Stunning them with slam works best, as they disappear almost immediately after taking damage, only to repsawn a few moments later.  After you have caused enough damage to the flames, Zopuero will die. 

Move on to Aithos, he is just straight melee fight, nothing special about him.

*Once you have begun the encounter, only 8 people can be on or near the island.  Anyone too close to the center island while standing on the bridge will be killed by lesser fire elementals, and anyone attempting to gain access to the island from the water will be killed by fire traps.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash and Tallea

At the end of this trial, you receive a gem that stops the Needfall Traps on Trial 6.


You can only have 8 participating in the trial, otherwise the trial guards aggro wiping out the group.  Any pets count toward this limit of 8 (including charmed pets, summoned pets, any shrooms, and even bombers).  May 16 2004
- Manigaech

I’d like to suggest another way of doing the “Sun…” guy on “Fire Island” in ML1.  I’ve done it this way many, many times and have found it to be SO much easier.
1.       everyone gets on the island - as usual
2.       Someone starts the encounter – as usual
3.       Decide on a “shield” Tank(pally best /w heal chant but armsman will do just fine) to lead in to gain aggro
4.       EVERYONE stick to that tank
5.       Clerics have the “Tank” ready for a heal
6.       ALL rush into melee range to the “Sun…” guy
7.       from there, the tank leads with a shield “Slam”  first
8.       then others join in after tank has agro; fighters fight as normal, clerics heal as normal, casters cast as normal – all standing in melee range
*If all are in melee range “Sun…” doesn’t seem to do as much damage and you don’t have to run around all over the place as you do when “Kite-ing"  Jul 2 2004
- Tallea

I have solo’d this and duo’d this encounter many times, I prolly did it 20times one day.  This is soloable with a minstrel with a buffed salamander pet, takes a little long so if u have The bot or a friend healer bring him with, there is no real strategy just send the pet in on the mobs And let it kill them one at a time, better to bring a cleric to heal it up between fights to save time… Almost every time I get some random staff drops, some actually very nice, also drops a cloak and braces That are not rog drops and are pretty nice.  Mar 25 2004
- Krusi

My group just did ML 1.5 and when a thuegist was casting pet spam on A the guards at bridges aggro'd us for being a "large group" just thought I would pass along a warning about pet spam.
Basically too much will get ya killed.   Jan 21

Another hint: Stay off the steps and away from the water. The guards will kill anyone that touches the steps. The Wall of Fire will kill anyone that even thinks of getting close to the water.
- Zynge, 50 Enchanter, Gwaine


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Trial 2 -- Retrieval

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done solo, a lvl 47 was able to solo it.   This does not work for battlegroups.


Picture of conversation with Lornas.

Location: Begins at 27k 25k in Meso
Speak to the NPC named Lornas, she gives you a story about a thief you need to kill and his general area.  His name is Borjan and he can spawn at 3 different locations.    Mar 20 2004
- Sash

When Lornas says Borjan can be found


As a courtesy, if you have a Tank, /engage him when you find him, then /broadcast for others in the zone/alliance/etc. to come get him (who need quest). Let everybody who needs to kill him get a hit in. I engaged him for 5 mins while my guildies and local people in the zone came over. He just happily whacked away at my shield while I bought time. You only have to kill one of these mobs. I hope this additional info helps =)
- Abriella

If Lornas tells you he is busy, that means one of the thieves is currently in battle, just wait a few more minutes and talk to Lornas again.


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Trial 3 -- Greater Good

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 2 people.
No problems with being battlegrouped, both groups got credit for one kill.


Location: 46k 58k Boreal
A blue con chief that has a ton of green adds.  They mez you, so be ready.  Just kill him and BG gets credit.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


You only have to kill one of them.   Go to Mesthalassa 42k, 2.6k.  We sunk down to the top of a large rock below.  One Chief was there.  We didn't kill him, we wanted to locate the other one first.

Swim over to 46.4k, 58.5k and find Kynhroe Chief Oxomis.  We killed him, and both groups in the battlegroup got credit.  I saw a message that said:
You have finished the Greater Good Quest.
- Mura

I did ML1.3 with myself (Zoil 50 savage) and my bot.  All I did was AE disease the chief on my bot and swam off into the distance, meanwhile on my savage, i was beating on the chief.  A few of his friends stuck around to heal him, but my procs went off on my greaves a few times so it wasn't too bad.    Mar 1 2004
- Zoil

I went to the Cheif is Meso, yellow con, pulled him (this is with my 50 champ), and like 15 of his green con buddies immediately attacked me.
- Rysyl Kelmarr

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Trial 4 -- Barrier

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
Battlegroups do not work for this quest.  Only one group gets the credit.  You can do this with a group of 4.


Location: 27k 31k Hesperos
In the sea weed on the ocean floor there is a mob named Fadrin surrounded by a barrier.  Attack the barrier and once it has been destroyed, you will have to kill the mob inside.  He is red con.

*After completing this trial a belt will be placed in the inventory of one of your group members.  It is used to neutralize the traps on trial 1.6.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


Respawn time:  20 - 45 minutes

Please note: Battlegroups do not work for this quest, only one group (probably that which does the most damage) will recieve the belt and credit.
Suggestion is a fg with some tanks for the barrier, he doesn't hit especially hard even on a wizard.
Respawn time seems to be random, I was there for 2 pops, first was under 10 mins, next like 45 mins.  3rd pop was 20 mins.
If you have more than 1 group waiting, suggest that when he does spawn, any waiting group kills any aggro while a group kills him. No major aggro, just the odd blue that swims nearby, but they are annoying.
- Lucifa

We found Barrier at 28.8k, 31.3k.  He spawns on a rock in the weeds.
Lucifa's description was exactly our experience, our attempt didn't work with the battlegroup either, only one group finished the trial.  We waited 20 minutes for the next pop.
- Mura

Barrier is immune to magic and yellow con but with lots of hp. Also lots of blue con will be around it, so bring a pbaoer to keep that away. Once the barrier goes down, a red con mob pops out. Pretty easy to kill. Keep track of who gets the Belt drop from this mob, as it is used in Trial 6.
One red mob surrounded by a yellow barrier.
You must kill the barrier first, melee only.
Once it's down kill the named mob, magic can be used.
Upon death a random person will recieve the belt.
- Lucifa


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Trial 5 - Conflict

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
You must solo this trial. You cannot be grouped.   Someone else has said you can do this while grouped, see Tips below for how.
A guild named Ice and Fire has figured out that the duelist meets your level.  If you are 40 then they are 41-2, and so on.   Their suggestion is that as soon as you level to 40 come and do this.   Nov 9 2003


Location: 50k 36k Anatole (underwater in the bay next to Valcanus Haven)

Swim down until you see a cluster of mobs near the ocean floor.  Off to the side is a mob named Lady Farahnaz.  Speak to her and get the quest.  Then talk to Lord Krojer and challenge one of his minions, it does not matter which, each of them has some unique ability when you fight them. 

After you have challenged them, they will swim out into the open area.  Have only the person who issued the challenge follow, and speak to the NPC after he stops moving.  At that point you have 10 seconds to prepare for a fight.  If you kill one, you need only to speak to Lady Farahnaz again to get credit for the trial.  If you take the time to kill all the champions, you will receive a ring.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


You can be grouped for Lord Krojer but the group members must be outside of the arena.
Tip:  Paladins running chants will help the person fighting in the arena.   Feb 4
- Wizzy

I've fought all of the guys w/ a healer and a shaman both level 48. Buffed between the two.
I had the shaman heal from the outside and waited for my instas to come back in between. It took forever but my little healer did it, w/ just her axe. No procs or special abilities.
I kited who I could back to the edge of the arena where the shaman (who was in my group) healed me from the outside.  Oct. 2004
- Makhaela

Champ 1 (Agnon): Agnon is a hunter. He has a spear, but is pretty easy. Agnon also has a pet crocodile,
which cons blue/yellow (forgot).

Champ 2 (Sethrender):  this one is a friar type.

Champ 3 (Xalarian): this one is one of the toughest in my opinion. It uses a lot of dex buffs and aoe mezzes, which is a bonedancers only weakness, because i don't have the healers to heal me then. This champion can also teleport from one place to another inside of the arena.

Champ 4 (Jilena): this is the only champ i lost to.  she has a 1 handed axe and a shield. Jilena's combat speed is very high, and it also has an instant dot.

Champ 5 (Malison): Malison is a cleric. I never saw it heal itself, but it was very easy. It had a shield, buffs sometimes, and does very good stuns.

Champ 6: (Regent): He has a 2 handed sword and some debuffs. I wrote down the #s of the debuffs at level 40, not sure if they are higher at a higher level (probably are). Str/con debuff 73, Dex/quick 70,
combat speed 1 min.   Dec 3 2003
- Ironknuckles, Khalua, Gandalv

I was able to help using my Bonedancer. I summoned a commander, and two guardians and told them to stay somewhere inside the arena. When the person who needed assistance started the trial, I had them run back to my commander. When the Champion was in range, I told the Commander to attack the Champion. It's very important that you let the person performing the trial get in the final blow by putting your pets on Passive before the Champion is dead. This way, your pets will also get agro from any pets the Champion may summon. I would assume that this method would work with any pet class. It works great to help out Healing classes that don't have much in the way of offense.  Mar 12 2004


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Trial 6 -- Curses

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 2 people, they had the belt and the gem.  This works for battlegroups. 


Location: 41k 24k Anatole
You should have collected a belt and a gem from doing the previous trials of ML1.  These items prevent the traps from being triggered, as well as guard against Kirk’s AE spell.  After you have these items, just rush Kirk, he is not very difficult.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


1) Don't let pet get Killing blow.
2) Make sure the killing blow isn't made by someone NOT in the BG.   Dec 11
- Pyp

On the Kirk step (Trial 6 of ML1) you need the gem and belt from the previous trials if you want the encounter to be less painful. The gem has a radius effect on its holder, anyone within that radius won't trip the traps that now are all over the island and spawn multiple blue and yellow mobs. For our encounter we used 2 gems, 1 for the melee on Kirk and 1 for the healers on the outside. The belt disarms Kirk's ae in the temple. With no traps and no ae the encounter was extremely easy. I barely had to heal at all. Just some updates since they enabled the traps. (nov 6)
- Venita - Hib Palo

Did this solo with my Minstrel with a charmed and buffed salamander, have to have the belt and gem, don’t know if 1 gem is enough but I had like 10, (had been farming fire island earlier), was a straight up and easy fight. I had try’d it the day before with no belt and I died from nukes, but after I died the salamander continued fighting kirkleis and killed him, was quite funny actually…  Mar 25 2004
- Krusi

Did this step with 4 Albs. Group consisted of: 2 50 Pallies, 1 50 Friar, 1 48 Ice wiz.
Our group farmed the SZA mobs in trial 1 until we had 3 gems. We then went and did barrier once and got the belt.
We then went to step 6 for Kirk, pallies guarded each other and protected the friar and the wizzie.
Pallies whack on the mob, Friar would attack with non-taunt style (defenders fury) and drop out to heal as needed (which was not often).
Wizzie cast what ever spell she wanted (PBAoE and nukes).
Took some time to drop the mob, but with the gems there were no adds and the belt neutralized Kirk's AoE.
At the end, we had  1 Gem left, so possible to do with 2 gems, but get 3 to be safe.  Mar 7 2004


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Trial 7 -- The Monument

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 6 people.  This works with battlegroups.


Location: 35.5k 12k Anatole
When you get to the location, there is a structure with several small circle pads on the perimeter.  Have a person stand on each one of these pads and the encounter will begin.  As long as people are standing on the pads, statues which becoming increasingly difficult and numerous spawn in the center (it is bugged as of 1.68 and has been since ToA release, you will receive a message that the pads have become vacant even when they have not).  Eventually the final statue (Rassa) will pop and once you have killed it, you receive credit for the encounter.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash and Thethird


1 CC method:
Have a sorcorrer/bard/healer (pac) stand on a pad that gives them view of the center dome area. Once the statues spawn they simply AS Mez the lot and the center group picks each statue apart 1 by 1.

2. PBAE method:
The easiest method by far. Using a couple differnt methods from AE stun, MoC, or a tank that can generate AE agro like a Pally or thane. Simply pound the statues into dust. Will need a healing class to keep an eye on the PBAER of course.

3. Tank Method:
Simply put 2-4 tanks in the center of the dome. Have the healers on the outside pads with one cleric roaming. Once they spawn proceed to take the statues apart. In this setup its good to have a roaming CC class that can stun, root, or mezz any statues that go after people on pads.

Good people to have on the pads:
Bards, Minstrels, Any casting class that is not PBAE, Healers. Necro's make exceptionally god pad people as they can usually pull a statue out and handle for a while if not solo it themselves.
People that should be in the middle:  Tanks of any type.
Good people to have roaming around:
1 Healer, any CC class, Stealther characters who can use the boundary of the circle to escape agro, any heavy nuking class as they can step on and step off.

Additional notes:
Any class with AE STR/CON debuffs are great to have on the pads that afford a clear view of the center. They can make the encounter go by much quicker.
Never leave the pads at any point during the encounter unless someone is taking your place.
Tanks should never be on the pads unless you have no choice. They simply go to waste there.
Spread heals can work wonders in this encounter because of the LoS issues that can come up.
You do not need to stand on the structure to get credit. However, you may have to be standing on the island.

I have noticed that the statues are easily CCed and they do not like Body based attacks. My lifetap (baseline 50 Sorc 0 in body) was hitting them for all most 500 on the up side.     Nov 25
- Baloria

The mobs do not move off the structure.
You can not cast nukes etc if you are not on the structure.
Suggestions for casters:  Stand on structure, nuke away aoe/pbaoe etc, when you get aggro quickly move off it. Repeat, rinse as necessary.
- Lucifa

We did this with 6 people + 1 bot. so it can be done with a tight force. Have the roamer tanks drag the mobs into pbaoe's and have the pad people be healers/casters/ranged. We had two mana chanters and had them swap with eachother on 'pad duty' when one tapped out his mana bar. As long as the total people on the pad is at least 1 at all times, it doesn't have to be the same person. So the out-of-power mage would sit on the pad while the other kicked butt. He's on the island north of the fire island. Go to the dome building.
- Abriella


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Trial 8 -- The Ruby

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 2 people.


Location: 15k 50k Notos
This trial is a pain.  At the ocean floor are two different shark factions, hammerhead and azure.  Azure sharks will spawn and rush to the ocean floor to pick up a ruby (you will receive the message if you are close (about 2000 units) that says something to the effect that all the sharks in the area rush to grab the glowing ruby).  When they are done fighting, one will have the ruby in its mouth (it is very difficult to see, but it will sparkle pink every once in a while).  Pull that shark and it drops the ruby, pick it up and receive credit.

*These rubies are the only thing you MUST have to complete trial 1.10.  The fewer people you have, the more you need.  You may not need these exact numbers, but with 1g I would use 4 rubies, 2g I would use 3 rubies, 3-5g I would use 2 rubies, any more than that 1 will be fine.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash


Make sure that nobody has camped this spot for about 30 minutes or so, to restart the encounter
Go to the Deep Sands Zone. It's located at 15k, 50k Notos, deep down.  You can have the battlegroup stay at the surface and only send one person down to get the target.
The event will not happen unless there are 4-6 hammerheads around the area. Then, you will see a broadcast message indicating you that the sharks go into a frenzy, and one dives down to the sand to pick up the gem.
We sent a nightshade down to watch for the shark with the glow in his mouth, he had the shark targetted, and a ranger assisted the nightshade.   The rest of the battlegroup stayed at the surface.  There were a few broadcast messages before the ranger pulled, because we were waiting for people to show up, but the ranger pulled the one the NS had gotten for her.  We killed the shark, and the ruby dropped.
- Bravest, Mura

Did it with warrior and shaman.
Pulled the shark with glow and tanked it was hard and allmust died has I have no ip.
Shaman went oop and used mcl 2.
If u are Sheild tank and have a good Buff mate this ml u can do !  Apr 30 2004
- Sinus

We've done sharks and Cetus with 5 - Druid, Mentalist (HOT and mana regen), Bard, Hero, Ranger.  For sharks, this was done many times mainly to farm extra rubies in preparation for an upcoming ML1 raid.   Dec 23
- Cayley

shark attack also makes target bleed. so better pull the shark away some. From a nice pull spot its possible to use bleed attacks without the other sharks gettin invloved.   Feb 24
- Lagras

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Trial 9 -- The Crown

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
Some say you need a group.  This has been done with 4 people  This trial does work when battlegrouped.


Location: Starts at 33k 47k in Notos
When you reach this loc, you will be in a sub zone called Desmona’s Island.  There is a beach here, have everyone in the raid type /dig in the general area.  You will be attacked by invisible forces here, which is why you need to /dig quickly.  Eventually a person will dig up a token.  When that happens, the invisible forces appear.  Kill all the harpies and keep digging until you have a few tokens.  After several people have them, head West to the ruins on the island.  There you will see a giant harpy named Desmona.  Kill her and get credit.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash and Thethird

 - Upon Desmona's death, all harpies on the island will not spawn for a period of 30 seconds. If you are holding a Revelation Token, at that time you will be informed of its destruction and the time limit imposed.  (from Nov 24 hot fix patch)


Desmona (1.9) is magic immune.  Apr 19 2004

Just did with 4 people, 2 warriors, 2 shamans ... Owned it too, twice in a row   Jan 5 
- Asavrede

If you are on the island, and she dies, but you do NOT get credit, you now have to completely leave the island.  Seeing the message "You leave Desmona's Island" is NOT far enough.  Everyone has to leave the zone to get rid of all of the revelation tokens.  Even if you see broadcast messages that some people's tokens have disappeared, that is not enough.  Leave the zone.
- Mura

At the end of this trial, you will get a crown that you can use in Trial 10.


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Trial 10 - Conquering the Sea

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 5 people.  This works for battlegroups.


Go to Cetus cave is located at 57k, 6k in Meso.  Swim in, you will see Cetus.

The items needed are one crown, one ring and about 2 or 3 rubies, and a mirror.  Only the ruby is critical.  The other items are nice to have.

Have the people with the mirrors and the rubies go into the big glowing sphere things, and swim just above the top of the pillar.    - Stokker XXXL

To use the ruby, you put it in your hotbar and use it like you would a water-breathing potion.  The mirror has two uses, have the people with the mirrors use it when Cetus is above 50% health, and it will summon orbs that attack Cetus.  The second use of the mirror is to deflect the spell that Cetus casts, that is passive, it just happens as long as you still have a mirror.  However, if you use the mirror to attack Cetus with the orbs, the mirror is used and will disappear from your pack.  So you use a single mirror for one thing or the other.  Would be cool (but not necessary) if your battlegroup had two mirrors.

Attack Cetus.

When a message says "cetus readies to go heal" or something of the sort, have the person use the ruby.  You might have to do this more than once.  We only had to do it once.

Kill Cetus

Cetus' respawn time:  I had to wait about 90 mins once, and its been 15 mins about every other time.    Nov 24
- Gwaeni

Another Strategy, for smaller groups:

We did Cetus with 5 people and a bot. Two warriors, one zerker, one shaman, one healer... and one shaman bot.

Warrior swims in closely followed by zerker and other warrior, zerker goes to side or back while other warrior /guards the first.

The tanking warrior has the mirror and taunts while the zerk and guard warrior smack Cetus. Healer used two rubies, shaman and shaman bot healed.

He was a pushover since the first time we did him, we were helping guildies zip through ML1 today. Everything seems much much easier than it was at release.

Keep small heals going on the tank, ensure he keeps aggro, and you win.   Nov 23
Fafyrd Girundirangil

We've done sharks and Cetus with 5 - Druid, Mentalist (HOT and mana regen), Bard, Hero, Ranger.   Only did Cetus once with this group. Was a long fight and required about 4 rubies.  Dec 23
- Cayley

I was the healer in the above group with Fafyrd and Gardiig. Cetus was a bit cranky when I tried to get in a bubble before the encounter. We tried it in the manner Fafyrd outlined and I just scooted into the bubble after Gardiig engaged. I never ran out of power or had to use any power pots.   Nov 23
- Hellga Brickhaus


Warning, the items needed for this quest are not reuseable once used.  If you do this trial and fail, but had already used the items during your attempt, you will have to go get those items again.

He lifetaps and heals off of them.  Jan 14
- Alcara Argenta

If you are a ruby bearer, remember you cannot use a ruby for 90 secs after you use any other item. Water potions, charged items, etc.   We had 4 rubies. I held 3, gave a spare to another player in case I went linkdead during the fight. Cetus was at about 50% and I (a cleric) was low on power. So I fired a charge on my Krojer's ring for power regen 3. About 10 seconds later Cetus broadcast his "I'm gonna go heal" message. I waited 3-4 seconds then attempted to use a ruby.
It told me I needed to wait 79 more seconds to use another item!. I immediately asked the 2nd bearer
to fire his ruby. He managed to get to a glowing sphere and use it in time. I was able to use one of my
rubies later in the fight. Teamwork for teh win!    Jan 8
- Ducks

Casters can remain within the focus globes (the glowing orbs on the pedestals).  From there, actual magic damage can be done to Cetus.  My attacks are energy based.
Casters should not melee Cetus with their staffs.
An easy way to remove aggro if Cetus insists on continually attacking a support class is to use the ring.   Jan 9
- Manigaech

I am a level 50 Fire Wizard and heard that if you stand inside the glowing spheres while fighting Cetus, you can actually deal out damage. I found this not be true as none of my spells did anything to him. After wasting nearly my entire bar, I had to resort to diving in and melee'ing.   Jan 31

First attempt we straight rush him, he nukes twice and kills all the tanks but mirror bearer. We wipe and have to get rezzed. Second attempt we send the warrior with the mirror in solo and the rest of the tanks circle around and attack Cetus from behind. I don't believe anyone got hit with a nuke and we won easily.   Nov 19
- Danee Dreadhammer

In regards to the blue spheres on top of the pillars, u must be swimming just above the top of the pillar, i used it when i was dead center of the orb and it didn't work, i only waited about 3s to use it after the spam tho, my guildmates waited 6full seconds and it both worked for them and they were closer to the top of the pillar than me, we had to use 3 rubies only 2 of them were used successfully so bring 3 if you're serious about it.   Nov 18
- Stokker XXXL

 If you use the Ruby too fast after hearing the message about him teleporting away to heal, it doesn’t appear to work.  Luckily my group brought 3 rubies, but it was only the third and final one that I used (about 4-5 seconds after the warning) that kept him from warping back, making it so that we had to effectively kill the mofo like 3 times.  Thought it might be helpful to those reading this to know that they may wish to wait a few seconds before using the Ruby, especially if they don’t have many.     11/11
- Myca

Crown teleports you to the dungeon entrance.. useful for a rezzer quick getaway if you are all about to die. Not really needed most of the time.

Ring wipes Cetus' agro list. Can be useful to share the agro around and more reliabel than trying to land an amnesia spell!

Mirror reflects Cetus's nasty death-ray

Ruby is the ONLY cvritical one you need and you should have at least one preferably 2 avaialable, with the people who have them as close to the tops of the pillars as they can be and still take part in combat if required.

The Ruby prevents Cetus from teleporting back to his lair to heal up. Pure and simple but totally necessary. When he spams his warning, yu need a ruby use on top of the pillar and he uses the ruby. Cetus is unabel to teleport and you proceed to beat the snot out of him...
Kallisti CollidesWithTrees

Mirror: Another item that must be used from a pedestal. This item may only be used when Cetus is above 50% health. It generates flying orbs that will attack Cetus for 30 seconds helping to kill him.
Kubar Taug
If you use the mirror to generate the orbs, the mirror is used and will disappear from your pack.
- Mura

A couple of people have confirmed this, so the mirror appears to have two uses.   You can only use it for one or the other, because once you use the mirror to attack Cetus, it disappears from your pack.  Might be nice to have two mirrors.

Lotto the KEYS.
Once you right-click on a chest with a key in your inventory, you get a class specific thing.
Have all keys goto a lotto person, and whoever wins a key opens a chest. We found out the hardway today when 3 items for one class showed up, ie: 3 heroes.
It is now good to know for future reference, that KEYS should be used as a lotto item, and not post chest open item, since the person that opens a chest up w/ a key they get a class specific ITEM
- reyhan


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