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Master Level Four

Outline from x-, and then filled in a lot from other people.
Running the Raid
1 - Sting
2 - Storms
3 - Roar
4 - Lost Goddess
5 - Masters of the Desert
6 - Ghillan
7 - Portal
8 - Blood
9 - Oasis
10 - The Rising Pyramid
11 - Killing for XP

Running the Raid

Map of Land of Atum and Stygia Delta  Dec 9  - Svendig Rockbottom

Entire Master Level 4 completed in 3 hours:  with 3 groups on ML 4 we rushed through all the steps but colossal and then met up with 4 more groups that needed 4.9 and 4.10, took 3 hours. (4.2 took an hour itself trying to target Seti and keeping the wrong mob from coming to us), but after that it breezed through.  - Kempel

What You Need Done Before Coming on an ML Raid/Recommended Raid Order

ML4 is located through out Stygian Delta and Land of Atum.

Do these trials before a raid:
4.1 Colossal
4.3 Eye of Ra, Roar
4.4 Valuable Stone (solo)

Save all the drops, namely the Bloodstone, Eye of Ra and Sunstone.

Then a raid can run:
4.2 Fortress of STorms
4.5 Jann
4.6 Oukesson
4.7 Iter Statues
4.8 Daehien
4.9 Gaurmaes
4.10 Matikhoras

ML4 is relatively straightforward and quick, especially compared to ML3.  The only hurdle is getting enough numbers for 4.2.     Jan 24
- Alcara Argenta

Trial 1 - Sting

1: Colossal has yet to be summoned from the scorpions of the Stygian Desert!
This is a group encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
You can do this with 3 people.   ML 4.1 (killing Colossal) does not give shepherd MLXP.  - Thorarin
Colossal no longer requires players to be level 50 in order to receive credit for successful completion of the encounter.
(1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)


For this step you need to kill a Colossal, which is a scorpion that has a chance to evolve from any Large Scorpion in the desert.  There are usually several of them up at the camp directly north of the Haven.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash

Apparently, at (3000, 17000 Stygian Delta), there is a camp where MULTIPLE Colossal may be; we're unsure whether or not camping/killing scavenger scorpions/giant scorpions/etc has to do with this, but when we arrived there were without doubt at least two of these big ol' Colossals running aroud town.
Go figure, not gonna complain.
Statistics on Colossal: (Comparisons via DF mobs)
-Defense of a high Umbral Hulk
    -3000-4500 hit points
    -AF moderately high; Amethyst will miss, but not impossible
-Offense of a high mahr (relatively weak offense for it's level)
    -Hitting 50 scale/chain tank for ~200-300
-Bafs, but only 1-3 nearby scorpions

Done with five (5), but realistically we only needed two (2).   Jan 3
 - Matipzieu/Gaheris, /loc compliments of Bert/Gaheris

A Bloodstone drops, which you need for Trial 7.


No guarantees on how to make Colossal spawn
According to Mythic, killing LARGE SCORPIONS creates a CHANCE that Colossal will spawn. From what everyone is saying, and my own experience, once the three adult scorpions spawn, there is a 100% chance that Colossal will spawn, so the trick to this trial is making the adult scorpion to spawn.
On hib/tristan, we have been getting the adult scorpions to spawn at 5/25 Land of Atum by killing young scorpions at either 28/7 SD or in the scorpion pit at 38/45 SD. The large scorpions then spawn at EITHER of those locations, not necessarily the one at which we killed the young scorpions. Immediately thereafter, the adult scorpions spawned at the 5/25 LoA location. Kill the adults and Colossal would spawn.
Some people report that they have killed Scavenger scorpions at 39/56 LoA causing the adult scorpions to spawn at 5/25.
Other possible spawn points of Colossal are 37/45 SD, 36/24 SD, 7/11 SD, and 26/26 SD. I have seen the named scorpion Terkari at the first two of these locations, and no scorpion named at the last two, so... I cannot confirm or deny this.   Dec 9
- Fangtooth

Look UP if you can't find him...
We didn't see Colossal at all and were thinking about moving to a new camp when I looked up, and there he was.  He was perched way up on top on of the big rocks, peeking over the edge at us.  Jan 20
- Tyrfiel

Fangtooth's December 9 info is excellent info on making Colossal spawn. After 2 weeks trying various suggestions, here is how we finally did it on Guinevere last night:
1. Kill the 3 scavenger scorpions at 39k 56k Atum
2. Placed a bot at 5k 25k Atum, to watch the arch where supposedly the scorpions that morph into Colossal like to spawn. This also calmed down group members who were insisting we camp that arch.
3. Our group then ran to the various locations listed in Fangtooth's post and cleared scorpions like there was no tomarrow, keeping an eye on 5k 25k Atum via the bot.
4. traveled first to the Scorpion Pit, location 38k 45k Stygia. There were only a handful of baby scorps, Young scorps, and Adult scorps, which we promptly exterminated. Camped there for 5 minutes before moving to the next site.
5. traveled to 35k 24k Stygia. This location usually has only a few baby scorps, and occasionally the named artifact scorpion Tekari has been seen in the area. However this site was now teeming with about 40 scorpions of various sizes (baby, young, adult, mature). We killed every last one, but no Colossal, no signs of scorpions at the arch in atum.

Our friar ran up to the very last scorpion before we were going to leave, a young scorp at the northern edge of the large boulders, and suddenly he was being attacked by a gigantic purple scorp and about 5-6 other adult/young/baby scorpions. Colossal had morphed out of one of the scorpions (didn't see which) but had been hiding on the other side of a large boulder.

Moral of the story? Thoroughly check the camp site, including INSIDE large boulders via gtaoe/pulses, in case the darned thing spawns inside a rock!!   Dec 12
- Awendela

Location: 5k, 25k, Atum
Kill the adult scorpions (all of them), then 3 or so giant scorpions will spawn. Once you kill them, Colossal spawns. He drops a Bloodstone, which is needed for the Crocodile Statues.   Nov 27
- Asakura Yoh


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Trial 2 - Storms

2: The Fortress of Storms has not been taken! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with less than 3 full groups.  (23 people including 2 bots;  one shammy, one aug healer)  

Strategy:  (2 methods)

This gives you the Storm Crystal.   Nov 21   - Seter
Seti the Pharaoh in the Fortress of Storms     - Zinshakesh Suracai
Method 1, done with less than 3 groups:
We (Fear on the Euro PvP server Camlann) did ML4.2 with less than 3fgs (23 people including 2 bots(one shammy, one aug healer)). This was virtually completely thanks to Venoid's experimentation a few weeks back, and letting me know what he had learnt doing it.

A few things to keep in mind I suppose is that I had a mix of classes from different realms.. however they weren't optimised ML classes, so only 1 animist, no theurgs, no necros, only 3 mages total. The average RR is probably round about 5L2ish which no doubt helps, as well as most being equipped in full SC armor. And everyone knows they have to pay attention or my wrath descends on them.

The tactics were to clear a camp with the main raid and leave 1 person in each camp to kill the laborers. My laborer killers were a Friar, a Runemaster and a Reaver/Bot. A single high dmg mage possibly with root would manage this quite well in other realms.

The rest of the raid would clear a town and the camp crew would join us again. In the Towns I left behind a rooter (shammy in 2 of em, runemaster in the last one), with a high dmg tank (BM, Merc and Reaver/Bot). When the 5 laborers came the rooter would root them outside the town (they can't be mezzed, but can be rooted) and then the tank would take them down one by one. In Hib you'd probably need 3 people for this: Nature Druid, Bard and high dmg tank. Mid can use 2 people. Alb can probably do it with a caster and a palladin.

We then cleared the Fortress with 2fgs after an initial wipe due to a lag pull. Brought in the town crews, took 2fgs to Seti and smacked his arse.  Jun 27 2004
- Lian
Method 2, done with 5 - 6 groups:
From what I've seen, if you take out the Towns in a wrong order, they instantly respawn on you when you work on the Fortress of Storms. 
I do the same order everytime I lead a ML 4 raid.  The order to do it in:  I did the one closest to Stygia first, then the one infront of FoS (or whatever), then the one by the zonewall last.  Jan 29
- Asakura Yoh

The Fortress of Storms is protected by 3 towns, which in turn are protected by 3 camps. When you attack the Fortress of Storms, all 3 towns and 9 camps attack you. If you attack a town, the 3 camps protecting the town come to help.

So here is what you do:

1. Pick a town(any town will do). Send 1 group to clear each of the three camps. When the camps begin to clear they will catch on fire and the town will send Setian Laborers to put out the fire. Killing the Laborers will keep the fires going, and when a camp is completely on fire, Setians will not spawn.

2. When you have the 3 camps on fire, leave the groups that took them to intercept the stream of laborers coming to put out the fire. The rest of the raid attacks the town. As you clear the town, it too will also start to burn.

3. The Fortress will send waves of Laborers(like 20) to the town to try to put out the fires. Kill the laborers to keep the town on fire. When the town is completely on fire it will stop spawning. The groups keeping the outlying camps clear can leave them at that point.

4. Leave 1-2 groups(depending how large your raid is) in the conquered town to keep it clear of Laborers. The rest of the raid heads to the next town.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other two towns.

6. When you have conquered all three towns, you shoud have 2-3 groups free. With these groups, start clearing the fortress itself. I reccommend pulling to a safe distance to avoid CFH mishaps. Like the town, the Fortress will catch on fire, the fight will rage on until the Fortress is Completely on fire and does not spawn any longer. At this point, the 3-6 groups holding the outlying towns can come to the Fortress.

7. Keep the Fortress clear with the raid and pick 2-3 groups to ascend to the Temple. Inside the temple is Seti the Pharoh and his personal guards. It is pretty straightforward from that point: kill Seti's guards, then kill Seti.


A. Today we had an entire town and outlying camps suddenly repop for absolutley no reason at all. The town and outlying camps were all on fire, and laborers were under control. The groups guarding it died a pretty horrible death.

B. On small servers, it is extremely difficult to get the number of people required to hold the towns and take the Fortress. We could only get 3.5 groups together today to do it, and this was an Alliance raid advertised in advance.

When the encounter runs smoothly, it is a very epic and fun battle. I wish RvR seiges could run this way.    Nov 18


When killing Seti, if he is in the wall, you MUST pull him out and no pets or dot's on him just in case.   Jan 30
- Verda

To do it right you need at least 6 groups, and a good bit of organization. You need groups to be designated to stay in each town to keep it cleared, until the Boss mob shows in FoS, then everyone needs to run there for credit if they are not already there.
This was a very fun encounter the first time we ran it properly, but the second time, just the other night, one village was bugged and we got plowed when we tried to take FoS. But everyone died laughing at the # of mobs we got zerged by.   Dec 4
- Adeni Cariad

Mezzing laborers does not work but rooting does. Set up a root caster were the laborers come from the fort and he should be able to root every laborer before they reach the fires. Tested and proven. Dec 8 - Prophet


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Trial 3 - Roar

3: The Mighty One, the Eye of Ra, is rumored to roam the desert Land of Atum still! This is a group encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done solo.  ML 4.3 (killing Tutankhsekhmet) howevever does give MLXP.  - Thorarin


Location: wanders all over Atum on the south side of the river.
A named lion, Tutankhsekhmet, wanders around with several other yellow con lions.  Find him and kill him, picking up the stone he drops.  As soon as he dies, a massive AE spell will be set off, killing anyone in the area.  Make sure you get the stone, then run away as fast as you can.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash

An Eye of Ra drops, which you need for Trial 7.


Kill the Named lion Tutankhsekhmet.
T spawns (about a 1-hour spawn time I believe) near the blazing scarabs at 57/44 LoA. However, he then heads in a westerly direction wandering constantly. We have also found him near 38/44, 26/42, etc... To find him, I generally head to 57/44, then start a loop search pattern starting towards the SW, then up to the N at about 10/20 (estimated), then back to the East around 10/42. We found him one time fight a crazed lion, so we killed the crazed lion, then killed him.
T is a relatively easy kill solo or with two when he is alone, however, as he wanders, he sometimes picks up an entourage of 4-5 yellow-con sacred lions. If he has his entourage, you may need 4 or 5 peeps to kill him.
After he dies, one person will get his "Fires of Seth" spell on them, and without good healing, will die. Once the fire spell finished, the Eye of Ra will appear on the ground for one of the people in the group to pick up.  Dec 9 2003
- Fangtooth

I assisted 4 groups today on ml4.3 and each time it has spawned after dawn around 8am just west of the scarab camp and heads east toward the spawn point mentioned in the walkthough. Not sure how much of that was random, but it did happen 4 times.  Oct 20 2040
- Osburn

This step can be soloed. As a bard I simply confused the yellow con sacred lions that are grouped with the named. Do this one at a time so you end up with a yellow that is near full health on the named at the end. Then set up your heal node and jump into the fight. The sacred lion will hold aggro till it dies and by then the named should be below 30% health. It is not exactly easy to do but defiantly can be done.  Mar 3 2004

The Jeweled Khepri Scarab was received in Stygia.
I too recieved the Jeweled Khepri Scarab and upon further killing around Atun found out that it is used in the ML4.2? the one where you have to kill the lion and he roars and calls down a 'meteor' that is an item you need for a later part of ML4. If you do no have this gem then when he does this your hit witn a rather nasty AOE fire spell if you do have it you get a message about it eclisping the 'meteor' and it protects you from the AOE and is then used up.   Dec 24
- Cai


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Trial 4 -Lost Goddess

4: A valuable stone to some is but a bauble to a child! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
You can do this solo or battlegrouped.  One person said if you do this with more than one person, you need to put everyone in the battlegroup or they won't get credit (even if there is less than a group of you).


Miw-Shesekhmet drop them:
We started pulling a camp and noticed some strangely placed green mobs. We found these mobs near the huge camps of Mauskhment Nomads where the priests are at that scream 'protect the caravan' in /b and send dozens of yellow Mauskhment Nomads after you. This is where you'll find the Radiant Sunstones. The mobs that my group killed (two came, +10-15 Nomads) that dropped it were Miw-Shesekhmet, they're green con to 50 and a little smaller than the regular than the nomads. They dropped both dropped a radiant sunstone, i recommend farming these and not Nomads.   Jan 2 2004
- Jobet

We found the nomads with the Miw-Shesekhmet in Land of Atum 10k, 30k.  They roam, though, so who knows where you'll find them.   Feb 7 2004
- Mura

People have reported that they get a whole host of yellow cons after them when they pick up the radiant sunstone, as did I <grins> Well insted of out running them or killing them all you can do the following.
Around 15 20 atum there is a Djnni stone, the camp where you find the green cons are at 10 30, start by activating the Djnni stone head back and kill the green con dude. Now pick up his stone, all the nice and friendly Mau's near by goes "lets kill that guy", now just head to the Djnni stone click it and pick you target and your home free of harm. Easy and fast and its saves you the walk home.  Apr 14 2004
- Khromnir

A Radiant Sunstone drops, which you need for Trial 7.


All must be alive when stone is picked up to get credit for the encounter.  Jun 27 2004
- Tiskani

I took a group of 4 to do ML4.7 (wanted to get it in before the server reboot of 1.68 so the crocs would reset).  We were not in a battlegroup, only a normlal group.  I placed the stone in the croc statue, activated, and got credit for it.  However, my group didn't get credit.  I imagine that this being a BG encounter, if you aren't in a BG, you don't get credit.  Sent an appeal to Mythic and their responce was that the other members of my group must not have qualified for credit even though they had done the same ML4 steps as I did!  Feb 19
- chireven


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Trial 5 - Masters of the Desert

5: The Jann of the Land of Atum whirl among the dunes! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 2 groups.


Located at 36/48 LoA. This one is relatively easy when you are prepared before hand for it. We set all tanks on Jamaluddin, and had PBAE focused on him as well. With several Healing spheres cast, we only had a couple of deaths of casters and of course, the healers.
Tanks should stay on the named mob, even when he transforms himself into a whirlwind, and all casters should focus on the other whirlwinds.    Dec 9
- Fangtooth

We pulled him twice last night. The first time we cleared out a few of the PTM Whirlwinds around us and pulled him. At around 60%, he called for the Whirlwinds and we got around 20!!! Needless to say, we got wiped (about 3 groups but with a good number of bots) other than a lone Bard who escaped and was able to come back and rez.
Second time, we (now 2 groups) set up a good bit away from the area with the whirlwinds. I pulled him back to the group and we began meleeing him again. A couple of healers dropped healing fields and I think that was a big mistake. Even with double protect on our bard, the Jann still went straight after her and then the other healing field user. I noticed during the fight that more Whirlwinds appeared to be moving our way. He called out to them at about 15% and once again, we were in deep. Since most of the healers had gone down at least once, they were low on mana and unable to keep up with the healing. He wore us down by sheer attrition (he was at 6% when we died).
My plan for the next time is to use no healing fields and to fight him while retreating from his spawn area. This should keep the number of Whirlwinds who answer his call to a minimum. It won't allow us to take as much advantage out of an Animist, but we should be able to do it with less than 2 groups. The second strategy would have worked with our original number of groups, but we lost a few when we got wiped the first time.   Jan 7
- Sithkill

The name of the mob is Jamaluddin at 36K, 48K Atun. Surrounded by whirlwind storms. We focused tanks on the mob and PBAoEed the swarm of storms. Then he summons tornadoes (which actted like a spell affect) and then more whirlwind storms. A caution, he will sometimes change form to a whirlwind storm during the fight. He will later change back. Did him with 16 and it was a close fight. Could have gone either way. Drops a Sandstone.   Nov 17
- Milric Anadar

A Gem of Absorption (for Trial 6) and a Sandstone (for Trial 7) drop.


Respawn time seems to be random, we saw him repop after 20 minutes and also after 8 minutes.   Feb 15


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Trial 6 - Ghillan

6: Oukesson the Ghillian is still multiplying when fought! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 2.5 groups.  Battlegroups receive credit.

Location:  OtG is around ~16k 24k Land of Atum I believe.    - Alcara Argenta


The battlegroup received credit for this encounter, so it appears to be a battlegroup encounter, not just a
group encounter.

Oukesson now multiplies when damaged by arrows, any melee attack, damage shields, spells, and any other
form of damage we were able to dish out. 

To successfully complete this trial, at least one member of the battlegroup MUST have the Gem of Absorption received from Jamaluddin, on trial 4.5.  The person holding this Gem must equip it in their right hand weapon slot.  Once equipped, the Gem must be placed in the hotbar, where it can be used (like a potion, charged item, etc.).  The Gem can be used once every six seconds, and is not destroyed or removed from inventory once it has been used; it remains equipped and in inventory.

The person holding the Gem of Absorption should move close to Oukesson and repeatedly USE the Gem (I'm
talking SPAM that thing!) while everyone else in the battlegroup engages him.  So long as the Gem is used
every six seconds, Oukesson is unable to multiply when damaged.  As long as his multiplying ability is
disabled, he is a fairly easy fight, and can be damaged in ways most purple-con mobs are able to be damaged.

Attached is a screenshot showing the Gem of Absorption equipped in my right hand weapon slot, the mini and
full information/delve windows for the Gem, and the Gem icon in slot 10 of my hotbar.  As you can see from
the image, once equipped, the Gem looks like a loot bag that is held in the player's hand.  PHEAR THE
BAG!!!     Mar 25 2004
- Larame

A Crystalized Ghillian Eye drops, which you need for Trial 7.


We had 2.5 groups and 2 animists, we were able to zerg Oukesson.  We tried the hero/dmg add method, but the animist did have a tangler shroom up.  We're not sure if it was the shroom's fault, but Oukesson cloned anyway.  After we wiped out, we tried again, straight out zerged him with lots of shrooms.  We won.  Feb 7
- Mura

Located NW of the pyramid just across the river is Oukesson the Ghillian. After having 4fgs wipe several times to Ghillian + 10 clones trying to use the dmg shield method and the zerg method advertised on VN boards we decided to go with the kite and arrow method. With 4fgs hitting OtG, we were able to get him to about 25% before the clones started to heal him. So I estimate that with 5fgs, you may be able to simply zerg him and win.

A bard with speed 6 (either twisting or 2 bards in group) drew aggro by closing in on OtG. After dragging OtG around towards the main group, all people with bows, whether short bows or Rangers, shot arrows at him. The bard would heal both himself and anyone else who drew aggro.  The kiting bard should also be the one to rez anyone who dies to OtG.

With 5 rangers and about 5 heros/BMs with short bows, it took about 10 mins to kill OtG with no clones spawned. Also obtained the Crystallized Ghillian Eye.    Dec 9
- Fangtooth

Did this weekend and found out that Heal spheres make him duplicate.
So if your going the dmg shield'll have to do it w/out the heal spheres.
We had a very high Aug healer help us do this one. He pulls with Haste debuff, fires off a insta and then his 10 dps dmg shield does the rest of the work.
Only took like 5-10 minutes but 3 healers and a shammy burned a LOT of mana keeping him up, lol.  Dec 1
- Phiaj


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Trial 7 -Portal

7: The guardians of the river Iter have yet to waken! This is a battlegroup encounter. 

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
Putting a single stone in a statue gets the entire battlegroup credit.


Putting a single stone in a statue will give your battlegroup creidit for Trial 7.  However, in order to get to Trial 8, all six heads have to be turned to the Pyramid, so you will need all 6 stones.

1) Radiant Sunstone - drops from mau nomads, the Miw-Shesekhmet   4.4
2) Eye of Ra - drops from named Lion   4.3
3) Bloodstone - drops from Colossal   4.1
4) Sandstone - drops from Jamaluddin (ML 4.5)    4.5
5) Crystalized Ghillian Eye - drops from Oukesson   4.6
6) Storm Crystal - drops from the Seti Pharoh  4.2
- Halie Hee and Milric Anadar and Uladar

Which Stone goes with which Statue:
The six stones, in west-to-east order of corresponding statues, alternating north and south of the river:
Crystalized Ghillian Eye - 4.6
Sandstone - 4.5
Radiant Sunstone - 4.4
Eye of Ra - 4.3
Storm Crystal - 4.2
Bloodstone - 4.1       Dec 2
- Alcara Argenta

a.) Take the stone to the correct statue
b.) Place the stone in the statue niche at which point you recieve "You unlock the statue" message.
People do *not* yet get credit at this point.
c.) Click the statue niche again.
The *clicking* group recieves credit and the statue head turns.
Note you must perform the final step to turn the croc head and recieve credit.
I personally have never tried the "Use" key to be honest.
Now if you perform only steps a.) and b.) I have verified the behaviour that you saw; no credit, next stone "locks" the statue, locking stone does not disappear. So be sure to verify the final "click"  Dec 12
- Yshan


Each group was provided a stone, then we simply went from statue to statue with each group trying their stone. Do NOT forget to DOUBLE-CLICK the area where you dropped the stone afterwards, or you will not get credit, the croc head will not turn, and the portal at the top of the pyramid will not open.   Dec 9
- Fangtooth

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Trial 8 - Blood

8: The blood of Daehien still flows in the Land of Atum! This is a battlegroup encounter.


Once you go through the portal (to see how to do this read Trial 7), you will be in a valley with snakes.

Location: Located on top of the pyramid after all statues from trial 7 are activated.
When all the statues have turned to face the pyramid, a portal will be opened on top of the pyramid.  Step inside and you will be taken to a valley otherwise unreachable in Stygian Delta.  Once you are there, you will see a ton of snakes guarding a path.  When you agro the snakes, they explode causing AE damage to anyone in the area.  Have a few tanks run down the center of the path clearing all the snakes until you see the big one named Daehien.  Once you attack him any snakes you have not cleared will begin to move toward him.  If you do not kill him before they reach you, they explode.  Daehien drops a vial of blood which can be used in trial 4.9.  Mar 20 2004
- Sash (screen shot from Landis)

The Blood of Daehien drops, which can be used for Trial 9.


Daehiem, the snake you want to kill, is in the far side of the valley. Problem: touching the snakes makes them explode and proc a painful fire AoE around the person who set them off. Note: this means if you set them off with a pet or decoy, the DD will proc around the caster/stealther NOT around the pet/decoy. Easiest way to do this is have a few single people suicide clear (or carefully clear if you have good healers and a patient group) some what of a path then just aggrododge your way to the main mob. 

Main mob: As soon as you attack him the other snakes start circling him, in circles that grow tighter and tighter. Get all your melee inside the circle before it closes, make sure all casters/healers are OUTSIDE the circle. Then just melee him down. Good luck landing spells on him. And don't touch the snakes that are circling because they go boom just like the other snakes. When he dies he drops 5 keys, Dust of Creation and all the snakes die. The keys go to the chests by the portals. If some in your raid can't use the portal back to the top of the Pyramid, have them relog and they should be able to.

Unlike all the other chests I've seen so far, Deahiem's chests are actually pretty nice.    Dec 2
- Alcara Argenta

Location - Through the portal at the top of the pyramid.
The portal at the top of the pyramid sends you to a long narrow valley with two rows of pillars and a LOT of snakes. We had a Eldritch pull the snakes with ae disease (radius 400 so hits the most snakes), who would then die, and we would rez, then rinse and repeat.
Once we reached the large snake, we had EVERYONE get on top of him, melee tanked, casters cast, and healers healed. With 4 fgs, he dropped fairly fast. Looted up the keys, and back to open the treasure chest.  Fairly straight-forward encounter.    Dec 9
- Fangtooth


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Trial 9 -Oasis

9: The marid, Gaurmaes, is still safe behind tornados and dust! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:  This has been done "easily enough" with 2.5 groups.


Location:  Gaurmaes is at ~22 32k Land of Atum.   - Alcara Argenta

Location: At the base of the pyramid
A giant djinn named Gaurmaes.  He randomly spawns for a set interval each day, though if he is not up, you can “use” the blood you received from 4.8 to force him to spawn.  During the fight, he will summon tornado pets which cause AE damage to the raid.  He also rarely uses a 2500 damage PBAE spell, so be prepared by having all the casters and healers stand along the water’s edge.  He drops a Marid Figurine which is used to open the door for 4.10.  (another picture)  Mar 20 2004
- Sash and Ameilee

He drops a Marid Figurine which is used to open the door for 4.10.


West side of pyramid slightly up the steps is Gaurmaes spawn location. We tried unsuccessfully waiting for him to spawn several times.
When we finally got the Blood of Daehien from step 4.8, and /used it at the bottom of the pyramid, Gaurmaes spawned almost instantly, and wiped about 20 tanks standing there waiting on him with an AE DD that hit me for 3064 dmg. So... If you use the blood to make him spawn, have only ONE PERSON standing at the bottom to use it, then once he dies to the AE DD, have everyone else gang up on G. Using the blood also caused him to spawn tornados on him rather quickly.
If you are lucky enough to have him spawn for you without using the blood, he is fairly easy as he does not spawn tornados instantly, nor cast an AE DD.   Dec 9
- Fangtooth

We dropped him easily enough with 2.5 groups but probably could have done it with less. As a note of warning though we had a couple of heal fields up and a number of theurgs with us too.  Dec 14
- Lindbergh

There is a chance he no longer spawns without the blood, not sure yet:
I've seen him pop at 10pm, 12am, and around 7am. Might just be random, but the 3 times we waited for him we've never had to wait more than a day. Might have been changed in the same stealth patch that "fixed" 4.4...   Dec 23
- Olaf Stormseeker


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Trial 10 -The Rising Pyramid

10: Martikhoras reigns in his pyramid still! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with 1 full group.


4.9 Drops a Marid Figurine. Go inside the Pyramid to the gates. When the person with the figurine in their inventory steps on the "pad" in front of the door, everyone will get a broadcast that there are "clicks" beneath that person. Have that person /use the figurine (which makes it disappear) and thus unlocking the pyramid doors and opening the way to Martikhoras.  (screen shot from Landis)
Another picture of Marikhoras  (screen shot from Drayk)

Inside: Have everyone buff up and clear the two purple sphinx like things near the entrance, then go inside. Do NOT charge the room. If you can, pull the small mobs and kill them first. Then pull Martikhoras to the center of the room and put shield tanks on him with pbt. Everyone else start hacking away at the pillars/obelisks. They start at 200% hp so if it doesn't go down immediately don't worry. Make sure Martikhoras is underneath the pillars when they fall, as this will weaken him. The first time we got all four pillars down on him and killed him in 15 seconds with 40 epople. The second time we only got 2 of 4 on him and it took about 20 minutes with 40 people. Moral of the story: important to get the pillars in the right place.

Drops 5 keys to chests and Dust of Creation.

Hib/Nimue's Retribution did this with 1 fg... took them 1.5 hours though, even after all four pillars.    Dec 2
- Alcara Argenta

Located through the door/portal at the bottom of the ramp inside the pyramid. Note: It seems that the door/portal at the bottom of the ramp REMAINS accessible until Martikhoras dies. If there is someone who does NOT make it through the zone portal before the door closes, simply double-click the door and it should open. Or, if your entire party wipes, you should be able to go back and enter 4.10 again (fortunately, we did not have to test this)

First try: Almost total party wipeout. We knocked down all four pillars, three hits out of four tries /cry. Our tanks kept beating on him, rather than letting our designated engage tank engage him, twas NOT a pretty sight. Also, when the engage tank died, aggro shifted, thus allowing martikhoras to move out and not be hit by the fourth pillar.

However, rams and ML2 Battlemaster ability work GREAT on the four pillars. The pillars dropped very quickly with rams on them.

The first step, going in, we cleared the two criosphinxes in the first room, then moved to the top of the ramp leading to Martikhoras' room. After pulling and killing the criosphinxes on the right side of the room, we finally got Martikhoras' when we pulled the last criosphinx.

We set up a ram on the first three pillars and were able to get Marty onto the "fall-line" in front of each pillar. With all tanks on him(despite repeated pleas to stop hitting him :( ), our engage tank (engage works only when NOBODY else is hitting the target), our engage tank died, and a healer got aggro, pulling Marty away just before the fourth pillar dropped. Please note, each pillar starts with significantly more than 100% hp, so it takes a lot of damage to the pillar before you start to see it's HP drop.

After Marty went around the room killing healers, everyone left alive backed out of the room, and one of our bots started to rez people.  Marty still occassionally aggroed the rezzers, so it took a bit to get everyone up.

So... we rethought strategy, and had our 5 ML 3 perfecters drop a healing sphere at the top of the ramp. We then pulled Marty to the top, and were able to have each perfecter keep 2 spheres up for about 1000-1100 hp healed every 5 secs. We then slowly walked the spheres down to the middle of Marty's room to make sure he wouldn't die inside the wall and lose the loot, or find out that he doesn't give credit outside the chamber.

It seemed that Marty would occassionally hit a series of people for 2500+ damage, for a one shot kill, however, we simply rezzed them, buffed them, and sent them back in to die (oops, meant fight). With about 3.5 groups fighting him, it took us about 40 minutes of beating to finally kill him (I think half our peeps were bots.   Dec 9
- Fangtooth


The 4.9 encounter drops an item that opens the door at the bottom. /use the item like a potion then have everyone run and zone into the open door.

Kill all monsters in the room save for the big guy, get him into the middle of the room. Then hack away at the black oblisks untill they fall over and damage him. Make sure the Boss is in the middle of the area there because the oblisks can miss their target and if they miss the fight takes years to complete. Once all of the oblisks are broken, beat him down zerg style.   Dec 2
- Uladar


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Trial 11 - Killing for XP

11: Summoner's Hall may be a good place to look, as well as the depths of the ocean.

Help others on lower ML trials. I got about 60% MLxp for 4.11 just helping with two ML3 raids and one ML2.  Dec 12
- Magwitch

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