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Master Level Eight

This outline provided by PiaoSB, and filled in with comments from myself and others.
If you go to 35K 32K in Arbor Glen, you will find "Agne's Battleground".  The NPC there tells you that he needs Agne's torso, arms, legs, sword, ring, etc - several items in all - in order to trigger the trial.  If you find any "Agne's" items while adventuring in Aerus, I'd suggest vaulting them - they will no doubt come in handy for a later ML trial.
Running the Raid
1 - Agne's Crystal
2 - Agne's Shield
3 - Agne's Sword
4 - Centaur's Hunt
5 - Treasure of the Cyclops
6 - Agne's Will
7 - Agne's Might
8 - Gorgon's Secret
9 - Agne's Spare Arm
10 - Agne's Great Might
11 - Legendary Dungeons

Running the Raid

Map of Green Glades and Arbor Glen  Dec 17  - Svendig Rockbottom

What You Need Done Before Coming on an ML Raid/Recommended Raid Order


ML8 is scattered throughout Green Glades and Arbor Glen.

There are 3 group trials (as of 1.68 when Kratos is patched back to battlegroup) so it is advisable to do them beforehand.

Since there's no minimum ML requirement, you can gather a group and do these anytime, perhaps while doing the Aerus quests as well.

Save all the pieces you get.

Do these as a group:
8.4 Centaur's Hunt (also a great place to farm for Cloudsong 2/3)
8.7 Torso, Agne's Might
8.9 Agne's Spare Arm

Then a raid leader can collect all the pieces of Kratos before a raid (saves so much time):

About Preparing for Kratos, 8.5:
You have to run the kratos subquest ahead of time, just make sure you have 1 full set of items for each group in your zerg. Then on the day of the actual raid, find Kratos, have everyone activate quest, then have that 1 person from each group hand in items. Everyone immediately gets ML credit. The only time consuming part is finding Kratos on zerg day.  - Hidus

When it comes to assembling the <Kratos> items, some are not tradeable. I would suggest doing the following:
1. Have one person per group do the fillet and water barrel. These are easily soloable and can be done
before the raid. Tell everyone to have these items before the raid. They will have to find Kratos and activate the quest ahead of time. Maybe have a couple extra people from your guild do the items in case people show up without.
2. Farm the heads before the raid.
3. Get the stone together on raid day. Everyone in the bg will get it in their inventory upon killing the mob. Its actually bugged right now. You'll get 1 stone for everyone in the bg in everyone's inventory. Destroy the extras - no harm done.   - Armagnan

Then the raid gets together and runs:
8.6 Head, Agne's Will
8.1 Agne's Crystal
8.3 Agne's Sword
8.2 Agne's Shield
8.5 Treasure of the Cyclops (have a Minstrel track down Kratos and spam talk to him to make him stop, then have everyone get the quest and then have the raid leader hand in all the parts -- Kratos wanders across all of Arbor Glen :-/).
8.8 Left Arm, Gorgon's Secret
8.10 Talos's Temple, Agne's Great Might     Jan 24
- Alcara Argenta

Trial 1 - Agne's Crystal

8.1 Bisul the jinni still has the control crystal! This is a battlegroup encounter.


8.1 starts at 17, 24 GG but flees SW to 6, 39 GG or so   Dec 29
- Alcara Argenta

-This one is a cake with two groups, but can be a bit tricky with one groups. Directly east of Haven (I'm quite sure it's east) and by the river, are 9 statues. Three on each pedestals. To the north (?) is a lone centaur village with 3 more statues and a Jinni named Bisul. Kill the statues, and Bisul will run to the area with the statues. Kill rinse and repeat - kill the statues, then once all statues are dead, you kill him. He drops the Agne's Control Crystal.
Quest completion: Control Crystal   Dec 29
- Asakura Yoh

We killed Bisul twice last night with two experienced groups. The first time we encountered him about a week ago, we also thought he was bugged. We found him in the town below his normal area with 1 set of statues and we didnt know there were 3 more sets of statues to kill nearby, so he was invulnerable after we killed the 3 with him.
He and his first set of statues in his normal area should aggro on you, kill the three statues, then he will run to another set of statues, and those should aggro on you, kill all 4 sets of statues and then he is a fairly easy kill.   Dec 4
- Clancy Wiggum

6k 38 k green glades nearby is a mob named bisul with stone statues (3) guarding it.. kill all statues she gets more
repeat 3 times for 12 statues total, then kill bisul is part of a later ml i believe on person will get Agnes' control crystal and all will complete quest, agnes' control crystal
also get 3 100% rog drops.
- Felirin and Astryr Elskevighe



Lightning etched vest
51 AF
100% qua
5% casting speed
18 acuity
7 to acuity cap
7% energy
5% to power
+5 to power cap
130 point reactive heal proc
- Baldorin Schmaldorin and Commrune and Whistlingleaf

arcanite Soul Leech
spear, 16.5 dps, 4.2 spd
4 spear
12 str
12 con
hits 36
10% melee combat speed (no req)
lifedrain proc
- Tandu

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Trial 2 - Agne's Shield

8.2 Agnes shield was destroyed long ago, but it has a twin in his brother Tholoss prossession! This is a battlegroup encounter

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with one group by Hibs with many animists.  If you are a mid, it'll take around 3-5 groups. Albs might be able to do it with 2-3 groups with BoF and SoS. Don't attempt this with one group unless you're a hib.  Dec 15  - Asakura Yoh


8.2 loc -  15 60 AG or so  Dec 29
- Alcara Argenta

Heh, such a fun encounter this is. We did this with 94 people earlier because I was leading a ML 3 raid. Read each of the abled statues (right click them, and read the inscriptions). Each statue will come to life eventually. Spam heal/power nodes and this should be no problem. The only time we ever had trouble was on General Tholos, where the entire room comes to life. Lord Tholos is a cinch if you can muster up enough folks. If you have 3-4 groups, spam heal/power nodes and keep one tank infront, rest in the rear.

Drops Tarnished Bronze Shield, Quest completion: Agne's Shield    Dec 29
- Asakura Yoh

We did easily with about 4 fg of albs (and only suffered a few deaths in a 5 minute fight with Tholos). Lord Tholos hits VERY hard. Archers sould bring a pile of blunt arrows.  Jan 23
- Balise

We took lord tholos down yesterday with the following people:
1: 50 animist
2: 50 animist
3: 50 animist
4: 50 animist
5: 50 Mana Eldrich
6: 50 Bard Bot
7: 45 Bard Bot
8: 50 Druid Buff Bot
Took him down with just the first 6 in grp, other 2 out of grp to rez afterwards.
that was it. Very nice loot on him and he drops keys for the chests in his temple  Dec 11
- Anonymous

Tholo's Tournament is a tricky tournament indeed...mainly because Lord Tholo is a very difficult tank to take down.

1) When you enter the temple, you'll need to be as organized as can be. The few fights ahead of you will be harsh with not many people. Directly to right of you as you enter, will be a statue that is right-clickable. It will ask you to read its inscription or not. Choose yes so you can read it (future use, I might be the key to defeating Lord write it down!)
-Two to Three trainees will spawn, including other statues. Not a difficult trial, but it'll show you of what's to come.

2) To the left side of where you entered should be another right-clickable statue. (If it's not, the statue is on the far right corner.) Read it's inscription, and Commander Tholo will attack you with several other statues. Take down the lower con statues while you have a tank engage or tank the Commander for now. When all the lower cons are dead, work on the Commander.

3) In the middle of the room, lies two statues. One is Lord Tholos, and the other is General Tholos. Right click the General, and read his inscription. The entire room will come to life and you will be attacked by several statues who are archers and tanks who use styles. Take out the lower con statues first, while someone kites the General around because he hits for 800 and has a lot of HPs. Once all statues are down, take the General out.
-note: We took the General out with one group, but we had to kite him around the room for about 10 minutes.

4) In the center room, lies another statue as I've said before. Lord Tholos.
-This battle requires more than three groups...recommend over four.

Read his inscription, and it will say: "Truth shall always succeed"...and some other stuff that I couldn't catch before getting killed.

Same method as before with the General, kite the Lord around the room with one person while all the tanks are behind him. He evades and parries like mad, and when he's pissed off (which is pretty much always), he hits for 1300+. If he's not pissed off, he'll double 800 from what I've seen, and styles for 1100.

Nothing too fancy if you like zerging, I would think. But be sure to stay behind him, he can wipe out even the biggest of zergs I think.  

Once you kill him, he drops key(s) for his chests and other assorted MP items.    Dec 3
- Asakura Yoh



Tarnished Bronze Shield

Lightning Etched Sleeves, leather

Nightshade picked this out of a Chest with a Key:
dex 24
bonus casting speed 10%
bonus magic dmg 8% vs undead
bonus style dmg 9% vs undead
bonus melee dmg 7% vs undead
proc:  DD 59 heat
- Elsurion

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Trial 3 - Agne's Sword

8.3 The sword the great Agne is now in the hands of a mischievous Jinn! This is a battlegroup encounter


Agnes' Sword:   - screenshot Clancy Wiggum

Ibn at 43.2k, 47.8k Green Glades.

-Everyone knows where this is by mistake. In Green Glades, directly south of Aerus Haven, lies a Jinni named "Ibn". Ibn is a trickster you see, he gives you a key...and if you choose wisely, Agnes' Sword will spawn. It's not the sword you need to worry's Ibn himself. He'll attack your teammates with haste, and when you attack him, he'll go into an invincible duststorm. Three or four of them to be exact. He tends to summons his animated swords if he's in trouble. When you defeat him, you will be rewarded with Agnes' Sword.   Dec 3
- Asakura Yoh

After everyone is set up on the hill, send a few people down to open up the chests until they find the correct sword.  Just ignore Ibn until you find the correct chest with Agne's Sword in it.  Designate a puller to pull Ibn once the correct sword is found.  Also designate a group to deal with swords that spawn during the fight.  Those need killed right away.

Then start attacking Ibn.  Do not use normal melee weapons.  Only use legendary weapons or other magic weapons (like Belt of the Sun weapons) when hitting Ibn.  Do not put any fields up except for power regen.  When he splits into duststorms, stop fighting, because you can't damage him in this form. 

When he splits into duststorms and runs, wait about 5 seconds, then send your puller down the hill to agro Ibn.  If they see whirlwinds, stop and wait till he re-forms, if he's reformed and just sitting there, get near him, he'll aggro from like 1500 range, you can just sprint back to the hill and he'll follow.

You'll be able to hit him a few times and then he'll turn into duststorms again.  If anyone gets duststorm agro on them, that person needs to run back to the treasure chests (away from the rest of the raid on the hill) and die there.  After the storms are gone and Ibn reforms, someone can quickly rez the dead guys before the puller goes and gets Ibn again.  Rinse, repeat.  You should see that Ibn has lower healther each time the puller goes to get him.

When the mob hits 50% use MW and nuke him.   Jan 24
- this strategy used on raid run by Adaran

The Albion tactic to kill Ibn is to get 1 Theurgist to spam level 7 Earth pets everytime Ibn is attackable. This Theurgist is to stay as far back as possible to make sure Ibn comes fully up the hill. The lowlevel earth pets auto repull Ibn as well as lower tohit without risk of them killing Ibn and stealing credit. Keep a puller instealth near the bottom of the hill just incase Ibn attacks the lowlevel pets and needs repulling (happens rarely)
Also dont use Cold or Heat legendary weapons as these spawn spawns which need to be killed before Ibn reforms.  Apr 8 2004


Ibn will no longer get stuck in Whirlwind form. Additionally, we have fixed an issue where Ibn would become unkillable and aggressive before Agne's Sword was found.
(1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)

Our group had 1 cab with MW1, she was nuking it extremely hard while no one else could land a spell. I would assume you'd want MW2 tho to be safe and to hit harder. But you will need two MW casters, one cant kill IBN fast enough and may get aggro.  Dec 30
- Shadarlogoth

Pretty sure its random when he splits, as our Animists generally were the ones listed in his spam message.
If he's healing up to 100%, you aren't pulling him soon enough, probably. Get on the hill and setup there, and when he splits and runs, wait about 5 seconds, then send someone down the hill to check on him. If they see whirlwinds, stop and wait till he re-forms, if he's reformed and just sitting there, get near him, he'll aggro from like 1500 range, you can just sprint back to the hill and he'll follow.  Dec 30
- Meeligrum

Upon choosing the box with the correct chest, you'll see Agnes' Sword floating in the air, red con and very aggressive. But that's not the thing you need to be worrying about.
By doing this event a lot, we have figured out that you must kill Ibn in order to get the sword, because he states: "Hah, you think I'll hand over the sword if you choose correctly? It's mine, and you'll have to fight me." or something of the sort. So it's basically like the Cloudsong quest, only more troublesome.
If you get the correct chest, get everyone on Ibn and kill him quickly. Eventually, he'll turn into a couple of dust storms, and you have to wait for him to get out of it, because he won't be able to be casted upon. If you want to try (We weren't able ;p), you can try meleeing the neutral duststorms. The aggressive one will be coming after you quickly, so you need to dispose of them very quickly. :P~
Straight up melee, keep up the heals, it's probably could be the same as Laedairama or whatever her name is from Master Level 3 in Temple of Twilight. Just need lots o persistence! Btw, when you beat him, your reward is Agnes' Sword.     Nov 25
- Asakura Yoh

When you choose a chest after talking to Idn...make sure your bg doesn't attack first.
bugged the whole encounter for us  Dec 29
- Kempel

From what I've seen. Agnes' Sword is usually on the right.  Dec 28
- Asakura Yoh

2nd from the right i believe  Dec 28
- Adode1


Cloak of Runic Rapidity
acuity 13
dex 12
con 7
bonus to casting speed 12 %
bonus to acuity cap 10
10 charges of power regen value 3    Jan 24
- Mura

Necklace of Wondrous Flight
7 Strength,
12 Dexterity,
13 Quickness,
12% Archery Speed,
+10 Quickness Cap.   Jan 19
- Janalyn

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Trial 4 - Centaur's Hunt

8.4 Once noble and proud Agnes, now bits strewn about a Centaur's home. This is a group encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:  This has been done with 3 people.


around 10 55k Green Glades  just south of the last set of Bisul statues.   Dec 29
- Alcara Argenta

It's the two centaur chiefs (not creon). They drop the Left Arm, both of them. Easily done with one group if you know what you're doing. Each chief comes with 4-7 centaurs. -Tarnished Left Leg    Dec 29
- Asakura Yoh

I solo this with 2 bots.  SM, Shaman ( buff bot ), Healer . Had shaman ungrouped , shaman bolt Cheif and  sprint away , adds will follow ,cheif  is last to follow , when cheif starts to run after then I stunned cheif with healer .Then I just stun casted cheif , pbae with sm .also did same  with  RM and same 2 bots .Not sure what lvl he was,  he was purple to 50  , i noticed  a few cheif in area  but i did same named one  both times, ( ill  check again to give the name of cheif ) must of been under
lvl  67 for me to hit him .Didnt use any RA's.  Mar 17 2004
- Amuzary


the Centaur Lord (unrelated apparently) drops a LOT of keys ... we were unable to find chests to Old Rusty or Pristine keys


Sturdy Runed Wind-wrought Sleeves   Jan 24
- Mura

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Trial 5 - Treasure of the Cyclops

8.5 Kratos has not handed over the leg of Agne! This is a group encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
Despite what the /master says, this is now a battlegroup (Mar 6 2004)  step.  Just make certain that everyone in the battlegroup talks to Kratos and gets the quest (have everyone check their quest journal for the ‘Bartering with Kratos’ quest).  Everyone in the battlegroup should get /master credit, but only the person who hands in the bag to Kratos will complete the quest.  Mar 13 2004  - Zoka


Talk to Kratos the Cyclops first, in Arbor Glen
Map of Kratos Roaming Area   May 3 2004
- DrCasals

(Picture of text from the conversation.)  Kratos wanders.... When you talk to him, he will give you a very difficult quest that requires much luck in doing.

For the quest, you need:
1) Giant Ketos Fillet (automatic drop from a regular Ketos)

Go to Meso 10k, 23k to find ketos.    Jan 21

2) The first named is named Ghita, and she is in northern AG at 2k, 24k in ruins with lots of oj statues outside her, who aid her in owning anyone who pulls her. She's simple enough, just pull statues then her and everyone in the group gets Ghita's stone. 

3) Oasis Spring Waters

The oasis water is in Stygian Delta, 57k, 28k. Just go to it until you get a message about soothing water and do /forage. It weighs 10 so be sure to dump it in the vault if you're weak.

4) Kratos' chest is given to you if you choose correctly in Gaspara's game. If you choose incorrectly, you'll have to fight monsters. - Be warned, if a fire elemental spawns, use magic. It's weak against it.
Anyone in the battlegroup can go up to the chest to pick.

Gaspara is in Green Glades.   She's NE of Ibn.  Look by the big fallen islands NE of Ibn. 
loc is 52k 44k Green Glades.   Jan 13
- Kimbyr Heartfire and Alcara Argenta

The chest is a bit trickier, there is a named Neutral jinni who is red and spawns 4-5 chests. If you choose incorrectly a very high level fire elemental, or some other elemental, spawns (level 75-80). If you choose right, someone in the party gets Kratos's Chest.

If Gaspara gets killed (which would be bad, but just in case) her respawn time is under 45 minutes, real time (not game time).

5) The six heads of Creon's sons. These are near the boarder of Arbor Glen and Green Glades. They are in the village directly next to Tholo's Tournament in the flying temple, at loc AG 15k, 38k.  They drop their heads, they have names like Head of Adras and Head of Maur, etc.

Pull one and you get like 25 ojs-grapes who stun, mez, dot, and all that fun stuff.

-Note, he will not take these items have to have all of them.    Dec 3
- Asakura Yoh and Clancy Wiggum

Agnes Right Leg off of Kratos   - Clancy Wiggum


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Trial 6 - Agne's Will

8.6 Dawars servant bears the head of Agne! This is a battlegroup encounter.


Dawars is at 52, 17 GG  Dec 29
- Alcara Argenta

Fun encounter! But such a nuisance too! Bring two groups, but bring more if you're cautious. Directly south of Aerus Haven is a Jinni with a Controlled Statue named Dawar. Kill his statue first, then take out Dawar. Dawar tends to cast ranged (OMG) PBAE and can be annoying since he enjoys running away just to cast it again.

He drops Tarnished Bronze Head.    Dec 29
- Asakura Yoh



Lightning Etched Hauberk
scale 100% qual
acuity 15
matter 5%
bonus to acutiy cap 8
bonus to casting speed 5%
bonus to spell duration 5%
bonus to stat enhance 5%
value 80 heal reactive

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Trial 7 - Agne's Might

8.7 Find the torso of Agne amongst the statues of Aerus! This is a group encounter.


8.7 loc -  All over Aerus, large camp near 35 10 GG  Dec 29
- Alcara Argenta

-Dropped from Self Maintaining'll most likely be unlucky to get it on the first kill, so you'll have to wait to obtain it.
-quest completion: "Agnes' Might Quest"    Dec 3
- Asakura Yoh

When killing the self-sustaining statues for the Stone King quest, one member of our group got a dialog box pop up saying "You have found Agne's torso!" He then had it in his inventory, which has a plate bp icon.
We later passed up a genie-looking guy, purple con and neutral, name was Ibn or Ibe, on the way back from the final Stone King encounter (sorry don't have a loc). He said that he gave us a key, now pick a chest to open to receive Agne's sword, and 5 chests spawned behind us. We chose chest #2 which apparently was incorrect, several swords spawned and we died horribly
- Caitiri


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Trial 8 - Gorgon's Secret

8.8 A group of gorgons have collaborated to thwart your effort to rebuild Agne by hiding his left arm because the trials resulted in many gorgon deaths in the past! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done by 6 people.


8.8 loc -  58 58 AG -- easiest way in is along a zonewall  Dec 29
- Alcara Argenta

We completed this trial this evening with the following group:
Scout, Theurgist(Earth), Paladin, Wizard(Ice), Cleric, Minstrel.
Trick is to kill all the other named gorgons first. Order we used: L, G, Q , M. Less summoned snakes appear each time.  No summoned snakes appeared on last named, M.
We pulled the Guide and killed it quickly with ice PBAoE.  While the Guide is alive, Kynthia nukes for 700+. No summoned snakes at all.
Kynthia is immune to all magic attacks, but is weak in melee.  Used Dazzling Array but no fields. We spammed earth pets and everyone meleed it down. Took about 20 min.   Jan 8
- Davfid


3-4 groups of named gorgons are in the Southeast corner of Arbor Glen. Be wary, it's troublesome getting there for people who don't know their way. Tons of cyclops guard the gorgons. @_@ Anyways, find the one gorgon named Kynthia. She drops the Tarnished Bronze Left Arm. The tend to summon quite a lot of snakes from each gorgon be careful, and when I mean quite a lot - I usually mean around 20-60.    Dec 29
- Asakura Yoh

-This is dropped by a very easy gorgon named Kynthia, in the Southwest corner of Arbor Glen. She is guarded by several other named gorgons, but it's not the gorgons you need to worry's the snakes they summon. Three of them are equally the same difficulty, while Kynthia is quite difficult (MLXP obtainable) especially with all the snakes they summon. We killed her with one group, but we had to have our skald disband and pull her away from their little broken down shafts.   Dec 3
- Asakura Yoh


arcanite Lightning Etched Scale Hauberk
con 18
hits 40
spirit 7%
bonus to con cap 7
bonus to hit cap 40
bonus to style dmg 8% vs magical and elemental
proc:  80 value heal reactive

Thrustbender Wind-wrought Gem
96% qual
thrust 9%
all magic skills 3
dex 16
bonus to spell range vs animals 17%

Icebender Wind-wrought gem
100% qual
cold 5%
hits 33
str 7
bonus to charisma cap 7

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Trial 9 - Agne's Spare Arm

8.9 The right arm lies in the once great hall of a wreaked Atlantean temple. This is a group encounter


8.9 loc -  13, 10 AG  Dec 29
- Alcara Argenta

In a row of statues in Arbor Glen is a chest. Kill the statues and run up to the chest. Open it and gtfo as quickly as possible, statues respawn(?). Your reward is the tarnished bronze right arm.   Dec 29
- Asakura Yoh

When you get to the ruins, kill all the statues. You can aggro them row by row, so that you only aggro 2 at a time. If you kill all the statues from one end to the other, you can open the chest and walk out without any aggro at all. No statues pop. But if you grab the chest before killing all of the statues, be prepared to hoof it out of there fast.   May 17 2004
- Verda


If you keep the big statues within melee range, they won't nuke you like they do when casters standing away from mob! They only do the occasional aoe hit, which means nothing.
Did both ways this night... with casters away from mobs, and we got wiped 2 times.
After that we tried all standing V. close to mob. And healers only got nuked once.   Jun 6 2004
- Tosen FearMeNot

You can not stealth in.  54 stealth + Stealth Lore did not get me past the guards.  Also, you can not use SOS to get the contents of the chest.  It gives a message saying you need to clear one side of statues before you
can open the box.   Jan 23
- Balise with Vexxen and Nexxev

Indeed, the right arm is found at the row of statues in arbor glen. We fought to the center of the statues and found a treasure chest. whoever right-clicks the chest obtains the right arm, and then a fresh pop of statues appears and aggros whoever holds the arm. when you die, the arm drops on the ground. we relayed the arm almost out of the statue row but didn't quite make it out. the arm eventually returned to its chest when it decayed.   Dec 6
- Gertaarl Darkblade

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Trial 10 - Agne's Great Might

8.10 First you must defeat Agnes army on his battlefield then you must topple Talos in his temple! This is a battlegroup encounter.

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:
This has been done with just under 3 full groups.


8.10 loc -  35, 37 AG   Dec 29
- Alcara Argenta

You first turn the parts into the constructor and he will build Agne and then Agne will walk down the steps and summon 3 waves of armies. These are fairly easy (try to take out casters first on last wave). After you defeat the 3 waves you will fight Agne, who is a fairly easy purple con. Then, he will drop some some keys.

Forgot the exact name of the key but he only drops 1 and then you go behind the building and go into the opened door (opened after Agne died).  Warning:  After you kill Agnes, the door behind the building opens.  It will close after about 10 minutes.  This wasn't timed exactly, but it was open for at least 5 minutes.  You probably don't want to waste time doing something like lottoing keys.

Then you open one of the chests with the key and will get a crystal to bring Talos to life. (You MUST pick up the item, it does not automatically go in anyone's pack.)  Once you get the crystal the door to that room will close and lock you in. Just talk to the sphinx in that room and he will port you out.  You can do /s ask.  This gets you outside the fastest especially if a lot of people are trying to talk to the sphinx.

Get everyone with you and move to the big floating building that's visible from there.  When you get to Talos, you will find him in a circular open-air chamber. If you are holding Talos's crystal and you walk to the center of the room, the encounter will begin automatically. There is a "ring" in the tile work on the floor. If you pull Talos outside of this ring, he evades a TON and I don't think he can really be hit. So make sure your pets and melee stay inside the ring.

Once you have gotten a good hold of aggro on Talos, atleast 10% down or more, send all your casters and some tanks to the two healer statues in the back corners of the chamber. Drop a PF at each one, and kill the statues fast. Kill one and then the other. Talos will attempt to move to defend the statues so you need to kill them fast. Keep all your healers in a PF during the entire battle. Talos hits for around 3000 pts. So you either need to spamm heals or rezz and rezz and rezz and rezz.  Once the healers are down, he will drop alot faster.

Hehe we didn't try to kill the healers untill he was at about 20% health left.  I was hitting with LW for around 11 pts of damage and was rezz sick most of the time. I was getting a neg to spirit, cold, slash, and blunt.  May 17 2004
- Verda


Essenseflames the ML6 Battlemaster ability does 100+dmg to Talos instead of the normal 1-5 dmg normal hits do.
We just did the last 50% on Talos in 5 mins after we found out about this with 30 mids + a few bots.  Oct 15 2004
- Zeline

We defeated Talos with ~45 Mids.  We kept the casters/healers just outside the entryway with power spheres.  We defeated him easily in about 1 hour.  With Talos pulled to near as the entrance as possible, we were able to limit the effectiveness of the healers.  Also, it was reported by the tanks that if they were fighting too close to the entrance all attacks were dodged.  With power spheres and constant spread heals, we had only a few deaths during the encounter.  Mar 13 2004

After putting the crystal into Talos statute we hibs (50+) took him down within 30 secs after he first attacked the BG he didnt have enough time for his statues to heal him . Prolly had 4 to 5 animist spaming pets too.  Feb 9
- Litxx Reaper

You opened the chest, it gave the message, and the crystal was dropped *on the ground*.
A very very stupid way to do it, but that was where we went wrong, no one hit f7 to target it and then pick it up from the ground the first time. Second time around, I saw it on F7 just as Vektar picked it up.
It was our own mistake for thinking it'd work just like any other chest in TOA and automatically place the crystal in your pack.   Jan 21
- Kenden


Talos Trophy   Mar 1 2004
- Sadoh Evenstar

arcanite Squall Shadowed Mace    Jan 28
- Tytyn

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Trial 11 - Legendary Dungeons

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