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Master Abilities - All Levels

I added people's comments about the abilities... select the path you are searching for info about.
Gaheris (co-op) Players:  Please read below for a list of Non-PvE usable ML rewards


Respeccing Path:  Star of Destiny   - screen shot from Articuno Suicune
Players can now switch their Master Level track by using an item that every "final" Trial encounter boss monster has a chance of dropping.   (from patch notes 1.66h 11/13)
It says very plainly that you use it in front of the Tablet of Destiny in the Hall of Heroes, where the arbiter is.  You stay at the same ML.  Jan 20
- Ulfhednar Slybiter

Cetus dropped the Star of Destiny.  I got the item by right-clicking on it to see what it was.  At that point I got a message saying the Star of Destiny falls into your hands.  It did not seem to be affected by F7-g combinations (ground target and get) which works for loot.  It first appears as a glowing orb, suspended in the water.  Dec 29

Medusa from trial 3.10 drops one or two Stars of Destiny, the gem that is the ML respec stone.   Nov 16
- Ezarith

I saw an ML respec drop from Runihura. 
I don't think it's part of the normal loot table. If it drops, everyone will see a "star of destiny" NPC appear in the room for a few seconds, and the respec item will automatically go into a random player's inventory.    Nov 26
- Restiana_Bedevere

I got it from a Dark light named Star of Destiny, she popped right when we killed Runihura for master level 2 trial 10. I right clicked her then clicked OK and i got it in my inventory.   Dec 10
- Articuno Suicune

List of classes and paths:


Armsman - Warlord Battlemaster
Cabalist - Convoker Stormlord
Cleric - Warlord Perfecter
Friar - Battlemaster Perfecter
Infiltrator - Spymaster Battlemaster
Mercenary - Battlemaster Banelord
Minstrel Warlord - Sojourner
Necromancer - Convoker Stormlord
Paladin - Warlord Battlemaster
Reaver - Battlemaster Banelord
Scout - Battlemaster Sojourner
Sorcerer - Convoker Stormlord
Theurgist - Convoker Stormlord
Wizard - Convoker Stormlord


Animist - Convoker Stormlord
Bard - Sojourner Perfecter
Blademaster - Battlemaster Banelord
Champion - Battlemaster Banelord
Druid - Convoker Perfecter
Eldritch - Convoker Stormlord
Enchanter - Convoker Stormlord
Hero - Battlemaster Warlord
Mentalist - Stormlord Warlord
Nightshade - Spymaster Stormlord
Ranger - Battlemaster Sojourner
Valewalker - Battlemaster Stormlord
Warden - Battlemaster Perfector


Thane - Battlemaster Stormlord
Warrior - Warlord Battlemaster
Shadowblade - Spymaster Battlemaster
Skald - Warlord Sojourner
Hunter - Sojourner Battlemaster
Healer - Sojourner Perfecter
Spiritmaster - Convoker Stormlord
Shaman - Convoker Perfecter
Runemaster - Convoker Stormlord
Bonedancer - Convoker Banelord
Berserker - Battlemaster Banelord
Savage - Warlord Battlemaster

Non-PvE usable Master Level Rewards (affects Gaheris players)


3 Oppression
4 Inexorable Defeat
6 Snaring Tendrils of Power
8 Zealous Martyr
9 Demoralization


1 Sapping Strike
3 Power Leak
4 Grapple
8 Bodyguard
9 Essence Dampen
10 Essence Shatter


2 Prescience Node
3 Power Trap
4 Speedwarp
6 Battlewarder
7 Dissonance Trap
9 Summoning Mastery
10 Crystal Titan


2 Purify Vision
9 Dissonating Ward


3 Reveal Crystalseed
4 Unmake Crystalseed
7 Resistance of the Ancients
8 Forceful Zephyr


2 Vacuum Vortex
3 Enervating Gas
5 Mental Siphon
6 Focusing Winds
8 Sense Dulling Cloud
9 Energy Tempest
10 Arching Power


2 Decoy
4 Sabotage
7 Lookout
8 Siege Wreaker
10 Blanket of Camouflage


3 Cowering Bellow
9 Leadership
10 Warguard

- thanks to Venlig Hilsen for updates to this list

Last modified: Sunday, 26-Sep-2004 09:35:35 EDT