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Last modified: Sunday, 03-Oct-2004 10:35:34 EDT

Legendary Weapons

How to make a Legendary Weapon
You need to get one of the 4 legendary weapon drop componenets:
Dust of Creation
Vial of Heavenly Breezes
Torch of Innovation
Cauldron of Vivifying Water
You then need to bring it to either a previously capped WC/Fletcther (1080+ in Albvion). The components needed for each weapon are:
1 Rare Drop
1 Level 51 Weapon
3 Weapon Tinctures
3 Perfect Gems  (see below)
40 Arcanium (WC) or 92 Duskwood (Fletching)

You then have the WC or Fletcher do the combine and you get your random qua legendary weapon. Costs for all of the materials runs between 700 and 800g.

There is 2 different kinds of gems now used:
- 3 perfect fiery essence gems (results in +28 str on the legendary weapon)
- 3 perfect vapor essence gems (results in +28 dex on the legendary weapon)

You do not have a choice though what you want on your legendary weapon.
Whcih ones are needed for a certain legendary weapon simply depends on what kind of legendary the weapon will be. For legendary based off of thrust/pierce weapons there is 3 perfect vapor essence gems needed, for slash/blades/blunt weapons it is 3 perfect fiery essence gems.
Staves and bows also require the perfect vapor essence gems.

Also, the 51 weapon has to be an exceptional.  i.e. arcanium exceptional great sword   Jul 1 2004
- Palance, Cheres, Loi, Tyrgon, Blueshades

Legendary Component
Damage Type
Weapon Tincture used to craft
Name on Weapon
Dust of Creation Matter damage Spirit weapon tincture
Vial of Heavenly Breezes Spirit damage Energy weapon tincture Tempestuous
Torch of Innovation Heat damage Fire weapon tincture Pyroclasmic
Cauldron of Vivifying Water Cold damage Cold weapon tincture Benthic
- Fanden and Aubrianna

I had this staff made for my Eldritch and the crafter used his crafting tool that adds 1% to the quality of the final product.  When he finished my staff it had 30 con, 10% heat and 10% cold.  This is higher than normal legendary staves which are 28 con, 9% heat and 9% cold.  I am guessing it was because he used the tool, but may have been a bug or some sort of fluke.  May 3 2004
- Durlok

Yoinked from the alb rogue boards:

+ means armor takes additional dmg
- means armor takes reduced dmg
Spirit is neutral to all.
There is no legendary weapon that produces Energy damage, it's just on the chart as additional information.


all Cloth_______+0%____+0%_____+0%______+0%
all Leather____+15%___-10%_____-5%______+0%
all Chain______-10%____+0%_____+0%_____+10%

Applicable to elemental damage affected by AF only (bolts, legendary weapons).      Mar 18 2004
- Fuo

DAOC Weapons Guide     - Flashes

Weapons Players Have Crafted,  Lots of Screen Shots

duskwood Benthic Long Bow
duskwood Tempestuous Long Bow  
duskwood Adroit Lithic Long Bow     Jul 28 2004
- Dankirk

arcanite Lithic Stiletto   Jun 26 2004
- Krunch

arcanium Pyroclasmic Rapier   Apr 27 2004
- Tinzan

arcanium Fortifying Tempestuous Great Sword  Mar 24 2004
- Deathwalker Amongus

arcanium Fortifying Tempestuous War Axe 
arcanium Fortifying Tempestuous War Hammer  Mar 19 2004
- Tankbot

arcanite Fortifying Pyroclasmic Battle Spear   Mar 6 2004
- Jashgun

All of the below screen shots are before the nerf to melee damage, so the stats listed are not accurate, at least for melee damage.  The pictures have been retained so you could at least see what the weapons look like.

arcanite Fortifying Benthic Battle Spear   Feb 22
- Nekoda YoNoTengoPene

arcanite Pyroclasmic Stiletto  Feb 18
- Krunch

arcanite Fortifying Tempestuous Battle Spear  Feb 13
- Jashgun

arcanium Pyroclasmic Stiletto
arcanium Benthic Coffin Mace   Feb 12
- Tinzan

it is one of the few to be 99% quality
arcanium Lithic Rapier   Feb 4
- Cairro and Chocomint

duskwood Benthic Magus Staff   Jan 31
- Gimo

arcanium Fortifying Benthic War Pick   Jan 30
- Paulf

arcanium Pyroclasmic Spiked Flail   Jan 26
- Braden

duskwood Forifying Pyroclasmic Quarterstaff   Jan 24
- Mirie

Albion version of the duskwood Benthic Magus Staff
Made with the Cauldron of Vivifying Water.   Jan 12
- Usario

this was made with Torch of Innovation, and fire tinctures, etc
arcanite Fortifying Pyroclasmic Great Sword   Jan 12
- Maiha

arcanite Fortifying Benthic Long Sword   Jan 11
- Crystalynne

Dust of Creation used
duskwood Lithic Magus Staff   Jan 10
- xmenrogue

arcanium Pyroclasmic War Hammer
arcanium Benthic Long Sword
arcanium Benthic Battleaxe   Jan 9
- Arohal

duskwood Longbow crafted with Vivifying Water and an exceptional longbow   Jan 9
- Urthers

shimmering Fortifying duskwood Lithic Long Bow   Jan 8
- Rion

just crafted this "pyroclasmic great sword" using a torch of innovation
arcanium Pyroclasmic Great Sword  Dec 31
- Osim Tanaris

duskwood Tempestuous Composite Bow
duskwood Tempestuous Magus Staff
duskwood Benthic Magus Staff
duskwood Lithic Magus Staff
duskwood Pyroclasmic Magus Staff
duskwood Fortifying Pyroclasmic Composite Bow     Dec 31
- Nightblayde

Fortifying arcanium Tempestuous Bishop Mace   Dec 30

arcanite Fortifying Lithic Adze  Dec 15
- Agecanonix

arcanite Fortifying Benthic Great Hammer  Dec 23
- Hendarg

duskwood Fortifying Pryoclasmic Magus Staff   Dec 23
- Pleasing

Arcanium Fortifying Benthic Great Sword
Crafted by: Archymedes (LGM WC)
Magical Bonuses:
Const 28
Heat 8%
Cold 8%
Rest of stats are on pic
arcanium Benthic Great Sword  Dec 21
- Hanamichi Moreefe

I could not find a pic of the Bishop Mace, made it , and didnt like the look. The Coffin Mace looked a little better. Maybe it will help others decide between the 2 1h Crush weapons available to Albion.
arcanium Fortifying Benthic Bishops Mace   Dec 20
- Luxxord

drop was Dust of creation  
duskwood Fortifying Lithic Quarterstaff   Dec 17
- Cel

(Vial of Heavenly Breezes was used)
duskwood Tempestuous Magus Staff  Dec 16
- xmenrogue

arcanium Fortifying Tempestuous Coffin Mace  Dec 16
- Intuit

Pyroclasmic Double Bladed Axe   Dec 8
- Dharnelle

duskwood Fortifying Benthic Quarterstaff    Dec 7
- Cel

this is great not only do i hold it like a two hander half my polearm styles attack like a 2h as well.
arcanium Benthic Lucerne Hammer  Dec 2
- Hunderuh

arcanium Fortifying Benthic Pick Flail   Dec 2
- Rhaumar SoulReaper

I had the pleasure tonight of making this….then laughing for the next 30 minutes.  (Torch of Innovation was used to make this staff)
duskwood Pyroclasmic Magus Staff     Nov 26
close-up of the staff   Dec 2  - Mondego
- Xmenrogue

arcanium Fortifying Benthic Moon Claw  Dec 1
- Bertel

This is the cold procing legendary scythe
arcanite Fortifying Benthic War Scythe    Nov 30
- Arrietta

the component was a torch of innovation.
arcanite Pyroclasmic War Scythe   Nov 26
- Kenwood and Tinyangel

arcanite Fortifying Benthic War Scythe
... and then in attack stance      Nov 26
- Anjawalker

duskwood Benthic Magus Staff     Nov 25
- Nightblayde

arcanite Fortifying Pyroclasmic Dire Hammer Nov 24
- Manathaem

arcanite Fortifying Tempestuous Hammer   Nov 22
- Orholan Twins

a vail of heavenly breazes was used as the Lweapon component
arcanite Tempestuous War Scythe   Nov 22
- Tinyangel

duskwood Fortifying Tempestuous Recurve Bow   Nov 20
- Joestar

arcanium Benthic Falchion     Nov 19
- Dominos

16.5 DPS and 3.3 Spd with Cold Damage type
Was lucky enough to get a 98% Qua from a capped out WC.  I've noticed that these weapons really shine on certain mobs with a great damage add; for instance...we maxed out on the DA (hitting for 41 every time) on self maintaining statues in Green Glades and I was hitting the pets from the ML trial on Fire Island for +133.  Pretty nice when you're talking about a 16.2/3.3 weapon.  I'll keep looking to find other mobs that have the same effect.   Nov 19
- Pryme

This Midgard staff has a different skin than the Hibernian one.
duskwood Tempestuous Magus Staff      Nov 18
- Nightblayde

shimmering duskwood Fortifying Benthic Long Bow    Nov 18
- Zedicus

shimmering arcanite Fortifying Benthic War Adze     Nov 18
- Cookiemonstor

arcanium Fortifying Benthic Spiked Flail     Nov 18
- Rodnei Khing

arcanium Benthic Stiletto    Nov 17
- Riza

Dual-Wielding these two Adzes
Right hand one is War Adze.
I got the Trch of  Innovation from Battler.
Left hand one is Adze.
I got the Dust of Creation from Itet.
arcanite Fortifying Pyroclasmic War Adze
shimmering arcanite Fortifying Lithic Adze    Nov 16
- Aselluls

arcanium Benthic Rapier    Nov 16
- Krunch

duskwood Fortifying Tempestuous Long Bow    Nov 16
- Ladihawke

arcanium Benthic Rapier     Nov 15
- Riza

Needed Dust of Creation to make it.
shimmering arcanite Fortifying Lithic War Adze    11/14
- Gweniver

arcanium Fortifying Tempestuous War Hammer   11/14
- Pucc
This crafter had lots of details about creating and testing this weapon.

arcanium Fortifying Pyroclasmic Militaray Fork   11/14
- Krather

arcanite Lithic Adze   11/14

arcanium Benthic Short Sword   11/13
- Riza

duskwood Fortifying Pyroclasmic Long Bow    11/13
- Loi

Fortifying arcanium Lithic Pick Flail   11/13
- Riza Soulforger

Here is a ss of a legendary thrust polearm
Benthic Military Fork
16.5dps/5.7 spd, only came out 96% qua though =(
The ingrediant I used was the cauldron of vivifying water.. it dropped off of Shadow Reaver in Sobekite Eternal.
- Gattsz

duskwood Fortifying Benthic Recurve Bow   11/11
- Heposhi

duskwood Tempestuous Magus Staff   11/10
- Lathera

arcanium Benthic Great Club   11/9
- Blackrain

duskwood Tempestuous Recurve Bow    11/9
- Xeye

arcanium Fortifying pyroclasmic Falchion   11/9
- Cutts Patata

Got the torch (of Innovation) from Battler when we killed him.    11/8
pyroclasmic Falchion
- Runvus

arcanite Fortifying Tempestuous War Adze   11/8
- Equifaux

Cauldron of Vivifying Water dropped from Runihura and the Shadow Reaver last night. I was lucky and got one of them and made this axe:
arcanium Benthic War Axe
- Ask Fenrisbane, Pellinor

Got the drop off the Shadow Reaver in Sobekite tonight.
arcanite Benthic Long Sword
- Thumos

a pic of the servers first Legendary Weapon... I won the Cauldron of Vivifying Water drop on a raid in Temple of Twilight. I believe it droped off a named called Collisia
arcanite Fortifying Benthic Battle Spear
- Qeldric im from Hib/Percival

Got Vial of Heavenly Breezes from the named Archer Mob in Green Glades, also another ingredient dropped off a name mob in desert area , alligator named Itet
 First Legendary weap on hib merlin:
arcanite Fortifying Tempestuous Great Sword
- Tismo/Ryushihan - Hibernia/Merlin

Arcanium Fortifying Tempestous War Hammer     11/13
28 Con
8% Spirit
8% Matter
16.5 dps
3.6 speed
100 Con
100 Dur
  97 Qual
Level 50
8% bonus to melee damage
-vs Magic and Giant
Bonus to AF (7)
Spirit Proc 60

-LothireVial of Heavenly Breezes (off Karise while going for Braggart's Bow)
Arcanium Exceptional Pick Hammer (96% qual from Rondilas/WC)
3 Earthen Essence Perfect Gems (from Xerophe/SC)
3 Volatile Energy Tincs (from Ennba/Alch)
40 arcanium bars (Pucc/Skald)
*NOTE!  Vial of Heavenly Breezes required Energy Tincts!
I linked up with Wulfnor/WC (1097 skill) who combined all the items and failed twice but lost no materials.  Even at 1097 WC the hammer was only 97% Qual on the 3rd attempt.  I went to the enchanter and was able to get the weapon 35% bonus.  The hammer is white/grey in TOA and yellowish in SI.
I tested it against my hunter friend and it took forever to proc.  When it did, the proc only lasted 15 seconds and I never got a back to back proc within the 15 seconds to see if damage would be more with debuff.  I didn't get a chance to find out how much it debuffed for vs spirit.  My TG Nokkvi Mauler hit harder but that is 100% Qual and is 4.0 speed.  I need to try it with some more tests to see if I like it.  
- Pucc

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