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Djinn Stones, Shark Routes, Potions, and Named Mobs

Djinn Stones
Shark Routes
Potion Durations and Movement Speeds
Named Mobs

Djinn Stones

There are now Djinn Stones near each haven:  Aerus Haven, Stygia Haven, Volcanus Haven and Oceanus Haven.  The djinn stone that was in Hesperos on another island has been moved closer to Oceanus Haven. 
The one near Stygia Haven is at 35.5k, 61.3k SD.
The one near Oceanus Haven (Hesperos) is near 8k, 17k Hesperos.
The one near Aerus Haven is at 60.8k, 61.5k Notos

These are the djinn stones that are not located near havens:

1.  Land of Atum, 16k, 19k
There is also another one of these bound jinn who will port you; he pops out of a runed stone (when you right-click it) near Necropolis, loc approx 16k 19k in Land of Atun. He says he will port you to DL, and to other places as you reach a higher ML.    11/14
 I went back to check the djinn; at ML 1, he says he will add a new destination when I am ML 2.  In addition, a guildie of mine got the Eye of Ra dropped off a named lion, put it in one of the croc statues (think he said the third one in Stygia); the statue's head turned towards the pyramid, he got a notice of quest completion...and now the djinn will port him to Dom as well as DL.  He thinks that the additional port was due to the Eye of Ra thing...but of course, in ToA, one can never be sure......  
- Olwen Keening

2.  This one may have been deleted?
Meso  53230,11600,  Just outside of Cetus' Lair  
- Yshan

3.  Arbor Glen at /loc: 43686, 15820 there is a djinni stone that if you click on will summon forth a bound djinn that ports you to your realm's portal keep.
- Kalkin

4.  Ashen Isles near the final step for ML 6 at 40435, 42450

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Shark Routes

Stablemasters have been added to the docks outside of each of the Havens, Oceanus, Stygia, Volcanus and Aerus. There is also a stablemaster located in Mesothalassa which has routes to each of the Havens. These merchants also have a ticket that gives you a tour of some of the more important areas and features of their respective zones. For those of you looking to take advantage of these new routes, don't forget your breathing potions and look for the following tritons:

- Feurbe is the Oceanus Haven Stablemaster with routes to the Mesothalassa stablemaster, and a tour of Oceanus Hesperos.

- Lokhas is the Mesothalassa stablemaster with routes to Haven of Oceanus, Haven of Aerus, Haven of Stygia, Haven of Volcanus and a tour of Mesothalassa.

- Splogorf is the Volcanus Haven stablemaster with routes to the Mesothalassa stablemaster and a tour of Oceanus Anatole.

- Estcheron is the Stygia Haven stablemaster with routes to the Mesothalassa stablemaster and a tour of Oceanus Boreal.

- Gombuor is the Aerus Haven stablemaster with routes to the Mesothalassa stablemaster and a tour of Oceanus Notos.
(Patch 1.67 Dec 16 Live)

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Potion Durations and Movement Speeds

 - Lesser Nereid Potion (crafted) duration = 1hour (was 30 min), movement speed = 95% of land speed (was 90%)

- Serous Constant Underwater Breathing Aid (bounty points) duration = 1 hour (was 30 min), movement speed = 85% of land speed (was 80%)

- Potion of Aquatic Respiration (store bought) duration = 30 min (was 15 min), movemement speed = 80% of land speed (was 50%).

- Sip of Ancient Mead (dropped) duration = 40 min (was 20 min), movement speed = 90% of land speed (was 85%)

- Potion of Aquatic Freedom (quest reward) duration = 1 hour (was 30 min), movement speed = 85% of land speed (was 80%).
(from 1.66k patch, Nov 21)

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Named Mobs

This collection of named mobs is just a list of some of the named mobs in ToA with their /loc, should you ever need to find one of them.

Named Mobs in Arbor Glen

Behrooz the Jinn at 22.9k, 17.3k in Arbor Glenn:   There is a wickedly hard Djinn that spawns near Karise, I've tried with a 12 people to kill him and we got spanked hard, he summons a purple con statue then procedes to kite you with AOE spells and speeding around. EVIL.  Dec 2
- Demi

I have found Behrooz the Jinni at 44.7k, 37.7k, in the gully and on the hill near that spot. I also found him around 32k, 12k once, like the original poster wrote. I don't know when he appears, but he despawns at precisely 0300 in-game time. I think he has at least one more spawn point that I haven't found yet.
He hit my theurg for 200-400 and nukes for 200-250.    Nov 12
- Athelbrant

Named Mobs in Ashen Isle

Lateef - the far SE corner of Ashen Isle.  Wants you to help him cross the bridge, see Ashen Isle section under Hunting for more info  - Maestrok

Named Mobs in Green Glades

Gaspara  at loc 50.7, 45.9

Grarud  at 39.5k, 17.4k

Ibn at 43.2, 47.8

hung around 3 stones in Green Glades, 55.7k, 41.6k  Djinn-looking guy..

Sidor at 31.4k, 11.1k

Named Mobs in Oceanus Anatole

Uilani - found at loc- 12368 20473  Oceanus Anatole Cons yellow and at about half life, she swims away and says "I'm glad that is over, I loathe violence."  - i killed her and got coins.   Nov 27   - Kofi

Named Mobs in Oceanus Boreal

Rougart   33449, 51397  Found this big Croc in a small cave.  He cons purp to a lvl 50, and he hit my hero for 200-225.  I was solo at the time so I couldn't do much.    - Tobber

He drops the Eerie Darkness Lighting Stone.    - Keffa

Named Mobs in Oceanus Hesperos

Cerek at 1833, 56497

Cirillo at 13k, 43k (south of the djinn stone).

Gilia 24000, 4200  named cold water stingray

Lykon at 12k, 46k (he is a djinn of some sort and green to 50, and aggro to me with no faction hits what-so-ever at the start of my exploration). He dropped nothing but coin.

Senia (a sphinx) at 26k, 55k (east of the treasure chests I think). She said something like "Quivering with fear? How is it that I can help you?" But her text was a rhyme. I wish I had wrote it down.
- Drenir

Hermes (big walking statue) on an island full of statues and walking statues Ocean of Notos 53k 13k.
Thadicus SwordFury

Vanol, named shark: 33500, 53411 in Oceanus Hesperos
Osoreos, named barracuda: 57500, 61700 in Oceanus Hesperos under Skyros alliance
Nikyo, not sure what mob: 29000, 42000
Teaon, named octopus: 23000, 47000
Nachet, named croc, 59000, 51000 (he's on land)
Kaenas, named octopus: 3000, 27600
- Sunraven

Zenas: 13400, 51000
Doron: 27600, 42700
Darklis: 2700, 62700
Cirillo: 13400, 43400
Delina: 21600, 33500
Lykon: 12200, 46900
Nereus: 44700, 16700
Cynth: 11500, 50400
Ancus: 33250, 54500    Ancus was a pain to find.. He is in Hesp 34k 54k if he is not there then you need to kill Vanol (33500, 53411) and he will spawn      - Anaiya
Kelion: 55900, 61700
Ora: 24000, 44150
Agnah and Sisters: 56300, 34000
- Lahmia Darkwalker

Unah, Inah, Nevsa (Coral Sanctuary) – 56, 33 – Oceanus Hesperos
- Seekor

Nereus:  46k, 20k  Oceanus Hesperos

Land of Atum

Abayoni(crocodile) LoA 45000|37000 MOB   - Blunttmasta

Akhenre LoA 62000|19700 MOB (He moves around)
   - Blunttmasta

Baktre - croc - 57k, 32k - Land of Atum along river.
  - Mhagr

Colossal - named Scorpion, Land of Atum, South of the Necropolis at 7k, 27k. Decent, regular drops. Hits pretty hard; half group, possible artifact.  - Mhagr

Hoppias - Setian - Land of Atum, 40k, 25k.  - Mhagr

Khaphiri - Land of Atum, close to Necropolis and Maedian, in a little hollow in the dunes, 16.6k, 14.4k, snake.
  - Mhagr and Blunttmasta
Khaphiri spawns every 5 min or so.
   11/9  - Voldemorte

Maedian - Mau, near Necropolis, 9k, 16k. Standing with an unconnable sphynx; possibly drops the artifact Snakecharmer Weapon and apparently Julea's Story are the required scrolls.  - Mhagr

Oseye - same as Kaphiri, 15.5k 14.4k, snake.
  - Mhagr and Blunttmasta
Oseye is on an extremely long timer.  He never respawned in over 2 hours.   11/9  - Voldemorte

Oukesson the Ghillan - 15191, 23100, on the other side of the water from the Pyramid, near the Necropolis in the Land of Atum. He splits into doppelgangers and seems very tough. 2 FG's at least. Probably an artifact mob.  - Mhagr and Blunttmasta
Oukesson the Ghillan will now only drop treasure once his final form has been defeated  (from 11/11 patch notes)

Prism Scarab LoA 55899,45688 Artifact MoB (kill 50)
   - Blunttmasta

Sand Jann LoA 41000|49000 Possible Artifact encounter.
   - Blunttmasta

Sebak - 32.6, 3.3 Land of Atum.  He popped in the middle of the setian camp there at game time 17h15m.  He didn't stay there long, soon he ran with his guards to the fortress.

Sekhmun Maubane LoA 15016,8604 Quest MoB
   - Blunttmasta

Zahra - same as Hoppias.  - Mhagr

Named Mobs in Stygian Delta

Abasi - named Mau, NW from Haven of Stygia, not far from Inihue, 13.7k 56k
  - Mhagr and Blunttmasta

Abtanu SD 51000|52000 NPC
   - Blunttmasta

Amasis SD 22000|15000 MOB   - Blunttmasta

Chrissi - named iaculus, near Inarus in a temple at the bottom of the hill, away from river along wall - 3 is safe, 2 with a healer and maybe solo with some RA's and luck. Apparently drops the Band of Stars artifact and requires the King's Vase scrolls, 8875, 18555, dropped a cloak.
  - Mhagr and Blunttmasta

Deshrentan SD 33000|46000 Sphinx
   - Blunttmasta

Duathor SD 20000|21000 MOB

Harkhebi SD 20000|20000 MOB
   - Blunttmasta

30719, 16111 in Stygian Delta.   - Boyfin Thirstyblade

Hesepti the Ancient SD 55000|39000 NPC/MOB/QUEST   - Blunttmasta

Inarus - named Sphynx, gives Mau faction quest - along wall across river from Haven of Stygia at 45k, 15k.
  - Mhagr

Inihue - named Mau, NW of Haven of Stygia - dropped part of Julea's Story scroll.
  - Mhagr

Itet - Nasty. Summons red crocs who are quite strong themselves. Group and a half at least. 50k, 37k in river. Apparently associated with the Crocodile Tooth Dagger artifact.
  - Mhagr

Jamaluddin the Dao at loc 40K, 52K in Stygia.  He wiped our group of 5 in less than 10 secs….nasty. -xmenrogue

Masreye SD 30000|33000  MOB
   - Blunttmasta

Mehebeneskhet(sp?) - named crazed lion not far, NW, from Haven of Stygia. Travels with about 6 oj crazed lions. Can be done with 4 although 6 is preferred. She drops the Healer's Embrace artifact cloak, though not every time.
  - Mhagr

Moktar - 30719, 16111 in Stygian Delta
.  I killed Zahran and Moktar popped in his place after that.  Nofrure was there when I came back later.   - xmenrogue

Nemerth the Wander (SD) 6000|48000 (he moves from tower to tower) NPC
Also found at 5k 54k SD, Apparently Nemeth the Wanderer randomly pops at one of the camps in that area….so might just want to have people check them all.  
- Blunttmasta and xmenrogue

Neshi - named djinn close to Inarus, 35k, 10k.
  - Mhagr and Blunttmasta

Nofrure - 30719, 16111 in Stygian Delta
.  I killed Zahran and Moktar popped in his place after that.  Nofrure was there when I came back later.   - xmenrogue

Osaze(sp?) - named Sobekite near the marauder camp on the river
, 45000, 31000  - Mhagr and Blunttmasta

Oshara - named croc near river in Setian Delta, 44k, 38k.
  - Mhagr

Pasht - same as Neshi, 38k, 21k
  - Mhagr and Blunttmasta

Raziya SD 10000|47000 NPC
   - Blunttmasta

Terkari - Giant Scorpion w/ lots of little, hard to target followers. 1 FG or a group and a half at least. Was NE of Haven of Stygia, not far at all. Probably an artifact mob.  Came into town after some /released and others ran, killed the guard and came after us again...very persistent and mean.
  - Mhagr

Sanura - 15353, 52609 - West of Haven of Stygia.
  - Gilnar

Sobekit Courier 59000|32000 MOB
   - Blunttmasta
Terkari - 2nd loc - 3k, 15k.  Large grp of rocks in the Stygian Delta, just off the Land of Atum zone.
  - Mhagr

Zahran - 30719, 16111 in Stygian Delta.  I killed Zahran and Moktar popped in his place after that.  Nofrure was there when I came back later.   - xmenrogue

Ziyad SD 7211,50000 NPC
   - Blunttmasta

Named Mobs in Typhon's Reach - near Haven of Volcanus.

Administrator Alban, minotaur, at 39.2k 8.9k, also to do with Ring of Fire I believe  - Fizzled PBTupAFK

Agrigald (no loc available)  - Took him down with 2 healers, a shammy, 2 warriors, a savage, a bubble runie, and a hunter.  Dropped:
arcanium Axe of Molten Fury
+25 dex
+25 str
+25 con
+3 all melee
+3 parry
8% slash resist
Procs a 50 str/con AOE debuff that drains to wielder    Dec 23
- Cutwolf

Algmar(sp?) - just inside Typhon's Reach from Volcanus and to the left in the trees. Gives a quest.  - Mhagr

Azar - 49k, 35k.  drops the Snatcher artifact.
There is a named in Typhon's Reach called Azar. He is worth 'a little Master Level experience.' He's on the island with the salamandars, near loc 49k 35k. He is aggressive to me, and quite purple.   - Fizzled PBTupAFK

Barthalos, minotaur, at 41k 8.5k (in the bldg next to Soleh and Alban), part of Telgar's Redemption  - Fizzled PBTupAFK

Belderim - on edge of lava near Crazed Adventurer.  - Mhagr

Defender of Gaa'rvik, djinn-type mobs, at 15k 37k, spawn when Gaa'rvik is up and you get too close to him 
- Fizzled PBTupAFK

Gaa'rvik, ??, at 15k 37k, purpose unknown 
- Fizzled PBTupAFK

Soleh, a djinn-type mob, at 39.2k 8.9k, something to do with Ring of Fire I believe  - Fizzled PBTupAFK

Sudari, a djinn-type mob, at 6.7k 16.3k, warns you not to attack taur spectators  - Fizzled PBTupAFK

Velndar - involved with Algmar's quests; not far from Belderim, on a little hill surrounded by a few trees; easy for a solo paladin. 
- Mhagr

Telger - just outside Typhon's Reach at a pillar on the outskirts of Haven of Volcanus.  
- Mhagr

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