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Last modified: Wednesday, 18-Aug-2004 19:50:52 EDT

Celestius - ML 10

This information provided by Mevi of Guinevere, and filled in with comments from others.
Celestius - the heavenly body of sky and gateway to the stars. Beyond the greatest of the achivements of the Atlanteans, the sky, it stretches into the heavens themselves. The cyclops guarded this place, and only the gods may have entered.

Getting inside Celestius  and   LIST OF PORTAL LOCATIONS
These are monsters you need to kill before killing Draco.  They are not trials.
1 - Sagittarius
2 - Scorpius
3 - Centaurus
4 - Leo
5 - Draco

Comments on Solo, Grouped, or Battlegrouped:

Reccomended Raid Size: 50+ non petspam; 40+ one petspammer; 30+ two petspammers for optimal efficiency.  Mar 24 2004
- Matipzieu

We completed Master Level  10 Last night  feb 13th -  28 People total - A Few Bots (Hibernia)
screen shot of what /master window looks like when you complete killing Draco
- Members of Cairdeas, Nature's Fury, Reunion, and Serenity

36 Mids have completed ml10 doing Draco post nerf.  Feb 16
- Samadamis

We took 55 [2 animists] and EVERYTHING dropped in under 3 minutes each.
Sadly, this place is just zerg for the win.   Feb 28
- Mevi

There are 5 main mobs.
You kill the mobs that are summoned and upon killing the killing final creature you receive a message that you have now qualified for another ML.   Returning to the arbiter he tells you that you've completed the hidden last trial and will give you your ml10 ability.   Feb 11
- Seven

Here is my own drawn map of celestius - the celestial stones port you to the given locations.   - Mevi
Celestius portal map

Star picture, Planet picture

Getting inside Celestius

Very Important, It Is Believed That:
Apparently, the portal will stay in one location for 24 Real Life hours, disappearing by game-day and reappearing by game-night.
Essentially, in the ocean zones, there is a chance for it to spawn on any of the islands in said zones.
This has been tested, but not thoroughly.  Mar 24 2004
- Matipzieu

If your lookin duing the day, turn off all sound except the Sound Effects Volume tab, which you should set to 9. The rumbling sound will be audible then without any backround noise.  Feb 28 2004
- SashMorLFay

List of Portal Locations

Picture of a Portal     - QwayMelqnu

Arbor Glen 12k 16k

20k 9k

21k 9k

22k 23k

Ashen Isles 4k 40k

16k 10k

20k 36k

33k 14k

41k 30k

Green Glades 16k 30k

30k 37k

31k 38k

40k 12k

59k 14k

Land of Atum 10k 10k

11k 16k

15k 5k

20k 45k

22k 53k

46k 17k

Mesothalassa 3k 18k

7k 59k

19k 55k

19k 56k

20k 55k

23k 62k

29k 31k

29k 32k

30k 32k

32k 35k

33k 36k

37k 34k

38k 33k

50k 50k

51k 50k

51k 51k

52k 51k

58k 48k

Oceanus Anatole 6k 11k

6k 12k

21k 12k

22k 11k

22k 12k

26k 9k

33k 12k

44k 27k

49k 42k

53k 41k

54k 22k

54k 23k

55k 41k

Oceanus Boreal 28k 52k

30k 50k

34k 44k

35k 8k

36k 4k

43k 13k

47k 36k

52k 12k

55k 10k

Oceanus Hesperos 5k 34k

6k 50k

10k 28k

11k 18k

11k 19k

11k 55k

12k 18k

12k 45k

12k 55k

13k 45k

15k 14k

21k 30k

21k 32k

36k 31k

58k 24k

59k 22k

60k 32k

60k 50k

Oceanus Notos 15k 30k

21k 36k

21k 40k

35k 5k

42k 61k

43k 61k

50k 13k

Stygia 3k 28k

6k 12k

11k 7k

14k 53k

18k 48k

18k 49k

20k 10k

20k 22k

22k 17k

26k 59k

32k 20k

33k 20k

38k 24k

40k 22k

44k 53k

45k 53k

Typhon's Reach 5k 30k

7k 43k

7k 44k

8k 43k

9k 25k

17k 10k

21k 55k

22k 53k

22k 54k

35k 11k

35k 22k

35k 50k

Also note, you must be ML9 to port in. An ML8 just tried and did not port.  Feb 9
- Tryne_Dragonfly, Mevi, Balise, xmenrougue, Khentarii, Kallah Dreamsong, Monolyth MacRath, Casiraghi, Tehthu

btw, careful with the portals if you get them to pop. Since we accidentally killed it the place hasn't respawned for us.  Feb 9
- Sultar
Do you have to be ML 9 to even be able to see the portal?
No, you just can't enter

And once the portal appears is it like any other portal that you walk in to? Or do you have to snap your fingers and click your heels together three times?
You walk in and it casts a spell on you if you're ml9

Am I correct when I gather that there are more than 1 place that these portals can appear? Have they appeared in any place consistantly and are there more locations verified aside from the Hesperos loc?
There is more than one place where the portal spawns.

Walk close to it and it will suck you in if you are ML 9.  It stayed in the same spot for at least 2 game nights but you can only see it during the night.  You can hear it during the day.  (From a message in broadcast I believe)
Enter it and it takes you to the inaccessible island in the ML 9 zone.  Walk up the steps and you port to the spinning space station from the pix.  You get lightly nuked if you stay by the portal so just head away from it.  Sagittarious was waiting for us.   Feb 10
- Balise

Tehthu and Nature's Fury on Bedevere has offered the following insight into the Celestius encounters


Killed Sagittarius
Not entirely difficult, used 9 people

We had about 50 people for the raid.  He went down pretty quickly.  With him, there was a yellow con “Sagittarius’ Bow.”  We had casters drop the Bow as soon as the fight started, so I don’t know what exactly it does.   Mar 13 2004
- Dominussecuris

Also, as far as spells are concerned, DoTs landed on Sagittarius occasionally and for pretty heavy damage as reported by both Gazz and Ailionora. Think he might have a couple seconds of vulnerability every minute or something, or maybe just pure luck, but I definitely saw the ment mana DoT land at least once during the fight.
Also, storms don't seem to affect Sagittarius.  Feb 10
- Mavnas

Summons orange-purple con "bows" that have a tendancy to blast heat DD's for a large amount of damage on anyone that aggros them, but rarely over 1000, and only one or two times.    Mar 24 2004
- Matipzieu


The Mace of Illusions looks like a hammer summoned by the Belt of the Sun.
Mace of Illusions  Mar 13 2004

arcanite Kinetic Scythe (the icon looks like a legendary weapon icon)
Crush 7%
Thrust 7%
Scythe 3
Level Requirement: 50
melee damage 5%
- vs. Player Races
style damage 5%
- vs. Player Races
strength cap bonus 10
Proc: 95 pt DD energy
Secondary proc: 95 DD matter
Both of these procs are listed as having a chance to fire if an enemy is hit with the weapon.
Iit is slash damage (i.e. not elemental), dps 16.5, and speed 5.5
- Celente

Staff - Infinite charges of 2500 range DOT - 2 minutes - 5% to player races among other stats


Picture of Scorpius, another picture

After killing Sagittarius, a white portal appeared in the middle of the zone.  After about three to five minutes, the portal disappeared and Scorpius appeared.  Scorpius himself was not much of a problem. Scorpius’ Plague was a nightmare.  It’s a disease, dot, and fairly serious str/con debuff that dropped my 300+ str and con down to 90.  People infected withthe plague spread it to nearby people.  After Scorpius died and dropped coins, we spent another half hour trying to deal with the plague.  We tried zoning out, but the plague returned when we zoned back in.

The spam given by the plague is “So-and-so coughs and sputters, spreading the plague to <name>“ Even after most people were cured and the few infected people were isolated, the plague still gives the spreading spam, except with no name listed as the spreader.  This does not cause the infection.  Eventually, we were able to isolate one person with the plague. The poor shaman spent the rest of the raid summoning power fonts and keeping himself healed.    Mar 13 2004
- Dominussecuris

There is also an energy barrier that can trap people.
People trapped inside the energy barrier cannot do anything until the barrier is destroyed.  All casters should nuke the barrier when it comes up.  Careful w/ pbaoe b/c if you get too close, you can be trapped within as well.
If you get plagued by Scorpius, the str/con debuff, disease, and dot is contagious to those who are near you, including pets.  The plague does not disappear when you die.  Make sure you have at least one perfector in your group for the group cure disease.  Jun 21 2004
- Manigaech

Your biggest problem here is the plague - concentrate on taking him down hard and fast. Pets all spread the plague. (includes petspam, from either theurg or animist) After being cured, the little flag that declares you as a valid "spreader" of the disease doesn't set for a few seconds. So after you cure the disease, there's still a risk of spreading it for a few seconds before you're completely okay. Ordering one healer in every group to spam ML1 perfector for a few minutes after Scorp is down should cover you, though.    Mar 24 2004
- Matipzieu


MP LW Hammer - Graphic is sunweapon / 7% slash 7% thrust 3 Large weapon procs ability "taunt" also casts 95 DD
5% damage to player races
8% style damage to player races
scythe with similar stats, only 3% of a resist instead of the dual proc.
- Mevi


While we were dealing with the plague, Centaurus spawned in.  Roughly every five to six minutes, he turns into his mortal form, which has different names. He’ll be in mortal form for about 10 seconds.  During the fight, he’ll drop Cracked Vials of Poison randomly, and sometimes when he kills a player.  These Vials can be used when he is in mortal form to take away 10% of his HP.   When we started in on him, he had him down to about 30% before he went mortal.  Three people used Vials, but apparently it takes real damage to finish him off.  Like Scorpius, he dropped a bag of coins.    Mar 13 2004
- Dominussecuris

Here is a screenie of Centaurus in his mortal form, named Cheiron. Durring fighting him he will drop a vial on the ground. We have seen him drop more than one on random occasions. The Vile is used when he is in Mortal form ONLY and it will do Consiterable dmg to him, However the drawback is that he is only in this for for a few seconds.

He hits rather hard, to Fast to Kite - Has a heavfty PBAE that Nuked me  anywhere between 200-400.   Feb 14
- Kya Darkwhisper

If you have enough people (40+) you can flat-out kill him and not have to worry about any fancy stuff. Think Cetus: after a certain amount of time, wierd things start happening. We didn't encounter any wierd stuff with our 47-person raid, just mowed him down. Most of our worries were from the (hah hah hah) 250-350 pbae DD he casted on occasion. (think once every 15-20 seconds at worst)    Mar 24 2004
- Matipzieu

10 vials at once=dead horsey   Feb 14
- tallawah


We didn’t see a portal open for Leo; he just appeared on the opposite side of the area from where we were.  He uses an AE stun spell, along with “Leo’s Roar” which causes fumbles.  He runs faster than sprint speed across the encounter area.  Fairly often, he will go to one side and split into four Leo’s Pride mobs. These are immune to damage, and deal a thousand damage a hit.  We seemed to get stuck around 15% hp, but eventually we killed him and got a bag of coins.    Mar 13 2004
- Dominussecuris

Leo's Ability #1: The Roar: pbae debuff lasting 30 seconds that causes a 50% chance to fumble.
Leo's Ability #2: The Stun: chance to 15-sec stun on whoever has aggro
Leo's Ability #3: The Swipe: chance to hit someone for 50% health, fling pretty far up in the air, tends to hurt when you land.
Leo's Ability #4: The Pride: not 100% sure on this, but the general feel is that what happens is for about 15-30 seconds is that he'll run off to one side of Celetius, split into 4-6 purples that all hit for 800-1500 damage (but watch out when they crit) and apparently poof back into the one you can actually damage after a certain amount of time.  Mar 24 2004
- Matipzieu

Hes not al together to Hard, Nothign lots of Stuns and Snares cant fix. He likes to Split, Personally a Fun fight IMO.
Leo's special attack.. he flings you to the sky and you take 50% fall dmg sometimes a little more when landing.    Feb 14
- Kya Darkwhisper

he split sooooo much. i think the leo fight alone took us a good 45 mins. during the period where he wasnt chain roaring and splitting we were doing massive dmg.   Feb 16
- tallawah


arcanite Astral Plaguebringer  
When testing, it procced a wide variety of things, mainly negative effects.  Procced an ABS debuff, an AF debuff, S/C Debuff, Snare, DPS Debuff, Disease, etc.   Jun 14 2004
- Ionis


Pictures of Draco, the final mob
Battle with Draco

After another portal appeared, Draco spawned.  He PBAEs, and summons Black Holes. These Black Holes pull nearby people to them and AEs them.  He also summons five to ten Ladon’s Minions at different points. These con orange and are slightly vulnerable to energy damage.  They appear to be smaller versions of Sagittarius, Leo, Centaurus, and Scorpius.  When I had the highest-level heat, cold, and matter buffs up, the damage from the Minions was halved.  After about 45 minutes, we managed to kill Draco and received leather BP and legs and chain BP and legs. He also dropped five Stars of Destiny.   Mar 13 2004
- Dominussecuris

Not a whole lot to this one, just take him down. He'll occasionally pbae for a small amount of damage (200-400 at worst) then every about 2-8 minutes spawn 3-6 orange adds. These adds (Ladon's Minions) do elemental-based damage, not physical, so resists help out a lot with them. They don't hit for very hard, and have relatively few hit points. (ie don't worry too much about them, just send a few tanks to smack 'em around, and you're fine.)
Doing anything and everything you can to lower Draco's AF will do a lot for you.
Will melee hit for 500-900 and critical hits often. Swings fairly fast.  Mar 24 2004
- Matipzieu

Before my realms successful ML10 run on Friday. I had fought Draco 3 to 4 times. And each time it was like attacking an elephant with plastic spoons. On one attempt we had spent well over an hour and got him down to around 40%.
On Friday, right from the get go we knew something was on wanted to say anything, but Draco's health was actually noticeably dropping, people were hitting for more than 1 + 1 (DA). With virtually the same tactics Draco behaved and died. I don't know what it is.. whether there is a small varience in his spawn level... and based on that you either are getting a 2 hour fight or a 10 minute fight, but I had no explanation when it happened. Just relief it was over.  Feb 15
- Khail Wayland

Hits VERY hard - Double hit me for over 700 a few times. He does have a AE wich I havent noticed is triggered off anything in particular just quite random. He Srops a Tooth  Wich also cant see any real trigger for it, Seems random, The tooth Spawns  Helpers, Wich used to be Yellow but Now are a Little harder Orange con. Gathering them up and PBAE works well.
- Mevi

Upon completion we got the Message we have completed the  Draco Quest and to visit the arbitor tor aise.   Feb 14
- Kya Darkwhisper

After a failed attempt at the final encounter, Ladon's minions will properly reset.
We have made a change to Draco that will prevent him from despawning during combat.
(1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)


five Stars of Destiny

There's something about once you have 3 pieces of armour from Celestius, you can use the chestpiece like a potion and a cloak will be created.

The armor uses the Aerus graphics without any coloring.
tempered Torporific Leggings
tempered Jerkin of Withering
arcanium Leggings of Fortification
arcanium Hauberk of the Favored   Mar 13 2004
- Dominussecuris