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Postby Black Canine » Tue May 18, 2010 5:13 pm

Hi Amy,
I feel the need to apologize to you (and all the raid leaders really), not for anything I've done, but for what I haven't done. Due to things beyond my control, I've not been able to be in game much for quite some time and have missed out on so much, my loss :( I keep reading about the raids, but with my work schedule, it makes it almost impossible to join them. We also had some extremely serious floods come barreling through the state not all that long ago which truly hampered everything, but the state clean up is just about complete and the rebuilding at my house is about to begin, so that should free up even more of my time. The 'chemical' crew came to my house about a week ago to get rid of the mold that was taking on a life of it's own, so that was one more thing I could scratch off my 'to do' list :D

Anyway, I'm hoping for one of these raids to take place on a night I have off, or my weekend off, and if that happens, I'll be there!

Black Canine

Re: Amy

Postby Aquilonia » Tue May 18, 2010 6:06 pm

~huggles~ All that matters is that your ok hun =) glad to hear from you !! Hopefully you will get things straightened out and be able to play more often!!

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