[Necro tank] 12 DPS, 10 pwr rgn, 121 int, 8% conv., no Frag

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[Necro tank] 12 DPS, 10 pwr rgn, 121 int, 8% conv., no Frag

Postby nam3cc » Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:04 am

Still a work in progress, needs real world testing, especially because of the lack of a melee or magic frag and the low powerpool with no Arcane Siphon.
Croc is great for spreading the "damage-to-healing" chant. Quickness value is targeted to an Avalonian with 10 starting points. Dexterity should be a 2nd tier stat, since all of your main spells are instant and you get a 60% parry buff.

Constitution: 95
Dexterity: 33
Quickness: 63
Intelligence: 121
Hits: 385

Body: 26
Cold: 26
Heat: 26
Energy: 26
Matter: 26
Spirit: 25
Crush: 25
Thrust: 25
Slash: 25

All Magic: 11

TOA Bonus
Armour Factor: 10
Power Pool: 12
Spell Damage: 10
Style Damage: 10
Melee Damage: 10
Melee Combat Speed: 10

Mythical Bonus
DPS: 12
Power Regen: 10


Chest (Moss Covered Robes)
Arms (Infernal Quilted Sleeves [Power])
Head (Otherworldly Mighty Eyes)

Legs (Crafted):
Spirit: 7%
Constitution: 17
Slash: 9%
Hits: 76
Power Pool: 5

Hands (Crafted):
Constitution: 23
Thrust: 7%
Crush: 7%
Hits: 76
Constitution (Cap Increase): 5

Feet (Crafted):
Dexterity: 23
Intelligence: 20
Hits: 76
Quickness: 23
Constitution (Cap Increase): 5

Two-Handed (Nethersbane)

Neck (Otherworldly Arcane Necklace)
Cloak (Kraken Eyelid Cloak)
Jewel (Gem of the Harbinger)
Belt (Otherworldly Arcane Belt)
Left Ring (Crocodile Tear Ring)
Right Ring (Otherworldly Arcane Ring)
Left Wrist (Arcane-Infused Armband)
Right Wrist (Stonewatch Bracer)
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