Usages for Reforming Energies

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Usages for Reforming Energies

Postby BiggehDon » Tue May 22, 2012 8:33 pm

Found this list on the ign forums
Rough listing of who drops what so if u need ROG rings/bracers maybe for insane healing effectiveness or buff bonus or maybe want to turn your 400 some energies into salvage like me.

Afrit Reforming Energies Turn in Lists:
Borjad hammer Spear shield
Borjan hands shield
Sethrendar hands gloves
Agnon Neck Bow boots
Xalarian vest pants
Jilena belt neck
Malison Neck boots took two and gave nothing
Regent pants pants
haje cloaks
Chisisi Axe ring axe
Dark Devil shield staff
Peridas non rog
Dorawm belt cloak
Mordom Only drops Mordom’s Mind bracer
Sadri boots Spear (Hib: rog rings)
Traldor Vest Greave
Hermes Rog Hammer Rog Staff
Aithos Rog Armor
Kirkleis Rog Armor
Kyros Chest Spear
Eramai Rog Armor
Cynere Rog Weapons
Kertom Rog Staffs Debuffeffectiveness
Kleps Rog Shields
Klops Rog Belts Rog Gems gloves
Rougart Rog Belts Rog Cloaks
Ylssan Rog Belts and Gems
Sebak Rog Weapons
Hallea Rog Sword Remains
Kosma Vest Rog Weapon
Zoea Rog Weapons
Terkari Rog Belts
Azar Shield Rog Armor
Keres Rog Weapons

Desmona Rog Armor
Colossal Rog Armor
Cau Surae Rog Shields
Chief Chrysostom Rog Armor
Chief Arsene Rog Weapons
Chief Jencir Rog Weapons
Chief Oighrig Rog Weapons Cloaks and bracers
Sililia Rog Armor (RoG Bracers)
Mesed Rog Armor
Malamis Rog Armor
Fadrin Rog Necks
Sinovia Rog Shields Rog Staffs
Flame of Volcanus Shield that salvages for 10 arc x3 per Torch of inno
Danos Rog weapons Vial of Heaven
Ferenc Rog boots
Cetus Cloak Remains
Echo of Hapy Shield Rog boots
Olmagion Rog Pants (RoG Bracers)
Malrassa Rog Ring Atlanataen Glass Cache
Runihura Remains Cauldron of reviv random scroll
Apophian Dissos Rog Weapons mostly axes
Shaitan Enara Rog armor Wind Bracer
Hephaestian Katarch Rog armor
Kynthia Rog Gems and Belts
Zahur Zahur drops der Rog Weapons
Behrooz Rog Armor Aerial Defender
First Guardian Four items Rog weapons cloaks and belts
Second Guardian Four items Rog Weapons Arcanium farm
Sobekhotep 3 items Rog Weapons

Full Group
Lethos NON ROG ring Gem
Advisor Tim Armor Weapons
Advisor Zar Armor Weapons
Advisor Gyges Armor Weapons
Advisor Anzelm Armor Weapons
The Tactician Armor Weapons
The Brave Armor Weapons
The Coward NON Rog Cloak Armor
The Terrible Armor Shield
Nelos NON Rog Cloak Armor
Katri Ring of the Calm
Katris Guard Ring of the Calm
Roshan Non Rog Rings Belts Armor and Weapons
Kiran Non Rog Rings Belts Armor and Weapons
Chan Stardrops Ring of Torrent Cyclone Bracer
Neola Worthless Staff
The Phoenix NON Rog Armor Scrolls
Guardian of Atlantis Rog Rings and Gems
Battler Rog Weapons Torch of Innovation
Karise Rog Weapons Vial of Heavenly
Naxos Rog Weapons
Melos Rog Weapons remains
Dreadnaught Rog Shields
Itet Rog Weapons Dust of Creation
Samut Armor Rog Weapon
Bergopes Rog Shields Vial of Heavenly
Hounthro Rog Armor and Rog Shields
Jomnaer Rog Armor Dust of Creation
Landrine Rog Weapons and Staff
Cyrek Rog Armor Vial of Heavenly
Kythera Weapon Belt
greater criosphinx Rog Gem Boots
Chief Creon Rog Armor Atlantaen Cache
Keeper of the Stone Rog Armor
High Priest Akil Four items Rog weapons Torch of Innovation
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Re: Usages for Reforming Energies

Postby BiggehDon » Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:07 pm

So i turned in 525 energies in for chimera with my friar... salvaged all the vests and netted over 4k silksteel 2k tempered leater, and 1800 arcanium... if you need raw materials thats the way to do it.
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