The Icenii Tribe

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The Icenii Tribe

Postby Boudecca » Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:18 pm

The Icenii Tribe
GM : Boudecca
All toons Lvl 50, CL10, ML10, RR 5 or above and Templated

Toon: Class: RL>RR6
Boudecca Armswoman 12L0
Mercc Paladin
Morsmordre Heretic
Dawnthief Scout
Noonshade Necomancer
Mercya Friar 7L0
Isinbras IceWizard
Ravenseed Theurgist
Nightschild Reaver

Hiradd Hero 7L5
Ilkarr Eldritch 7L0
Crotone Blademaster
Mercira Druid

Forkbeard Warrior 9L1
Ouroborus Runemaster
Ysul Skald
Perosteck Spiritmaster
Bascule Valkyrie 7L0
Boude the Obscure
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