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Other occasional player

Postby dwargon » Mon May 24, 2010 7:53 pm

As the other semi active member of Grotte, I figured I'd add to Gostond's comments.

I played Mid Bed from a month after launch until well after LotM showed up. DAOC is my home for MMO's, and though I keep trying others I keep coming back home.

Gaheris really gave the game a new life to me, as the RvR had never quite gelled for me. I always wanted to see armies clashing in the frontiers, and kept running into the 8v8 guys and eventually it seemed keeps and relics were just scenery that nobody wanted to bother with. I know it was never *quite* that bad, but it pushed me out of the frontier.

Grotte was never large on Bedevere, but we did manage just about every high end area we could reach with the 6-7 players we could field on guild nights.

Much like Gost, I've never minded my death spam being broadcast if it helped me figure out how to take something down.

Hoping to keep the fun alive on Gaheris for a lot longer.
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Re: Other occasional player

Postby Gostond » Sun May 30, 2010 11:09 pm

Hey bro get in game sometime soon been a while since we ran around and poked stuff. Remember our famous last words "HOW GRAPE CAN THAT MOB BE?"
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