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Jacob (known in the game as Warriorperson or "Person", due to his habit of naming characters <class>person) is a contributing editor of this website.

He is an avid DAoC player who enjoys learning not just how to play, but why certain things work the way that they do. He started playing DAOC during launch week, mostly on Hib/Bors and Alb/Lance, and started playing Gaheris and Mordred part-time when they opened. In early 2006, he left the RvR scene and moved to Gaheris full time. His goal is to educate the player-base on how the game works, so that they'll become better players by understanding the 'why' behind the game. His other hobbies include disc golf and ballroom dance, and his favorite celebrity is Julia Stiles.

Jacob was born in 1990 and currently resides in Huntsville, AL. He's a student. Sort of.
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